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  1. sorry every things gone ty all Patrick
  2. hydor koralia 3 powerhead $20 has some coraline on it. works like a champ though Patrick
  3. well now that things have changed I can no longer post a new topic in things for sale :-\ weird Patrick
  4. if you still need live rock I got about 50lbs cheap just let me know.


  5. I got a bit of live rock (about 50 lbs)for sale if you are still looking just let me know. Patrick
  6. Ok so due to lack of intrest I am now willing to part out. Or sell the whole thing for $300. I need to do this quick. Patrick
  7. I just need to let this hobby go. I have a 50 gal long about 50lbs of live rock 3/4" live sand power head (forget the brand or model) cascade 300 hob filter (I know I shouldnt use a hob) 4' light with 2 150mh and 2 40w pcs 1 yellow wrassie 1 tomato clown 1 condy 2 pepermint shrimp 1 emerald crab and several frags (including pulsing xenias, several clumps of zoas, and some kenya trees) This is not an easy decision for me.... Not at all!!!! Patrick
  8. I think I might want one or two for my daughters room I think she will like them. Patrick
  9. If you still have him I would be glad to give him a good home! I was just thinking about getting one. Patrick
  10. Nope doesnt look like the sea monster (though that would be cool). and knyreefguy it kindof looks like that but only more streamlined. And it apears as though they are gone or at least they are hideing. But thanks all. And Ron you should come by some day and check out the tank. Thanks Patrick
  11. I was looking in my tank today and saw something strange (well out of the ordinary strange). There are 3 of them the best I can tell hanging on the glass, they look like a condys tentacles but much smaller, and only one tentacle each. Sorry I dont have a pic. Patrick
  12. hey Ill take him you home? and where do you live in north fort myers I live there too. Patrick
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