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  1. Anyone can txt me at 2393046229 for address. It’s in Naples, zip code 34116
  2. Free frags and large colonies of green birdsnest and Hollywood stunner chalice. Great beginner corals. 34116
  3. Those are pretty cool. Not sure if I will still do an anemone tank. How much for that though?
  4. Wow that is an impressive slimer @stylo328 where are you located?
  5. Looking for rare BTA. Lmk what you may have. Naples Chris
  6. Yes dipped in Bayer but lost them after
  7. Tough to say for sure because I ended up losing the frags due to temp difference in my dip water. After placing back into the tank I didn’t notice anymore bugs though they were slimed up pretty good and not sure if I’d be able to see. Chris
  8. This was a good article on it. Super small like red bugs, but black. Same effects as red bugs. Stressed and reduced polyp extension but no stn or rtn. 30 mins In 5x concentrated reef dip did not kill them off. Bayer advanced did. https://www.advancedaquarist.com/2010/1/corals
  9. Something I’ve never encountered before.. parasitic copepods
  10. Interested in both. Pmed.
  11. Sorry, should have mentioned hang on back overflow box with u tube. I bought one new. Thanks though!
  12. Anyone in Naples have a pest free tank with a tiny piece of live rock I can buy to seed mine? Chris
  13. WTB overflow box for 20g tank. Located in Naples. Let me know what you have. Chris
  14. Too big unfortunately. I have a similar setup that’s 55g tall and it’s too large for me too. Thanks though
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