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  1. ChemicalEdge

    Mag 7

    Pump died last night, anyone have a mag 7 for sale before I hit the fish stores....?
  2. ChemicalEdge

    Tanks For Sale

    I do have the 29 gallon still
  3. ChemicalEdge

    Free...2 Clown Fish, 1 Coral Banded Shrimp

    They have been picked up, sorry
  4. I have 2 clown fish and 1 coral banded shrimp that I need to rehome. Having a 7 month old has taken allot of my time away from my tanks, so I have to downsize. I'm in the south cape. Will need to bring something to put them in, thanks
  5. I'm looking to buy a 14 gallon biocube with the hood in good condition please. Or something similar Thank you
  6. ChemicalEdge

    Tanks For Sale

    I have the following tanks for sale... 1 - 5 gallon ( used ) 1 - 10 gallon ( used ) 1 - 20high ( new ) 1 - 29 gallon ( new ) 1 - 40B ( new ) I was thinking a dollar a gallon for the tanks, or make an offer 1 - 15 gallon with hood and light.... 25 dollars
  7. ChemicalEdge

    Led Light

    Do those have the built in moonlights yet..?
  8. ChemicalEdge

    Led Light

    Putting a feeler out there, if anyone has an led light for sale....looking for a 32" light , similar to the it2080 or reefbreeders photon 32. With the built in controller. Thank you -
  9. ChemicalEdge

    Another Jebao Group Buy (Wp & Dc)

    Payment sent...
  10. ChemicalEdge

    Another Jebao Group Buy (Wp & Dc)

    Payment sent for a tc-4a....
  11. ChemicalEdge

    Another Jebao Group Buy (Wp & Dc)

    i would be interested in adding to the order... i have a 60 gallon tank, i was thinking about ( 2 ) wp 10's if anyone has input before i commit please
  12. ChemicalEdge

    Miro Brittle Stars

    ( Mirco Brittle Stars ) Does anyone have any in their tanks now, or have an opinion on them. The ones that get only about 1/2" wide. Was thinking about adding them to my tank....
  13. ChemicalEdge

    Pumps, Pumps And More Pumps

    may be interested in the coralife power compact , will have to measure my canopy when i get home...
  14. ChemicalEdge

    Mag 7

    Looking for a MAG 7 water pump. Think mine is about to go out. Thank You