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  1. Corals and RBTA's for sale

    I'll start a Cyber Monday Sale on Sunday at noon through Monday at sunset. Everything listed in the above post at half price!
  2. Corals and RBTA's for sale

    Thanks for the kind words. Most of the bigger stuff has sold. That's what happens when you offer good deals! I still have a 4" to 5" piece ($15) and a 6" to 7" piece ($25) of Idaho Grape Monti along with some regular frags ($5). Still have a couple small colony size frags of orange digi ($10 to $20) and some regular frags ($5). There's a 2head and 3 head hammer ($5/head) and a small frogspawn ($5) and a compact 8 head ($5/head). There are a few textured green porities frags ($5 to $10) and a small colony ($20). I have 3 war corals left. A frag of 5 polyps ($10), a small colony with 25polyps ($25) and a colony with 40+ polyps ($40) There are some Money Keys zoas, green palys, and a couple lettuce coral frags. I fragged the scroll and a meteor shower but they both look bad and I won't sell them until the heal and start to grow. Oh, I do have a green slimmer I need to frag. They will be regular frag size ($5) and there will only be a few.
  3. Corals and RBTA's for sale

    Sent you a text. I have quite a few orange digi frags, both big and small. I have a couple frags of bubblegum digi, but under the weak lights in the shallow tank they are very difficult to tell apart.
  4. Corals and RBTA's for sale

    The biggest, nicest piece of Idaho Grape is gone, but there is one smaller one and some frags left. I've fragged the war coral into a few small colonies and a couple of frags. The meteor shower has been cut down also, but I won't sell any of it until I see it's recovered. It just hasn't looked good since the chiller incident. Several BBTA's have gone. I'd still sell a couple more. Lot's ot orange digi. Still have a nice hammer & a small hammer. Still have the smaller frogspawn. Still have Money Key zoas and some light green palys.
  5. Corals and RBTA's for sale

    Today I fragged the colony with 2 big plates of Idaho Grape Monti. Now there are 2 big (6" to 8") plates and a couple big frags and lots of small frag. I also fragged the orange digi into some small colony/huge frags and lots of smaller frags. I also have more than a few Money Key zoa colonies. They are all mostly unmounted at this point, but I'll start to mount some later today.
  6. Corals and RBTA's for sale

    Luis1662, FishinBob & Pandadad, it's first come first served, as of 7am on Tuesday, nothing has been sold. The war coral, meteor shower and scroll coral are all colonies that will need to be cut based on how much you want to buy but the supply is limited. But if you know me, you know the prices are beyond fair and the more you buy, the better the prices get. I have multiples of most fragged corals. The bubblegum digi has just a few. There are more solid orange digi and some frags could be colonies. Contact me to set up an appointment. I'm retired so I can be pretty flexible during the day. If it has to be in the evening, early is the only time I will do. My late evenings are my time. Call or text me at 239 699-6339. If you want to ask a lot of questions, it's better to call than to text. I limit text conversations to just a few texts.
  7. Corals and anemones for sale. Those of you who have bought from me before know I am beyond fair with prices and this time I’ll probably do even better (especially for old customers / friends). I am downsizing from 4 aquariums to 2 so I need to sell some corals. Some of these are just frags and some are medium to big colonies and I'm willing to frag or cut colonies. In fact I want a couple of frags from the colonies because they are too big for my tank! I have a variety of corals from almost free Money Key zoas, green paly colonies and pulsing xenia. I have lps hammer frags, frogspawn, textured green porities and scroll coral as well as a red & green War coral colony and meteor shower and frags. I have quite a bit of sps bubblegum digi, oragnge digi, purple monti cap, blue ridge coral, and a few others. I also have and some small to medium rose bubble tip anemones.
  8. Fishinbob's 90 Reef Journey

    Did you see that you got nominated to the BOD?
  9. 2018 Florida Frag Swap

    I didn't buy any zoas from Josh at our Reef Conference because I was struggling with bad water due to dying sps corals due to the failed chiller that dropped water below 60F. I'd be more than ready by Feb 3rd, but that's an auto-x weekend and I have a new and competitive car so I need to improve my driving skills more than I need zoas! Dang! Maybe I'll get enough at Brian Green's BBQ?Auction. I just need to out bid Jeff!
  10. I'm 90% sure I'm going, but probably not taking any frags. I had a disaster with a chiller that killed 60% to 70% of my tank. It killed all 3 of the leathers and about 90% of the 40 sps species in the tank. So I'm working on converting to an all zoas and anemone tank and I'd be interested in some of the zoas you have. If you have extras, I'd be willing to buy now, if not, I'll be bidding on them at the auction. You can text me at 239 699-6339. Thanks, Ron
  11. Positives from Hurricane Irma

    Jeff, we got to the beach about 11:30 as low tide was about 4:30. There were a few sponges, but not many and most were at the high tide line and already dried out. I got 5 or 6 small pistol shrimp and one bigger dark brown shrimp. I also got 10-12 porcelain crabs, but they were all quite small. One nice, small tan gorgonian attached to a live clam. And we walked south for nearly 2 hours. But a mediocre day at the beach is better than a good day at work. LOL! I think I'm going to enjoy having Elaine retired. She makes for a very helpful side kick.
  12. Positives from Hurricane Irma

    I think Elaine and I are going in the morning on Monday. I'll let you know how it looks.
  13. Positives from Hurricane Irma

    Name the day and time. I'm thinking Sunday at noon or Monday morning.
  14. What did you win at the Reef Conference?

    I spent $100 on raffle tickets and won about 18 items from rod's food to to chemicals for the tank. Just for fun I looked up the retail cost and all together it was over $400. As in past years, the $100 I spend on Raffle tickets is always the best $100 I spend in the hobby all year!!! I also got $30 in coral raffle tickets and won 4 frags. Since my tank crashed on Friday morning, the chiller stuck on and water temps were below 60F, I didn't buy any corals. The frags I won are in the shallow reef in the back room. The big tank is in recovery now. The tank was 60% sps and I lost 90% of them. I also lost both leathers, a couple of lps and all the livestock but 1 fish. All the anemones, 20 RBTA's, 5 mature rock flower anemones, all 8 baby rock flowers (really, really small) and all the zoas survived. Yesterday all the zoas were open for the first time since last Friday. The new layout will be all zoas and anemones in the 125g and all the surviving sps and lps in the 50g cube along with Hannibal the Red Hawaiian Reef Lobster (currently in his own 25g tank in the back room) will go in the 50g cube as well. Then the 2 tanks in the back bedroom will get shut down and sold.