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  1. Selling an SWC 80 media reactor. Was used for biopellets. Upgraded to a much larger tank, so dont need this one anymore. $25
  2. First nibble backed out. Still available. As listed, last one.
  3. Unfortunately that is the last of what I have (for now)
  4. Selling 1 head of Cornbred’s Queen of Diamonds paly. $30
  5. Also comes with instruction manual and calibration fluid...even though they aren’t pictured.
  6. Still available. $125 OBO. These are $249.75 new at BRS.
  7. By the way the screen looks odd because it still has the original protective cover on it.
  8. Looking for a chiller 1/4 or larger.
  9. I can always frag you a piece if you want one.
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