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  1. Frag tank is full and need to make room. Looking to sell or trade. Have sps, z&p, lps, high end and basic. Text me for info, pics, etc 239'738-4188 Todd
  2. No mInimums 01. Green Digitata 02. Green Digitata 03. Green Digitata 04. Green Slimer Acropora 05. Green Slimer Acropora colony 06. Green Slimer Acropora 07. Red Planet Acropora 08. Red Planet Acropora 09. Red Planet Acropora 10. ASD Minion Millepora 11. ASD Minion Millepora 12. ASD Minion Millepora 13. Armor of God Paly (1 polyp) 14. Magicians Paly (2 polyps) 15. Pink Playboy Bunny Paly (1polyp) 16. Blue w/orange mouth ricordea (single) 17. Blue w/orange mouth ricordea (rock w/several) 18. Blue Hornet Zoanthids (20 polyps) 19. Blue Hornet Zoanthids (10+ polyps) 20. Lime in the Sky Acropora
  3. Invest in 2 part dosers. It will make your reefkeeping life so much easier!!
  4. Anyone have a frag of this local?
  5. Text me for pics. I can never figure out how to post here. 239-738-4188 Todd
  6. Finally got around to fragging my 12 year old bubble coral. I have a small single, a double and a big single. Also have a rose bubble, zoas, palys, hammers, green Digi, green Slimer, red planet, sunset monti, etc. Text me Todd 239-738-4188
  7. I was able to finally relocate a rose bubble clone to the frag tank. $40 if you're still looking. Todd 239-738-4188
  8. I'm no expert but that looks like red slime algae to me. Reduce lighting schedule, increase flow, reduce nitrates/phosphates and buy red slime remover.
  9. I'm down to trade. I've got orange hammer, green hammer, sps, etc. Call or Text me Todd 239-738-418eight
  10. Just get some Red Slime Remover. Way easier
  11. My LPS, SPS and ricordea were not affected at all. I did lose a big leather coral
  12. I recently dosed my tank with this stuff to get rid of blue clove polyps and I bought way too much. I have 4 extra packets (each packet treats 250 gallons) if anyone wants some. It also got rid of gsp, xenia, and anthelia. Shoot me a text as I always forget to check the forums. 239-738-418eight Todd https://www.allivet.com/p-8837-fish-bendazole-fenbendazole-250-mg-packets.aspx?sku=51185-3&gclid=CjwKCAjw1dzkBRBWEiwAROVDLGw3ZinJnel0QGj5Pzg3MIggwQLPO28eeYA4tombnwT3T2O5ja51nRoCshMQAvD_BwE
  13. Looking for Bubblegum Gigi and/or other SPS. I have nice frags of Space Invader Pectina, CB Mummy eye chalice, Green Slimer, Aussie Orange Torch, Aussie Orange Hammer, Green Hammer, Green Digi, Orange Lobo, And Pink Mille. Text me Todd 239-738-418eight
  14. ToddE

    Free soft corals

    Send me a text if you want to come by. No trades needed
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