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  1. Wayne

    ISO Star polyps

    I have a bunch if you do not find any. I am in Fort Myers.
  2. Wayne

    Snorkeling in the Keys... Ouch..

    Hey sharks are psycho. All of the dirty water is making them crazy. Yea that is it. Or maybe they have ingested to many plastic straws.... All kidding aside it was just a news article I posted. It happens. Remember back 15 years ago when it seemed the barracuda were attacking everyone? Even jumping out of the water and biting people on boats. I will still dive and snorkel in the Keys.
  3. Wayne

    Snorkeling in the Keys... Ouch..

  4. Wayne

    Free aquarium stuff

    You should contact the Imaginarium people. This might be a big help to them.
  5. Wayne

    200 gallon box of RC for $40!

    I do that all the time. Started with one 75 gal. tank and then exploded in to 5 tanks.
  6. Wayne

    200 gallon box of RC for $40!

    What is slickdeals.net? That is the redirection of this link.
  7. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/05/21/15-foot-great-white-shark-shocks-scuba-divers-above-florida-keys-shipwreck-get-on-boat.html
  8. Wayne

    Where to get a stand locally?

    Joe Fish makes stands and maybe can help you out. 6205 S Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, FL 33908 Phone: (239) 344-0057
  9. Wayne

    Fragging toadstool help.

    No problem. Just trim it to make it a smaller circle.
  10. Wayne

    Fragging toadstool help.

    Unless you are getting rid of the whole thing I would not cut the stalk. It can regenerate from the stalk but I kind of treat it like a tree. You can trim it but if you mess with the trunk it could cause issues.
  11. Wayne

    Fragging toadstool help.

    If you want help I can show you how i frag mine since it is way too large for the tank. It is really easy. Just try to make a clean continuous slice. Do not "saw" your way through it. It will slime up but it does not hurt anything that I know of. It will heal quickly. When you use the rubber band to hold it to the rock just do not tighten the band too tight or it will split where the band is holding it.
  12. Wayne

    Fragging toadstool help.

    I use a long sharp knife and slice a chunk off. Depending the size I then cut it in to 2 to 3 inch squares and use a rubber band to secure it to frag plug or small rock pieces.
  13. Wayne

    Rimless setup

    We have a 60 gal tank, stand, canopy, sump and plumbing. Everything is new. We got it at the reef conference a couple of years ago. I will post pics this weekend. This is the picture when JoeFish built it. Looks the same now. Never filled it.
  14. Wayne

    Great Auction!

    Sold some frags and of course bought some as well. Won a few things out of the raffle. Sorry the microphone broke.
  15. http://www.businessinsider.com/deep-sea-creatures-from-the-gulf-of-mexico-2018-1/#this-cute-little-guy-is-a-dumbo-octopus-the-deepest-dwelling-octopus-20