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  1. Happy Tanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving. Do corals and fish like turkey? Well maybe I will just feed them a little extra frozen today.
  2. I thought Robin said no baked ziti for Jeff. Does that mean he does not get any?
  3. November Meeting - Frag Demo

    Not sure if you are allowed to invite your students but I am sure we can make room. Parents are welcomed of course.
  4. Please bring the pics on a USB stick. Matt is running the auction and will be displaying pics. If you do not have a USB stick bring your phone USB cord and I will transfer them to a USB stick.
  5. I delivered the grill today. He is getting ready. Weather should be good hopefully the breeze keeps up.
  6. Things are getting ready for the BBQ. Here is the address and link to the Facebook page if anyone needs it. Saturday at 4 PM 201 Sunset Dr, Nokomis, FL 34275-3116, United States https://www.facebook.com/events/1951113371874516/
  7. Apex coding

    I did work a little with the heater's own temp settings to make sure it is above the Apex settings. I would not set the heater all the way up just in case it gets stuck on.
  8. Apex coding

    Here is my setup.
  9. Raffle Donations

    One of my clients Nite-Bright donated this framed canvas print. It is 24"X36".
  10. Raffle Donations

    I have also secured a donation for a raffle item. I will be sharing it later today so stay tuned!
  11. October 21st Reef Conference

    Yes. We have a lot of vendors selling corals. Check out www.reefconference.com for more info. We will also have raffles for dry goods as well as livestock.
  12. October 21st Reef Conference

    Jeff has a raffle item post here somewhere. I will post the link below.
  13. AS many of you know the club as called The Blackfin Resort home for several of our Keys trips. We had reservations there in October. I received a call from them letting us know they will have to cancel the reservation due to Irma damage. They were hit very hard by Irma as well as most of the Keys. Hopefully they will recover by next years Keys trip. It would be nice to see them back up and running again.
  14. I have scrubbed rock a few times and even cut coral with a Dremel tool. Anyone have any issues other than Jeff and I getting stuff in the eye or bristle worm splinters? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/07/28/homegrown-coral-reefs-are-beautiful-and-potentially-dangerous/
  15. Hello Fellow Marine Aquarist

    Wow now that is some Xenia. Welcome to SWFMAS and the forum! There is a ton of information here. If you need anything post it here. You will get a ton of information. Do you have any fish in there?