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  1. ronreefman

    Beach time part 2?

    That's amazing. So you were out in the dark with a flashlight? Hmmm....
  2. ronreefman

    HOB filtration

    Thanks David.
  3. ronreefman

    HOB filtration

    Thanks for the offer, but I'm really looking for a simple HOB filter.
  4. ronreefman

    Beach time part 2?

    Jeff, I'm blown away! Congratulations on such a nice haul of shells! First I have to ask 2 questions: 1) Exactly what time were you at the beach? We were there from 7:15 am until 10:00 am on Friday, so about one hour to 4 hours after high tide. 2) What beach were you at and did you walk east or west from the starting point? We were at Gulfside Park (Algiers Beach) and walked west for 2 hours. I ask because we came up with next to nothing! There were tons of Arcs shells, lots of Pen shells, quite a few Cockle shells and very little else. Well, there were some smaller scallops, but not that many. No sponges, no fighting conchs, no whelks, no shark eyes, no figs, no macroalgae... nothing! You can see in the bottom pic, all the shells were Arcs, Pens and a few Cockles. It was so bad that my best finds were a good size worm shell rock and a very pretty and large cockle. 20181116_084615 by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr 20181116_081004 by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr 20181116_081025 by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr
  5. I just finished making a 16g tank for fun and want a HOB (Hang On Back) filtration system for it. They don't cost much new, but I figured if anybody had one laying around and in reasonably good to like new condition that they don't want or need, I'd be interested in buy it.
  6. ronreefman

    Need help with tank lift

    Matt, if I can help let me know. I have the time, but then how many old dudes do you need to help? 😂 Ron
  7. ronreefman

    Beach time part 2?

    OK, the weather has changed a bit over the weekend. Screenshot 2018-11-13 07.52.14 by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr So the stronger westerly winds will be coming through on Thursday and that should make Friday morning the ideal time to go shelling or collecting critters (hopefully). The low tide on Friday is 7:00am on Sanibel. We (Elaine & I) intend to be out on Algiers Beach before the sun comes up which is also at 7:00am.
  8. ronreefman

    Beach time part 2?

    The current forecasts tell me that Wednesday at dawn, or even earlier, at 4:00am at low tide, could be the best time for collecting during this frontal passage. I expect to be out there just before sunrise. This will probably be another mediocre critter collecting day, but a decent shall collecting day. And be aware, air temps Wednesday morning will be in the low 60's! weather by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr
  9. ronreefman

    Beach time part 2?

    It's a ways off, but Tues and Wed the 13th and 14th look to have a 10 to 15 degree high temp drop (from 85 on Mon to 70 on Wed). And there is a slight increase in the chance of showers (we are starting the dry season so showers usually mean a cold front). But the forecast I'm looking at does NOT show any westerly component to the wind, just NNE. So the chance for shelling may be better, the chances for better collecting is marginal. As the time draws closer I'll decide if I'll go and which day. Stay tuned. If anybody has questions, feel free to ask. I'm all about trying to share the fun!
  10. ronreefman

    Black acrylic locally?

    Absolute Plastic Solutions 2178 Andrea Lane (off east side of US 41) Ft Myers 239 313-7779 The owner is a good guy and has helped me several times with orders for acrylic and sheet PVC.
  11. ronreefman

    Beach Time

  12. ronreefman

    Beach Time

    Yikes! We'll need to start going out earlier even when low tide isn't until 10:50am. Nice haul guys!
  13. ronreefman

    Beach Time

    Here is what Elaine and I collected. Some are for projects and some are for use with the Shell Ambassador program at Bailey Shell Museum. 20181030_063136 by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr
  14. ronreefman

    Beach Time

    Jeff, that's a great looking sharks eye!
  15. ronreefman

    PAR meter

    I have a Apogee model QMSS-E PAR meter and you can rent it for the cost of a coral frag. I may have an old notebook computer you can buy super cheap, but I'll have to look for it! Text me at 239 699-6339