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  1. Wow now that is some Xenia. Welcome to SWFMAS and the forum! There is a ton of information here. If you need anything post it here. You will get a ton of information. Do you have any fish in there?
  2. Are you using the Apex to control the regulator? It might not be bad. There are only 2 power outlets on the power bar that can handle lower amp draw control such as dosing pumps. My Apex would turn on the pumps but not turn them off when not plugged in to these ports. I posted info on the outlets and a video from BRS on programing the outlets. I hope this helps. OUTLETS The EnergyBar 8 provides eight switched 120V outlets. They are numbered 1 through 8 as illustrated on the device. Outlets 1-3 and 5-7 are switched with silent solid state devices and can power items up to 5 amps each. Outlets 4 and 8 are switched with relays and can power items up to 10 amps each. The total current draw for all active outlets must be less than 15 amps. Instantaneous as well as a historical graph of the current draw can be viewed from the AquaController Apex Display or through the AquaController web server. Please see the AquaController Installation and Getting Started Guide for more information on monitoring and programming the EnergyBar 8 outlets. Some extremely small loads (Aqualifter pumps, solenoid, LED moon lights) may not turn off when controlled by the solid state outlets (1-3and 5-7). To solve this problem, try one of the following solutions: Use one of the relay outlets (4 or 8 ) for the device. Plug in an additional load (i.e. small light bulb or fan) with the item having trouble using an outlet strip. Use an AquaController Socket Expansion module. Use an AquaController Direct Connect 4 or Direct Connect 4 Heavy Duty.
  3. No not spam canned Tuna!
  4. Joefish builds nice stand. Give Joe a call he might have something on hand if you need it quick. Joefish Aquatics (www.joefishaquatics.com) 16205 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite #4 (US41) next to the vape store Fort Myers, FL 33908 (239) 344-0057
  5. Yes our tech team member Marco will be handling all of the pop up issues. He is great for fixing computer bugs and loves to help new users. Other than that Matt is going to talk about the new forum and answering questions about the forum including how to reply to PMs.
  6. Well while everyone if the Fort Myers area got rained out we did not! We had a blast! Great snorkeling and diving. Went to new reefs that we have not been on before. Dive shop was great and I would recommend them if anyone wants to go down to snorkel or dive. Had a great dinner at Marker 88 with everyone. I did not take any pics though. We had a first timer and he did great. I think he got the bug now. Time to plan another trip for fun! I have another spider bite so I did not do any collecting on Sunday. John and Charlie went out by the hotel but was not much there. Then they drive down to the horseshoe and had better luck for critters. While on the trips we saw a few nurse sharks, a large green eel, and a large sea turtle swam by. It was great. I wish I would have had the Go Pro but if I did he would not have swam by it I would have missed it messing with the camera. The eel was out swimming around us. I am sure there will be more to come. You should not have missed this one!
  7. Last day to RSVP and get your snorkel trips booked. If you want to go but are not sure yet please post that here also. If you need any help let us know.
  8. I do not have any sand, rock or algae in my sump As it gets dirty I empty it out and use a wet vac to get the left overs. I them fill back up with fresh salt water and turn it back on. I do this only when it needs cleaned not every water change.
  9. Some of us will. Make sure you have your fishing license and educate yourself on what you are allowed to collect. We have some members that will be going that will help out. Not sure where yet but we will find a place.
  10. Should we send Matt ahead to clean the glass?
  11. Have some glass to clean?
  12. Please RSVP and pay for the snorkel trip before June 1st. Also if you have not done so get your hotel locked in. They are filling fast. If you have any issue let me know. If you need to link to pay for snorkel or dive trip it is below. https://squareup.com/store/swfmas
  13. Deadline to RSVP is June 1st. Please use our link to pay for your snorkel trip by the 1st. Also if you have not done so make hotel reservations they are filling fast.
  14. Carol and I will be there! Already made hotel reservations!
  15. I have a ton of stuff. I am trying to shutdown some tanks. If you want to swing by let me know. I am in Fort Myers. I can try to get pics but I am kind of limited right now thanks to a spider bite.