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  1. Depends on where you want to sell it. I just sold my 180 on craigslist for a whole lot more than I would have made selling it here. Honestly, if I was trying to sell it, I'd probably start around $800 on cl or $600 here. Keep in mind it's alot harder to sell a complete system. Also keep in mind that this is just the opinion of one person just trying to help out and give my .02
  2. I'm honestly not going to pick through it. It s in a brute container and it's about half full. Prefer someone just to take it all. I'm in cape coral.
  3. Just broke down my 180 and still have all the live sand. Still crabs, snails, etc. in it if anyone wants it. Probably around 200 lbs or so. Take it all. 239.895.4992 Kevin
  4. I have some brutes, a truck, and I live in cape coral. I'll lend a hand too when you need it.
  5. I own one and love it, but then, I run gfo and carbon. I know on mine there is no way to adjust flow from one to the other, I just use a phosban reactor for my pellets. Best bet would be to buy two separate reactors like Ron. Kevin
  6. Thanks again Jeff! Looks like the tank stays for a while longer.. Ron, don't get me wrong, I love this hobby, i'm just easily frustrated. I have probably lost half of my zoas at this point, but i'll be getting some vitamin c tomorrow after talking with Jeff about it, hopefully that will stop some of the melting.
  7. John was closed today, but ill stop by there after work tomorrow.
  8. If you're home tomorrow morning, ill come out and get it. Glad to know i'm not the only one who argues with myself (and my wife) constantly about whether to keep the tank..
  9. Sorry i haven't gotten back with you, jeff.. i've been rediculously busy the past couple weeks. Don't wait on me, im going to be breaking my tank down anyway..
  10. I do have mine for sale, but i'll keep it if it means parting it out,so that probably means i'm keeping it...
  11. I wish I had an extra $400k lying around!!
  12. Mine is still available if you want some. I'll be home all day today. 239.895.4992. -Kevin
  13. Read the post wrong.. If anyone else wants a bag, I'm in the Cape, let me know
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