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  1. I'm no expert but that looks like red slime algae to me. Reduce lighting schedule, increase flow, reduce nitrates/phosphates and buy red slime remover.
  2. I'm down to trade. I've got orange hammer, green hammer, sps, etc. Call or Text me Todd 239-738-418eight
  3. Just get some Red Slime Remover. Way easier
  4. My LPS, SPS and ricordea were not affected at all. I did lose a big leather coral
  5. I recently dosed my tank with this stuff to get rid of blue clove polyps and I bought way too much. I have 4 extra packets (each packet treats 250 gallons) if anyone wants some. It also got rid of gsp, xenia, and anthelia. Shoot me a text as I always forget to check the forums. 239-738-418eight Todd https://www.allivet.com/p-8837-fish-bendazole-fenbendazole-250-mg-packets.aspx?sku=51185-3&gclid=CjwKCAjw1dzkBRBWEiwAROVDLGw3ZinJnel0QGj5Pzg3MIggwQLPO28eeYA4tombnwT3T2O5ja51nRoCshMQAvD_BwE
  6. Looking for Bubblegum Gigi and/or other SPS. I have nice frags of Space Invader Pectina, CB Mummy eye chalice, Green Slimer, Aussie Orange Torch, Aussie Orange Hammer, Green Hammer, Green Digi, Orange Lobo, And Pink Mille. Text me Todd 239-738-418eight
  7. ToddE

    Free soft corals

    Send me a text if you want to come by. No trades needed
  8. ToddE

    Free soft corals

    They are brown/blue. They are everywhere in my tank. I have loose ones, ones on rocks, etc
  9. I have a bunch of soft corals free to anyone that wants them. Xenia, gsp, Kenya tree, ricordea, blue clove polyps, anthelia. Text me Todd 239-738-418eight
  10. text me and i'll send pics 239-738-4188 Todd
  11. I'll trade ya. I have green digi, green slimer, Pink Mille, and Red Planet. Text me 239-738-418eight. Todd
  12. I have a bunch of softies i'll sell cheap. Text me 239-738-418eight Todd
  13. I think I have an old icecap sitting around in the garage. You can have it for free if I can find it. Text me your # Todd 239-738-418eight
  14. Love watching these builds. Thanks for sharing!
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