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  1. Frag sold. Might be cutting a few more soon. Probably 3 at the most.
  2. I will keep you posted there are a couple of folks ahead of you currently.
  3. I’m about out of room and not interested in trades, but thanks !!
  4. Selling a nice sized frag of Jason Fox Coolers Champagne acro. $40. Pic of wysiwyg frag and mother colony. I’m no pro photographer so the pics don’t do it justice.
  5. Selling an SWC 80 media reactor. Was used for biopellets. Upgraded to a much larger tank, so dont need this one anymore. $25
  6. First nibble backed out. Still available. As listed, last one.
  7. Unfortunately that is the last of what I have (for now)
  8. Selling 1 head of Cornbred’s Queen of Diamonds paly. $30
  9. Also comes with instruction manual and calibration fluid...even though they aren’t pictured.
  10. Still available. $125 OBO. These are $249.75 new at BRS.
  11. By the way the screen looks odd because it still has the original protective cover on it.
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