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  1. https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2017/09/07/hawaii-supreme-court-ruling-halts-aquarium-fishery/ Here is the link to the article that details all collection of marine ornamental fish in Hawaii is temporarily banned.
  2. So I have had a lot of time to think about how I could top last years donation to the reef conference. We did the whole tank stand canopy and sump last year, but I didn't feel like it had that real WOW factor. So this year the sump is the Eshopps AZU-100 refugium, with the matching 5gallon ATO reservoir a $450 retail value. Last year we did a 65 gallon tank, so had to step it up and this year its a 75 gallon. Now to just figure out a cool cabinet and canopy design, Hmmm..... Come on by the shop, we'll let you touch it.
  3. Reefapalooza Orlando.2017

    I don't know what happened to the Royal Exclusiv people but somehow Marco was inside their booth pretending he owned the place, lol.
  4. Free Clownfish Pair

    Okay, so which one of my loyal customers wants a free pair of clown fish from the best clown fish breeders in the industry? Simply come into the store, buy any marine aquarium related item, now until Saturday at closing, and you are entered into the drawing for a free pair. One entry per customer. We will post the winner on our facebook page. If you don't follow our page its time to hit that button. Attention clownfish lovers! Would you like to pick a FREE WYSIWYG Bonded Clownfish Pair from Sustainable Aquatics?SA's mission is to support our aquarium hobby, which means we need to support our LFS! We will send you AND your LFS your pick of WYSIWYG pairs on your local shop's next order from SA! Just have your store send us your name and choice of pair along with their next order, and we'll send you and your shop your pairs! *Limit one promotional pair per store *Premium Bonded Pairs exempt from promotion
  5. Saltwater stock list valid after 3pm today, more fish coming tomorrow. If you want prices come on in and see what we have. 16205 S. Tamiami Trail, Ft Myers Coral Beauty Angel Ebili Angel Flame Angel Dispar Anthias Squamipinnis Anthias Lawnmower Blenny Midas Blenny Pj Cardinal Green Chromis Damsels Diamond Goby Zebra Eel Randall's Goby Yellow Clown Goby Yellow Goatfish Purple Firefish Flame Hawkfish Dwarf Lionfish Kole Tang Naso Tang Powder Blue Tang Powder Brown Tang Purple Tang Sailfin Tang Scopas Tang Yellow Tang Bluejaw Trigger (Male) Niger Trigger Harlequin Tusk Filamentous Fairy Wrasse Red Corris Wrasse Sixline Wrasse Blue leg Hermit Crab Emerald Crab Horseshoe Crab Red leg Hermit Crab Strawberry Crab Purple Lobster Coral Banded Shrimp Fire/Blood Shrimp Peppermint Shrimp Chocolate Chip Star Fromia Star (red) Sand Shifting Star
  6. Time To Do Battle

    I have a feeling this is just so someone can get a pat on the back when he posts the after pics. Oooh, congratulations on being a procrastinator, then cleaning up your own mess. Comments above made with love.
  7. Identify This Item Please.

    I'm thinking Mojano Anemone only because you say there are little bubbles at the tips, that is a distinguishing characteristic of mojano.
  8. Storage Tank

    Eric, Any luck with the place I told you about? If I pick up from them you get free shipping.
  9. I am committed to this event, I'm taking my truck up to Brian's and can haul some stuff if needed. I have a couple coolers, can fill them with bags of ice. I have a projector and a portable screen if needed. I have small coral bags, also the Caribsea fish bags, if needed. If there is anything else needed, or a suggestion on stuff to bring someone message me through facebook or call the store, I don't always look at this site for messages.
  10. Storage Tank

    They have them from Water medic in Cape Coral. You can also my store, I have a guy on the east coast I buy from, I can look up a price for you.
  11. Frags For Dslr Photography Lessons

    Easiest way to take pics is adjust white balance to get as good a pic as you can. Then go into any editing program and adjust the RGB so the blue is at 50% and you get great pics.
  12. Call my store we have picasso in stock, we ship.
  13. Conference Raffle Update

    Grand Prize is coming along, here is a quick update pic.
  14. Beach Clean Up And Bbq Sign Up

    Looks like an average size group going, I'll bring two packs of dogs and buns, just ask if you think we need more.
  15. 220 Gallon Possible Build

    Get a drilled tank, it just makes everything so much easier. Also a 6ft 125 gives you almost the same viewing area and is much cheaper to buy, and set up.