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    Need Bigger House
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    Saltwater Aquariums, Fishing, Computers, Architecture, Weight Lifting and My lovely girlfriend :)
  1. New Apex testing option

    Can I be a beta tester?
  2. ISO 300+ tank, stand, canopy

    I think he's only after the stand and canopy
  3. New Apex testing option

    Im sure by the time this gets released next year if it does come out when they say it will they will have the new 2016 brain for sale like the used to with the classic brain. If they don't do this they will be losing a lot of money because not everybody can shell out $1500. You can easily get 300-350 for a used Apex classic if you sell it online and use that towards upgrading making the cost of the 2016 model around $500... still a lot of money but better than 800. Also the controller goes on sale during blackfriday so $800 minus 10% its $720 minus the 300 from selling the classic apex $420 total for the new Apex. However, I do think the 2016 brain will be available near the time the Trident comes out. They won't make it available now for the simple fact that there are people who can afford buying a whole new Apex so they are hoping to take advantage of those sales first.
  4. Sunny D's Colony

  5. Selling a 4" by 4" tile covered in Sunny D's. These grow like weeds for me and I have several other frags so its time to let go of this colony. Asking $180 Picture taken under 4x Blue Plus T5 and 2x ReefBrite Blue XHO's
  6. Need help choosing a co2 regulator!!

    Get yourself a Carbondoser from aquarium plants. IMO the apex shouldn't have to controller the CO2 regulator. If the reactor is setup properly the pH within the reactor shouldn't fluctuate more than .5 Apex should be used as a failsafe for when the regulator fails. I say when because eventually everything fails. If you have the apex or any other controller constantly turning the regulator on/off then your effluent rate is too fast or slow for the amount of CO2 going into the reactor.
  7. Warning! System Failure - Reboot

    Some new pictures from tonight. These are under the T5's and LED's. MH get too hot to take pictures under them haha WWC Pantera Rosa ASD Rainbow Mille Jason Fox Sour Twist (was getting a bit too much light so it was moved down today) CB Fireball CB Maleficent SC OP Good old green cap :) Sunny D's TSA Blackbeards Treasure UWW Starburst Monti plus Sunny D's & Rastas
  8. Warning! System Failure - Reboot

    I guess I should update this thread since its been over a month. New light is performing well. However I have not seen much growth since the change. I think it mainly due to the time Im running the lights. LED's are 12hrs. I have not gotten any par readings of the XHO's but I don't believe they put out much par. T5's are 6hrs and MH 3hrs. I originally was planning on running the lights for 12, 10 and 3 hours (LED -> T5 -> MH) but held off as I did not want to bleach anything. Today I increased the T5's from 6hrs to 10hrs. I'll be keeping an eye on the higher frags to make sure nothing gets stressed from the extra 4hrs. These photos are from yesterday night right before the XHO's turned off. Green Slimer FHC Rainbow Lust JKR Rainbow WWC Grafted Cap Bonsai BigR WD $500 Efflo & TSA Rainbow Sherbet RRA Pink Floyd CB Maleficent PC Superman -> WWC Pantera Rosa -> ASD Rainbow Mille Jason Fox Razzmatazz TSA Blackbeards Treasure Red Planet PC Rainbow WWC Dragon Slayer Inland Corals Poseidon RRC Pink Cadillac
  9. Eric's 300Gal Build!

    Its tomorrow
  10. Eric's 300Gal Build!

    Hmm I sorta did for him hahahaha
  11. Hair Algae

    Do you mind sharing your test results? Type of rock, length of time the tank has been running, feeding amount, etc?
  12. Eric's 300Gal Build!

    Post some pics
  13. Mega BBQ/Smoke Thread

    Bacon Bacon Bacon
  14. Montipora Colonies For Sale

    Perfect. I'll be waiting
  15. Montipora Colonies For Sale

    Ed do you have any frags of WWC Somewhere over the rainbow mille? I got one from you over a year ago but lost it when my tank crash. Would like to get another one. Also if you have a picture of the mother colony I would love to see it.