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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/05/21/15-foot-great-white-shark-shocks-scuba-divers-above-florida-keys-shipwreck-get-on-boat.html
  2. Where to get a stand locally?

    Joe Fish makes stands and maybe can help you out. 6205 S Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, FL 33908 Phone: (239) 344-0057
  3. Fragging toadstool help.

    No problem. Just trim it to make it a smaller circle.
  4. Fragging toadstool help.

    Unless you are getting rid of the whole thing I would not cut the stalk. It can regenerate from the stalk but I kind of treat it like a tree. You can trim it but if you mess with the trunk it could cause issues.
  5. Fragging toadstool help.

    If you want help I can show you how i frag mine since it is way too large for the tank. It is really easy. Just try to make a clean continuous slice. Do not "saw" your way through it. It will slime up but it does not hurt anything that I know of. It will heal quickly. When you use the rubber band to hold it to the rock just do not tighten the band too tight or it will split where the band is holding it.
  6. Fragging toadstool help.

    I use a long sharp knife and slice a chunk off. Depending the size I then cut it in to 2 to 3 inch squares and use a rubber band to secure it to frag plug or small rock pieces.
  7. Rimless setup

    We have a 60 gal tank, stand, canopy, sump and plumbing. Everything is new. We got it at the reef conference a couple of years ago. I will post pics this weekend. This is the picture when JoeFish built it. Looks the same now. Never filled it.
  8. Great Auction!

    Sold some frags and of course bought some as well. Won a few things out of the raffle. Sorry the microphone broke.
  9. http://www.businessinsider.com/deep-sea-creatures-from-the-gulf-of-mexico-2018-1/#this-cute-little-guy-is-a-dumbo-octopus-the-deepest-dwelling-octopus-20
  10. Dans auction list

    Also if you need help let us know.
  11. Dans auction list

    No problem. Once you do it, it gets easier. I know my first time putting corals in took me a while to get it listed correctly. It makes it easier for Matt (or whoever does the auction list) get it all organized.
  12. Dans auction list

    This was labeled as auction list so I moved it but you will need to format a list and pictures please. To register your corals for the auction, please create a post in the 2018 Spring Frag Auction section titled "[your screen-name]'s Auction Coral Registration Thread" and add your corals as follows: Item #, Scientific name (if you know it), common name and details - minimum bid (if you have one) Please list every item separately, for example, if you have 3 Red Cap frags, please list them on 3 separate lines in your auction thread. Do not list them as 3 x 1" Red Cap as this makes it harder for us to count and ensure that each item is properly registered and accounted for. For example: 1. Montipora Capricornis sp., Red Cap (1" by 1" frag on plug) - no minimum 2. Montipora Capricornis sp., Red Cap (2" by 2" frag on plug) - $10 minimum 3. Montipora Capricornis sp., Green Cap colony (10" diameter on rock) - $35 minimum 4. Zoanthid sp., Red Hornet zoanthids (8 polyps on plug) - $20 minimum ... While pictures are not required for registration, they are extremely helpful in increasing bids on your corals (We highly recommend them!). Please use the following format to post pictures of your corals: file format: .jpg picture size: 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high (please size your pictures before sending. Request help if needed with re-sizing pictures. If you need a tool to re-size your pictures, you can try webresizer online) file name: [item number]-[screen-name].jpg (example: 02-zyphen.jpg) You can add writing on the picture to label and point to a specific coral if the shot contains multiple corals, but please do not add your item numbers (provided once registration is closed) to what you write (as these will be different to the randomized lot numbers presented during the auction. You can write "Frag 1, Frag 2 on the pictures if multiple frags are in the photo.
  13. Wayne's Auction list

    1. Black Finger Sponge 2. Black Finger Sponge 3. Black Finger Sponge 4. Alien Eye Zoas Colony 5. Blue Ridge Coral 6. Blue Ridge Coral 7. Blue Ridge Coral 8. Blue Mushroom 9. Blue Mushroom 10. Blue Mushroom 11. GSP Colony 12. Lettuce Coral 13. Tyree Neon Green Toadstool 14. Tyree Neon Green Toadstool 15. Tyree Neon Green Toadstool 16. Green Hairy Mushroom Pack at least 5 17. Green Hairy Mushrooms 2 Pack 18. Green Hairy Mushroom