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  1. ToddE

    Free soft corals

    Send me a text if you want to come by. No trades needed
  2. ToddE

    Free soft corals

    They are brown/blue. They are everywhere in my tank. I have loose ones, ones on rocks, etc
  3. ToddE

    Free soft corals

    I have a bunch of soft corals free to anyone that wants them. Xenia, gsp, Kenya tree, ricordea, blue clove polyps, anthelia. Text me Todd 239-738-418eight
  4. ToddE


    text me and i'll send pics 239-738-4188 Todd
  5. ToddE

    CB Forest Fire Digi

    I'll trade ya. I have green digi, green slimer, Pink Mille, and Red Planet. Text me 239-738-418eight. Todd
  6. I have a bunch of softies i'll sell cheap. Text me 239-738-418eight Todd
  7. I think I have an old icecap sitting around in the garage. You can have it for free if I can find it. Text me your # Todd 239-738-418eight
  8. ToddE

    AikkZ 300 Gallon A.G.E Build!

    Love watching these builds. Thanks for sharing!
  9. ToddE

    Preferred LFS's?

    Aquarium Reef Center/Cape Coral (41 is ok but Brandy and John are my go to)
  10. ToddE

    Christmas - did Santa deliver ?!

    I have both and the ice cap is definitely a lot louder than the gyre. Both seem to put out the same flow though.
  11. Green Digi small $5 medium $10 (have 5 or 6) Green Slimer $10 (have 3-4) Aussie orange torch 2 heads $10 (have 2) Chong bong Palys $1/polyp(have 1 5p, 1 10p, 1 20+p) Rainbow Mille $10 Also can cut frags of aussie orange hammer and green hammer $5/head Call or text Todd 239-738-418eight
  12. ToddE

    Livestock rebuild - Donation thread

    I have green digi, xenia, gsp, ricordea, green slimer, kenya trees, anthelia. Probably forgetting a bunch of stuff also.
  13. ToddE

    Getting out sale

    Damn that's an awful picture. So sorry for the loss. I know the feeling. Did you lose everything?
  14. ToddE

    Cheap Frags for Sale

    Still have most of this available!
  15. ToddE

    Help cycling a new tank

    Do not attempt to read the TDS of salt water for use in reef aquaria, the salt concentration will be off the scale and won’t provide any useful reading.