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  1. Hi all. I am firing up my reef tank again and need help. I used to be heavy into reef tanks growing soft and hard coral and collecting with gnats and shipping out of m i a. I used to have a great set up with all the bells and whistles. Back in the day 1990 ,v h o with two full spectrum metal halide, iwaki pumps, solar dimmer from nitch engineering and a visit from Bill Potter the original owner dentrifier skimmer Chiller Etc. I used to be a member of the South Florida marine aquarium Society in Miami. I have a buddy that lives in Miami that I used to collect with that keeps bugging me to get the tank setup as he hits the keys quite a bit and wants to bring over stuff. I know a lot has changed specifically one of them the lighting. I'm psyched about the new LEDs as it will cost a lot less and run a lot cooler allow me to not have to run a chiller. I've been very busy with life and now have a bit of time to to fire the system up again. If anyone wants to contact me please reply to this thread and will exchange numbers end email. Now that I'm getting my tank setup I would like to be actively involved with the group as I was on the other coast. The final straw was when my son threw a stuffed fish in my empty 90 gallon, and said there we have fish LOL. Thank you for any help and suggestions you may offer me. Thank you A.K. Miller
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