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  1. Brand new in box $320.00. You can use it for water changes or dosing. Any questions please call me at 239-465-eight eight nine nine
  2. Looking for a gold torch coral. If you have one, please let me know.
  3. I’m looking for soft coral, if you have any that your willing to sell let know.
  4. I’m looking to trade my MP60qd with extra long controller cable for two MP40QD. Any questions, please call or text me at 239-465–8899.
  5. I’m looking for a UV sterlizier that would work for a 200 gallon tank.
  6. I have a new in the box large fluidized media reactor and artificial coral insert up for trade offers, interested in LPS corals. The coral insert is 22 inches high and 22 inches wide. Any questions do not hesitate to message me.
  7. Brand new in box Reef Savvy ghost overflow. The inside portion is 21 in long and the exterior box has (3) one inch drain outlets. Asking $200.00 or willing to trade for rare LPS corals. Please call or text me at 239-465-8899.
  8. I have a 20 gallon sapphire trigger sump that I'm consider trading for a all in one tank. This sump is brand new. I purchased it from Trigger systems. It had a small crack that was repaired by Trigger Systems. They will guarantee this sump under the regular warranty. I'm looking for something 25 gallons and higher. Any questions, please PM me. Sump specs. Sapphire 20 Cube Dimensions: 20″ long x 20″ wide x 15″ high Skimmer Section: 11.625″ x 9″ Refugium Section: 19.5″ x 6″ Return Pump Section: 10.25″ x 7.625″ Total Water Volume: 24.3 gallons Skimmer Water Level: 7″ to 9.5″ adjustable Drain Input Fittings: 1 Filter Socks: 1
  9. I'm trying to renew my membership but it is not going to PayPal.
  10. I'm located in Naples. Here is a picture of the Pagoda Coral
  11. I helped a buddy tear down this tank. Below is a list of the items available. 55 non drill tank with stand, canopy, and overflow box- $60.00 (This tank needs to be resiliconed) 60 pound of Fiji live rock - $1.25 per pound Green Pagoda coral (saucer size) - $50.00 Sump with wet dry - $40.00 (drilled for external pump) Coral Banded Shrimp - FREE Rock with brown palys - FREE Pictures will be uploaded later today.
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