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  1. Packing and getting ready to head for the Keys Trip @ 4:30 AM. What did I forget to bring along? It does not matter as we have to go to Divers Direct to get new booties (old ones wore out) and if Divers Direct does not have what you forgot, you don't need it. Snorkel Boat is Saturday morning 8:00 AM check in. RickO Cell: 239-849-655four RickO & LisaO
  2. The weather forecast has high winds starting Wednesday of next week up to 30 mph but dropping down for Friday and Saturday. I am going to keep an eye on the weather forecast using Windfinder.com and Sailflow.com into next week. RickO
  3. I have been in touch with Bob @ Strike Zone the charter we will be using and he is not requiring us to place a deposit. We just need to keep him up dated as to how many will be going out Saturday morning. RickO
  4. That forecast is better than a poor weather forecast. Lets keep a look out and our fingers crossed.. RickO
  5. Latest count for the snorkel boat: RickO & LisaO Charlie, Robin and Joan Ron & Elaine Blackthunda77 & wife John Reynolds Fishing Bob & Teachreef
  6. jtspeedy21 John we will get together before going to the snorkel boat.. are you staying at the BlackFin Motel? RickO
  7. Fishing Bob & Teachreef
  8. The club arranged trip will be on Saturday morning. We currently do not have enough to reserve the entire boat so we will be doing a shared charter. Saturday afternoon activities will be up to each individual as to where they want to explore or snorkel. Like Ron, I like the horseshoe area including both side of the road ands under the bridge depending on tide and wind conditions. I will be collecting crabs, shrimps, small fish, other inverts and gorgonians. I will have collecting nets, slurp gun and holding buckets with me. Anyone who wants to tag along to watch/help/collect is welcome. I mention the slurp gun as a joke because I have never been able to slurp anything but have been very successful with the nets. One thing that we have not sais much about is dinner Saturday night. In the past we have got together at one of the local restaurants and we need to get a head count as to how many will be joining us. If you are going to join us in collecting please make sure you have a FL saltwater fishing license and read and comply with the rules and regulations on taking creatures like having a flexible knife for Zoa removal. RickO
  9. Snorkel Trip June 16, 2018 Need to get a handle on how many snorkelers we many have for the trip next month, June 16, 2018 (Saturday morning) RickO & LisaO Charlie & Robin Ron & Elaine Blackthunda77 & wife John Reynolds
  10. Please note this response was initially tried to post May 1, 2018 Blackthunda77 Glad to hear you got your reservations for the Black Fin Resort. Your boat sounds like fun. The first club trip I went on to the Keys Reefer Ron and Coral Dave had boats and took members out to the small islands. It was a lot of fun. We will get this post more active as the trip gets closer. Sorry I can not offer any help with the membership renewal but FishinBob keeps an eye on the posts and will be able to help. RickO
  11. RickO

    getting out of the hobby

    Ron What led light fixtures do you still have for sale? How about the heater? RickO
  12. RickO

    Copepods for reef cleanup

    Thanks for the responses to my questions. I had not looked at Podyourreef as a source for pods. Unfortunately they are out of stock on Tigriopus Californicus and I sent them an email to find out when they expect them back in stock. I will let everyone know when I am going to order and see if anyone else wants to get in on free shipping. MMoore I would like to get some chaeto from you if you can spare some. I usually make it to the Cape on the weekends if that works for you let me know what works good for you. You can text me at 239-849- six five five four. RickO
  13. I have tired to cultivate copepods in my tank with the purchase of bags of pods form the local LFS but without any success. My main desire was to have a natural food supply for my corals and finicky feeders (fish). I know many people have posted they have chaeto with lots of pods so there is some experience in the club . I am interested in if they can act like a clean up crew in addition to a food source. RickO
  14. Still working on that. I will have some thing in a week or so once I get numbers form the snorkel boats. RickO
  15. John You beat me to the reservations this morning, you must get up early. I look forward to meeting you. I will be working on the boat snorkel trip after we get an idea of how many snorkelers we will have. RickO