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  1. zyphen

    November Meeting Tank tour

    Thanks for hosting, loving your setup, especially how the motorized canopy lift turned out! Very cool Matt.
  2. zyphen

    Need help with tank lift

    Thanks to everyone who came out and helped yesterday. You guys are all professionals in my book! dbl, sorry I missed your post, and thank you for offering to come out. Matt.
  3. zyphen

    Need help with tank lift

    That guy definitely deserves a pat on the back after the welds are checked!
  4. zyphen

    Need help with tank lift

    The more the merrier! I do need a couple more people that don't yet have broken backs from too many tank moves! The tank is 350 lbs dry, and on a palet on rolling carts, so it can be placed right next to the stand and lifted from there.
  5. zyphen

    Need help with tank lift

    Sweet, please do bring the suction cups. They will help, I was thinking of renting some. Granite is installed and being sealed and caulked over the next 2 days.
  6. Is anyone available and willing to assist with lifting a 210g tank onto a stand on Sunday 11/18 at 4pm in Estero? Please let me know and I will PM you the address. Thanks, Matt.
  7. zyphen

    Brian Green Event

    Pics with identifiable file names and numbered as they will be listed on USB thumb drives please! Example: 01-Trumpet-coral-large-frag.jpg 02-Orange-Acan-small-frag-#1.jpg 03-Orange-Acan-small-frag-#2.jpg ... 15-Purple Stylophora-small-frag-#2.jpg
  8. zyphen

    Fishinbob's Reef Journey Elos 160xl

    Might have a calcium reactor if you are interested. PM me for details. It is a Korallin 3002 CaRx and includes an Aquariumplants.com electronic Co2 regulator and bottle
  9. zyphen


    There were a few interesting testing products on display at MACNA: Royal Nature had what I assume is a color spectrometer that had the calibrations and conversions programmed in, so you could test for calcium or alkalinity and it would read the proper units. The left unit in th epic is the final, and the right blue unit is the prototype. the test tube goes in a slot under the lid on top. ( ) Mindstream was demoing their unit which they had running in a few tanks around the expo floor: (https://www.mindstreamh2o.com/) This device was my personal favorite, but on the expensive side and with monthly subscription for replacement test discs. The 3rd one that caught my attention was from Reef Kinetics (https://www.reefkinetics.com/rooms/) which could use your chosen test kits and handle the automatic testing from there. (this is the one in the video from Mr Saltwater) From my understanding and unofficial discussions at the show, Neptune's Trident system is not going to be ready for another year or so. There might also be a GHL "Calcium Director" coming at some point too which tests and doses, like the Kh Director.
  10. zyphen

    Amazon Smile Program

  11. zyphen

    Trying to post in for sale

    Your membership was not properly reflecting your status. You should now be able to post in the For Sale section.
  12. zyphen

    200 gallon box of RC for $40!

  13. zyphen

    Eagle Eye zoas for sale

    Photobucket seems to be working. I edited your post and added the picture I found from photobucket at the last link you added, and it is showing up for me. You need to copy the link on the photobucket page under IMG, not HTML.
  14. LOL, will be following your progress with this setup and your seagrass studies!
  15. Cool build! 2 things I would keep in mind: make sure you maintain power cord drip-loops as your outlets are pretty close to plumbing lines, and I would solidify the brackets that the plumbing lines are resting on, so they don't get bumped by students or during maintenance.