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  1. Corals for sale

    The huge colony of green palys has already sold. So did the buggest green star polyp colony with a RBTA attached. And one Idaho Grape and the Little Money zoas. All for $25 Lets make a deal!
  2. I’m in the process of downsizing myself out of the hobby over the next couple of years. I currently have 4 tanks and I want to close 2 of them down before this summer. I don’t have a lot of corals in the tanks I’m closing, but the corals I do have, I’ll sell cheap! Once those tanks are empty I’ll be converting my 50g cube from an sps & lps tank to a local collection tank and there will be some bigger, better corals for sale. Then the 65g shallow reef and 25g frag tank and all the related hardware will be sold. I’ll be keeping this forum thread and the related Craigslist ad updated weekly. Currently I have about 25 corals for sale: 12 Idaho Grape Montipora frags $5 each 1 small colony (the size of and orange slice) $10 1 bigger colony (double the size of a golf ball) of meteor shower $20 3 frags of Neon Green Birdsnest $5 3 small colonies of green palys $2 1 HUGE colony of green palys (8” x 4”) $10 2 frags of Green Star Polyps $2 2 small colonies of brown palys $2 3 frags of encrusting green poritie $3 2 small frags of brown & yellow Scroll Coral $3 1 very small colony of green zoas from Little Money Key Florida $3 I have a 50g cube with some sps and lps that I’m willing to consider frags or selling entire colonies from for the right price. 1 large brown & yellow Scroll Coral $80 1 large Idaho Grape colony $25 1 large Blue Ridge Coral colony $20 1 Striped Candy Cane with neon green centers (more than 25 heads) $75
  3. Sure. Send me a text before you head over, just in case something comes up. 239 699-6339
  4. Additives and dosing

    In the first place, IMHO, trace elements are over rated and second, most are replenished by water changes. BTW, just which 'trace' elements are you looking to have replaced and why?
  5. Great Auction!

    Let me echo what Rick O said. I really appreciate all the work that was done before hand and at the event to make it run so smoothly. The experience of some and enthusiasm of others made this a wonderful event. I think this was probably one of the smallest auctions in terms of how many items were auctioned off and that made it a bit shorter event, and I for one think that was a very good thing for the attendees. I hope the club did well financially as well? BTW, I went to a coral auction, I sold 28 corals and 3 anemones and bought 3 items, none of them are corals! I guess that means I'm downsizing even more.
  6. Also in Cape Coral and shutting down 2 of my 4 tanks so I have some corals I'd sell cheap... cheaper than my 'normal'. And most people who buy from me think I do great deals anyway.
  7. Additives and dosing

    Matt, keep correct levels of what? Ca, alk and Mg? Or other chemicals? IMHO most of the other additives aren't needed in a healthy and diverse tank what is fed a varied diet.
  8. What is this worth?

    Sold for $600 on Reef Central
  9. What is this worth?

    OK, I dropped the price to $600 on Reef Central, so I'll do $500 here on SWFMAS.
  10. Wtb Dosers

    Brad, I have a couple of dossers I'm not using. One is an AquaMedic 2 pump with controller and the other is a high quality medical dosser (2 feeds) that I got as a back up to the one I use (the same medical unit) when I found it for sale at a good price on Ebay. Call me if you want to know more or even stop by to see them. 239 699-6339
  11. Ron Reefman's Auction Corals

    Not a problem Matt, you shouldn't have to be doing that extra, you do way more than should have to already! I'll leave the ones here as they are and I'll email you new ones. Ron
  12. What is this worth?

    I'm going to put it up on Reef Central for $800. For any SWFMAS member that wants it I'll do $700. Just remember there are almost $300 in parts that are new in the box.
  13. Ron Reefman's Auction Corals

    No problem Matt, I'll get it right sooner or later.