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  1. Well after that review I am not sure I should have asked. Sounds like a great time, cant wait to see the photos. RickO
  2. Lets hear some stories and some photos from the Keys trip for those of us who could not make it. RickO
  3. RickO and Lisa will be there. Dish to be determined
  4. I will take the Eheim 1262 pump. Are you in town this week? RickO
  5. Eheim 1262 return pump 900gph. $100 $85 now $75 Matt Is this still available and do you have the hose fittings to go with it or is it just threaded ports? RickO
  6. Atlantic Deer Cowrie as quite easy to find on both sides of the road near the horse shoe snorkel site. They are under rock ledges and I can usually find one or two on the other side on the retaining wall running parallel to the road or under the large slabs of concrete off that wall 20 feet or so. I have one the Seagull-cat Dave gave me the first time I went on a Club trip many years ago. I have never caught any of them eating anything valuable but I don have anything valuable. One thing to note is depending on what size you collect they are bulldozers and will knock anything smaller than coffee table over in our tank. Prior to my last tank seam leak I had a very cool Flamingo tongue cowrie that was doing good eating gorgonians like the ones he was collected off of.
  7. Looking for a water transfer pump and prefer a Supreme Mag series. Needs to be running. Let me know what you have. RickO
  8. Ron I will purchase the toxic pie chalice if you can hold it until I return from my trip. Send me your paypal info and I will wire you the cash. RickO
  9. Matt I have a new one out of the box. I bought it on the first group buy but never installed it. Let me know if you need it. RickO
  10. David What are you going to use to check phosphate after you sell this checker? RickO
  11. Matt That link worked like a charm. My brain (what little there is) locked on the fact that the website had been changed so the problem was not my browser but the new website. Now to change all the computers I used to access SWFMAS site. Thanks for the time and effort you guys have put into this switch over (and tuning up the less computer skilled website users). RickO
  12. Yes the browser scrollbar on the right and I use Internet explorer 11
  13. I am having trouble with a disappearing down arrow on the slider bar on the right side of the page. I normally place the cursor over the down arrow at the bottom of the page and then only hit the left mouse button to make the page scroll up. After having the cursor over the down arrow for a short period of time the down arrow disappears and I have to move the cursor to make the down arrow reappear. This is not a major problem and I can live with it if it requires lots of time to fix. RickO
  14. Where are you located?
  15. Looks great so far. Great job on the update. RickO