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  1. zyphen

    Sea Swirl oscillators and combos Group Buy

    Zyphen: Sea Swirl 3/4" (2)
  2. Group buy for Sea Swirl assorted oscillator and combo models direct from the manufacturer (www.sea-swirl.com) Run by: Zyphen (Matt) Pricing model is a volume based discount: for 10+ assorted models (your choice): wholesale pricing (same as what the big online retailers pay wholesale) for 6-9 assorted models (your choice): wholesale +15% Source: Sea-Swirl, manufacturer. Group buy would be open from Jan 22, 2019 to Feb 15, 2019 Accepted Payment: PayPal gift (preferred), cash or credit (price + Square processing fees, usually 2.75% to cover my processing cost) All orders must be paid prior to the order being placed. Payment deadline will be Feb 15 2019 Pickup: zyphen's house or other arrangements can be made in advance For reference, from the Sea-Swirl website, including retail prices before group buy discounts: 1/2” Sea Swirl $189.95 3/4" Sea Swirl $224.95 1" Sea Swirl $249.95 1-1/2'' Sea Swirl $519.95 Multi Swirl $329.95 Sea Sweep Propeller Pump Oscillator $299.95 Respond to this post with your name/screenname, and which models you want. I will PM you from there to make payment and delivery arrangements. Item count: 2 zyphen: 2 x Sea Swirl 3/4"
  3. zyphen

    New SCA- Rimless 150 tank build

    Very cool build! how are you liking the Marine Depot electrical panels? Love the sump choice (we have matching CL44s and 10gal ATO reservoirs with the exception of the refugium baffle!), and an additional question: what was your decision basis for the change from GHL to Apex controller?
  4. zyphen

    PVC colored pipe (RED)

    Looking for 8" length of 1" red pipe, if anyone has any to spare. I can trade for 3/4" red pipe or 1-1/2" red pipe or buy it from you, just hate buying longer lengths and storing the rest forever!
  5. zyphen

    How to become a member

    This membership is reserved for our Local Fish Stores. It provides 5 employee memberships and a listing promotion (sponsor badge) on our LFS page.
  6. zyphen

    5 gallon hospital tank

    is this tank glass? dimensions?
  7. Looking for some RED pvc schedule 40 pipe. - 2ft of 1/2" pipe - 3ft of 3/4" pipe Let me know what you have and how much you want for it (shorter pieces may work). Thanks, Matt.
  8. zyphen

    DEC Holiday Meeting

    Thanks to @RickO, Lisa and Zoe for putting on yet another great Christmas party! We had a great time! Matt.
  9. zyphen

    November Meeting Tank tour

    Thanks for hosting, loving your setup, especially how the motorized canopy lift turned out! Very cool Matt.
  10. zyphen

    Need help with tank lift

    Thanks to everyone who came out and helped yesterday. You guys are all professionals in my book! dbl, sorry I missed your post, and thank you for offering to come out. Matt.
  11. zyphen

    Need help with tank lift

    That guy definitely deserves a pat on the back after the welds are checked!
  12. zyphen

    Need help with tank lift

    The more the merrier! I do need a couple more people that don't yet have broken backs from too many tank moves! The tank is 350 lbs dry, and on a palet on rolling carts, so it can be placed right next to the stand and lifted from there.
  13. zyphen

    Need help with tank lift

    Sweet, please do bring the suction cups. They will help, I was thinking of renting some. Granite is installed and being sealed and caulked over the next 2 days.
  14. Is anyone available and willing to assist with lifting a 210g tank onto a stand on Sunday 11/18 at 4pm in Estero? Please let me know and I will PM you the address. Thanks, Matt.