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  1. icy1155

    180 Gallon Build Question

    Yes, the dart hybrid will run all of that plus your tank fine. I had the same pump on my 180, ran my reactors, frag tank and main tank. That was with the snapper impeller in and it turned down a bit as well.
  2. icy1155


    Corrected*** +1. They have royally screwed a few hobbyists who bought their tanks which had failures.
  3. icy1155

    Need A Loan!

    Especially for one that's had such poor breeding practices to get it to this point that it has pretty pronounced bulldog face...
  4. icy1155

    Just Snagged Some Sweet Reef Books...

    I ended up paying $160 for my set. Mint condition
  5. So I have been looking forever, and last night I finally got a set of "Corals of the World" by Veron. If you don't know about these, they are basically "THE" coral identification books, and the sets of 3 are usually somewhere between $500-$1000. I picked these up from a guy in Port Charlotte for a fraction of that price. I spent all last night geeking out and reading about the different corals :P/>
  6. icy1155

    Light Strength

    Go with the 14k phoenix bulbs for the halides if they are the double ended bulbs. I used to run a pair on a 120 with t5 actinics I loved the colors.
  7. icy1155

    The "it Never Fails Sale"....

    Not a bad idea. I'm moving and don't even need a big tank (the wife would probably kill me if I got it), but I would even go in for a $20 ticket for 1/30 chance to win the tank.
  8. icy1155

    180G System For Sale

    Everything is sold!
  9. Anyone else posting pictures? Tomorrow at noon is the deadline.
  10. icy1155

    180G System For Sale

    Tank, stand, sump and plumbing sold! One year old Dart/Snapper hybrid pump still available, $200.
  11. icy1155

    After 5 Years Of Searching...

    Add a sweet bonus speaking of hard to find ORA frags, I think today I found a source for ORA Dustin's Deep-water. If you have done any research on their frags, you'll know that this one has basically been lost to the hobby. I'll let everyone know how the frag looks when I get it in 3 weeks or so
  12. icy1155

    After 5 Years Of Searching...

    It was around $70 plus tax, so not too bad. It came from the Aquarium and Reef Center over on 41 near the intersection of Beacon Manor.
  13. icy1155

    After 5 Years Of Searching...

    Quick cell phone picture: BTW, not sure if they still have it or not, but there was another frag there when I picked up this one.
  14. I've finally found a frag of ORA Blue Iris. I fell in love with it when I saw a whole colony shot of the mother colony... http://glassbox-desi...-parent-colony/ I've asked every lfs if they can get out for the past few years. Finally Viet said that ARC was able to get some! Hmm... once I figure out why I cant upload the pic I'll post the one of it in the bag. The lights weren't on when I got it home (ducked out of work to go get it) so I don't have any pics of it in the tank yet. Ehh, whatever, it uploaded fine to photobucket:
  15. icy1155

    Wanted: Lionfish

    Okay, I'll let you know if we plan to head down to see if you already got one.