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  1. I have been using Acurel F, finally is clear. I was rinsing the sock and ended up removing the sponge and using filter material and is working better. Ammonia is on the way down and is cycling like it should. Thank you for the feed back nottart23, Todde and aquaticfuture
  2. DAH.... make sense now. Good to know ToddE
  3. I have only rinsed the sock. I'm going to get charcoal and put some in the sump. Maybe on the baffles instead of the sponge (of course in a nylon bag) still jave th high TDS. At this point I'm thinking of replacing all the water
  4. I have one 100 microns sock in the sump. Some sump sponge and one hob filter (temporary) to help clear the sand
  5. Nature ocean Aragonite Oolite
  6. I'm setting up a 60 gallons cube. And I'm having problem cycling it. After I ran well water (looking for leaks) removed the water from the tank and added clean base rock. RODI water at 3 ppm then added salt, water reading at 1.025 and circulated water for couple Of days I added about 70 lbs. Of live sand and addedammonia (about 1 drop per 10 gallons). The ammonia has not spiked and after 3 day the water still cloudy. Now TDS is 530 and the water still looks like milk. What's next should I add more than 1 drop of ammonia (per 10 gallons) water change? Any help comments will be appreciated!
  7. would you take 300?
  8. what's included?
  9. Do you still have the nano?
  10. Done $16.60 your way
  11. I will be there .... With the boss and bring some type of dessert,
  12. Received. Thank for your help!
  13. Money sent Thank you! Efrain
  14. Can you add 2 WP 25? Please let me know... Efrain
  15. I take it Ron I give you a call later this morning efrain