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  1. Text me at 239 699-6339.
  2. Less than a week away and the weather looks spectacular in Marathon over next weekend. Winds of 10mph or less and only a 10% chance of even afternoon showers! Yeah!
  3. John, Glad to see you moved the livestock on. That should make the hardware easier to sell. Good luck.
  4. John, sorry to hear that you are considering getting out of the hobby. Your system looks spectacular.
  5. I'm in SW Cape Coral and I have an old Apogee PAR meter (it works just fine). You are welcome to borrow it. Thursday evening, June 13th, I'll be at a 5pm Miata Club meeting at The Old World Restaurant, Bar & Lounge in North Port. We could use that as either the pick up or return of the meter. If you want to drive here to get it before that, just let me know. Better to email me at mrhandyrsl@hotmail.com or text me at 239 699-6339. I don't get to this site very often anymore.
  6. I have a Kessil HP80 if you are interested. It works fine and is currently over my refugium. You can email me at mrhandyrsl@hotmail.com
  7. Please keep us posted about the possible KP Aquatics stop on Sunday. If we set that up I'd like to place an order and pick it up on Sunday. I didn't make the last visit there as we stayed over a day longer snorkeling.
  8. We are already booked at Blackfin for Thursday the 13th thru Sunday the 16th. If anybody intends to get down Thursday or Friday and wants to do a snorkel, we will be doing some on both Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. We will also have our Zodiac there so we can get out to some off shore islands like Little Money Key, Money Key or Little Bahia Honda Key. Jeff, we haven't had the pleasure of seeing KP Aquatics in person and would love to stop there on the way out Sunday. I'd even consider making an online order and picking it up in person. Looking forward to this trip.
  9. Anybody thinking about going to Orlando next Saturday (only) for RAP? I have an auto-x event on Sunday and would be willing to share driving and expenses for a Saturday only run to Orlando and back on Saturday. That way I could prep my car for the auto-x on Friday. That means soft, sticky tires on the car and Sundays event starts at 8:30 am on Sunday morning at Buckingham airport! Elaine is willing to let me use her car for the day, but I'd be happy to share your car if that works for you. Any questions or offers, email me at mrhandyrsl@hotmail.com or you can text or call at 239 699-6339 Thanks, Ron Lindensmith
  10. Aw man! I'm racing go karts with the Porsche Club that weekend.
  11. That's right, Tuesday the 19th I'll be in Sarasota to tour the service dog training center with the Miata club... and I should even be driving my Miata! I'll check out the schedule and send you an email and see if we can work out a visit and I'll bring the filter sample pack. BTW, I now drive the Miata regularly and just take it back to the shop to do data logs and dyno runs and to upload new revised tunes from Moto-East. We just have 3 minor issues that should be pretty easy to fix and then we start adding boost and doing serious dyno runs. The car is 95% of what I would consider proper for a road car. And even with virtually no boost from the turbo, the 2.5 liter motor makes as much power as the old 2.0 liter motor did at 12 pounds of boost.
  12. I have a huge supply of photo filter samples with lots of shades of yellow to orange. You are welcome to barrow them to try with your phone and see which shade works the best for her phone.
  13. David, if only I had room in my tank! My hollywood stunner is 1/10th the size of yours and it's already getting too big and causing shade issues!
  14. To get the blue out and still have colors pop with fluorescence you need to use a yellow filter or do some serious work with the white balance if your camera can do it. I take them with my smart phone and a free yellow filter sample. https://flic.kr/p/2dxBia9
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