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  1. Thanks to Jeff for setting up this field trip to the Florida Aquarium research site. To see all of the staghorn corals (Acropora cervicornis) that they have settled out from wild collected coral spawns and grown to baseball and larger size to be replanted on the Keys reefs was amazing. We also saw the continuation of Martin Moe's long spine urchin (Diadema antillarum) research. New tanks and new plumbing with new ideas along with Martin Moe’s original ideas. As seen in Jeff’s photos, the mature coral colonies are from wild collected coral heads and moved to the Apollo as an “Ark” (Noah’s Ark) type safe location and secure from ocean borne diseases. I can wait for the next field trip as they are very educational. RickO
  2. RickO and Lisa will be going. Plant City Strawberry Festival is happening that weekend also. Drive up Saturday go to Aquarium overnight and catch the SB Festival on Sunday morning? RickO
  3. Charlie Group two and Five have my name written all over them. Will it be okay to re-Freeeeeeeee items? RickO
  4. Thanks DBL. Either one will work. I will check with you this coming week to run down to your house. RickO
  5. Power supply needed to run Ecotech Vortech Marine pump. Needs to have 24 volts with about 2500-3000 milliamps. I can change the output end so any end will work. Thanks RickO
  6. Nice build with some quality ideas and products. I have a question on how will the lid of the skimmer and overflow switch will be attached to the control panel to allow for the lid to be cleaned? RickO
  7. Just got back last night from Dave's "Seagullcat" house with some incredible looking mini colonies. The “Tyree bubblegum monster” is a true monster frag with great color and puffs up when feeding. All the other mini colonies/frags are well grown and LARGE. I will post some photos after the corals get used my lights and the water conditions (water change tonight) in my tank. His two display tanks are just packed with great looking corals and the frag tanks has frags growing together. Thanks
  8. Nice looking stand. I will come down just to look over the welds and pat the back of the guy who welded it. You can't have enough old guys lifting. RickO
  9. Sorry I missed your post early on.. What do yo0u have left of the live stock? RickO
  10. What time will all the heavy work be done? I will show up just after all that for the BBQ, drinks and a dip in the pool. Hanging out with friends and fellow fish nuts is always fun. Lisa thinks I should show up PRIOR to all the work being done so what time do we need to hit the time clock. By the way will we be getting Holiday pay? RickO and LisaO
  11. Packing and getting ready to head for the Keys Trip @ 4:30 AM. What did I forget to bring along? It does not matter as we have to go to Divers Direct to get new booties (old ones wore out) and if Divers Direct does not have what you forgot, you don't need it. Snorkel Boat is Saturday morning 8:00 AM check in. RickO Cell: 239-849-655four RickO & LisaO
  12. The weather forecast has high winds starting Wednesday of next week up to 30 mph but dropping down for Friday and Saturday. I am going to keep an eye on the weather forecast using Windfinder.com and Sailflow.com into next week. RickO
  13. I have been in touch with Bob @ Strike Zone the charter we will be using and he is not requiring us to place a deposit. We just need to keep him up dated as to how many will be going out Saturday morning. RickO
  14. That forecast is better than a poor weather forecast. Lets keep a look out and our fingers crossed.. RickO
  15. Latest count for the snorkel boat: RickO & LisaO Charlie, Robin and Joan Ron & Elaine Blackthunda77 & wife John Reynolds Fishing Bob & Teachreef
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