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    Bi-Colored Hammer Coral FS..

    PM's all replied to and texts all sent.. Thanks.

    I need LEDS

    Hey Mike u ever get what u need..?? I'm getting rid of my entire 55g setup (tank, lights, stand, live stock, etc) if you are interested man.. Just lmk on here or on FB.. -Shane

    Bi-Colored Hammer Coral FS..

    Hey guys, I recently lost my job so I will soon be posting my entire setup for sale in an effort to make ends meet.. 55g mixed reef, lots of softies and zoas, PM me if you are looking for anything specific.. Thanks..

    Zoas, SPS &LPS for sale/trade

    No worries just thought I'd throw it out there
  5. So a friend of mine bought this but changed his mind and went with a different light so he would like to sell this.. He paid $250 + an additional amount for the stand, but said he'll let it all go for the $250 he paid just for the light.. The light was only used for a day or so by the previous owner, and my friend hasn't used it at all so it's literally still brand new in the box with all components, and can be proven to be fully functional if anyone would like to see it in person.. Thanks..

    Zoas, SPS &LPS for sale/trade

    Would u trade a 5 head bicolor hammer piece for those fruit loops..??

    Getting out of the hobby

    RO still available?

    Bi-Colored Hammer Coral FS..

    I'd trade for some cool zoa's too.. I really am interested in gobstoppers and fruit loops.. Also some torch corals would be cool..

    Montipora Colonies For Sale

    looks awesome
  10. JDM_DOHC

    Bi-Colored Hammer Coral FS..

    Prices are obo btw, I'm def not tryna get rich off this just make some room in my tank since these things are growing so fast..
  11. So I have a huge tree of BCHC that's just getting too big for my 55g so I'm gonna frag it down some as i really have no other options with it growing up near the glass again.. I'll try to cut down frags per request but the plan is to start fragging on Sunday.. So for less than 10 heads I'll do $15 per head, and for anything more than 10 heads I'll do $10 per head.. I also have two bicolored hammers already fragged with about 20+ heads on each one that I'll do for $150 each.. I can provide pictures, videos, or you can just come by and check them out whenever I'm available (usually after 5pm during the week, or generally available on weekends) but just let me know..! All in all the large colony has about 50-60 heads on it, and I'd sell the whole thing, but I doubt anyone would want the whole thing since I'd be at like $7.50/head.. I'll see if it gauges any interest over the next 2-3 days and if nothing, it's gettin chopped down.. Thanks!
  12. JDM_DOHC

    Fishing Missing! Wait.... Nevermind.

    Bristle star lol, thought he died like two years prior when I moved the tank from Cape Coral to Boynton Beach, then when I was unloading everything in Boynton, he fell off a rock and was about 4" bigger so I'm sure he was living a healthy lifestyle wherever he was hiding..!
  13. JDM_DOHC

    Beach Collecting Rules

    Thanks for this..
  14. JDM_DOHC

    Big Colonies!

    I have a bicolored hammer colony, about 60+ heads last time i counted.. I'm open to get rid of it if you'd like to make an offer..