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  1. RickO and Lisa will be there.. Children of all ages are welcome, even adults who act like children which will include me in my award winning Ugly Christmas Outfit. RickO
  2. November Meeting - Frag Demo

    RickO will be coming and I will bring a fruit plate. If I am to late for the hamburger order I will also bring brats. RickO
  3. Unclaimed Raffle Prizes

    Jeff I have 59216 tickets on two of the items I won but do not have the original stub. Is that close enough to claim the Masna fold up cooler? RickO
  4. Raffle Donations

    Went to the Reef Conference dinner last night and saw the amount of goodies that was on the raffle tables ands I was blown away with quantity and quality of the products. Great job on getting sponsors to support the raffle. RickO
  5. Corals for sale

    Dave Looking forward top seeing your display today at the conference and as always the great prices on your corals RickO
  6. Rick Oxton Speaker Room Door Check - (1 person per time slot) 9:30 am to 11:00 am: I am confused by the first job: BOD will be at early check in and banquet Vendor Set Up during Banquet (2 people): Does this mean the BOD is taking care of this job? IF not what time in the afternoon will the person be needed? RickO
  7. If I volunteer for the kids area does the club supply the taser or will I need to bring my own? On second thought maybe I am not the person for this position. RickO
  8. Playing with my camera - Rock Nems and Reef Flats

    Jeff Was this the Keys or back to the East Coast where the club "meeting" was? Looks like you are getting the focus and color worked out. RickO
  9. Corals for sale

    Dave Good to se you having great items for sale. Everything looks great. I will get together with you towards the end of the week and bring my "shopping cooler" over to make some selections. RickO
  10. MMoore0324's Custom 50g Build

    Thanks for sharing your progress on this tank and sump build. It is fun to watch how the build goes together especially when the builder talks about the problems he is having and how he worked around then. Look forward to seeing the complete build on the next Tour of tanks the club has. RickO
  11. August Meeting - Snorkel Trip

    Jeff, what camera did you get? It takes nice photos. Can you post the location of the beach and what parking lot you used? I was on my way to a week of scuba diving in Belize (and dodging hurricane Harvey) and missed the "meeting". RickO
  12. SWFMAS 2017 Keys Trip.

    Well after that review I am not sure I should have asked. Sounds like a great time, cant wait to see the photos. RickO
  13. SWFMAS 2017 Keys Trip.

    Lets hear some stories and some photos from the Keys trip for those of us who could not make it. RickO
  14. May Meeting - Tour of Aquariums

    RickO and Lisa will be there. Dish to be determined
  15. I will take the Eheim 1262 pump. Are you in town this week? RickO