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  1. We have a 65 gal tank with corner overflow, stand, refug and other stuff. If this is not too large let me know. I can give you a good price if this works...
  2. Wayne

    Need help with tank lift

    Carol and I will be there!
  3. Wayne

    Brian Green Event

    I got a few things last night. I had a great time. Brian out does the food as usual. Great to see everyone again.
  4. Might want to post a price as a starting point. Also more pictures of equipment would help.
  5. And sorry Jeff but the Steelers mug does not come with this system.
  6. We are not going to set this up. We won it at the reef conference 2016. Never set it up. The stand was built by Joefish. Comes with the plumbing and glass top for the tank. There are 2 power sweeps included is wanted. This tank has a corner overflow. At this time we are not going to break up the setup. We have this posted in other places for $600.00. For anyone who see this post we will do $550.00
  7. Wayne


    I got some you can have. I will send picture tomorrow.
  8. Hi Wayne,  Do you have any more star polyps? 

    1. Wayne


      Sure do. How big of a piece do you want?

  9. Wayne

    Chiller malfunction - the big freeze!

    Apex works great! One year we were away and my niece was staying at our house and did not turn the heat on in the house. The tank temp fell because the heaters could not keep up. I was able to call her and tell her to turn on the heat in the house. She just liked the cold I guess. I had Apex setup to text me if temps dropped or rose above my limits. The Apex has saved my tanks a few times now. Well worth the investment.
  10. Wayne

    ISO Star polyps

    I have a bunch if you do not find any. I am in Fort Myers.
  11. Wayne

    Snorkeling in the Keys... Ouch..

    Hey sharks are psycho. All of the dirty water is making them crazy. Yea that is it. Or maybe they have ingested to many plastic straws.... All kidding aside it was just a news article I posted. It happens. Remember back 15 years ago when it seemed the barracuda were attacking everyone? Even jumping out of the water and biting people on boats. I will still dive and snorkel in the Keys.
  12. Wayne

    Snorkeling in the Keys... Ouch..

  13. Wayne

    Free aquarium stuff

    You should contact the Imaginarium people. This might be a big help to them.
  14. Wayne

    200 gallon box of RC for $40!

    I do that all the time. Started with one 75 gal. tank and then exploded in to 5 tanks.
  15. Wayne

    200 gallon box of RC for $40!

    What is slickdeals.net? That is the redirection of this link.