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  1. Aw man! I'm racing go karts with the Porsche Club that weekend.
  2. That's right, Tuesday the 19th I'll be in Sarasota to tour the service dog training center with the Miata club... and I should even be driving my Miata! I'll check out the schedule and send you an email and see if we can work out a visit and I'll bring the filter sample pack. BTW, I now drive the Miata regularly and just take it back to the shop to do data logs and dyno runs and to upload new revised tunes from Moto-East. We just have 3 minor issues that should be pretty easy to fix and then we start adding boost and doing serious dyno runs. The car is 95% of what I would consider proper for a road car. And even with virtually no boost from the turbo, the 2.5 liter motor makes as much power as the old 2.0 liter motor did at 12 pounds of boost.
  3. I have a huge supply of photo filter samples with lots of shades of yellow to orange. You are welcome to barrow them to try with your phone and see which shade works the best for her phone.
  4. David, if only I had room in my tank! My hollywood stunner is 1/10th the size of yours and it's already getting too big and causing shade issues!
  5. To get the blue out and still have colors pop with fluorescence you need to use a yellow filter or do some serious work with the white balance if your camera can do it. I take them with my smart phone and a free yellow filter sample. https://flic.kr/p/2dxBia9
  6. We had a good time and even found the Save Our Seabirds facility between the two Mote buildings. Got in for 1/2 price because we had Mote tickets and spent about 90 minutes looking at all kinds of rescued birds, some injured, some abandoned, some local and some non-native and some very attractive! Which is why we missed lunch. But on the way home we ate at a new place in Cape Coral call Ginger Bistro at the Veterans and Surfside Sandoval Plaza. Good food and lots of it! Good trip and a good start to 2019. Thanks to all who helped pull this together! Ron
  7. This is a great list of meetings. Thanks for all the work it takes to pull this together. Any chance the Frag Auction can have a raffle like the ones we have had in the past at Reef Conferences... since there is no reef conference?
  8. Thanks for the good words. It has been a great skimmer, but it's a bit much for my 40g cube!!!
  9. It's yours if you want it. The question is, do you want the Ranco controller too?
  10. I have a very used Aqua Medic Turbo Floater 5000 Shorty with a spar collection cup. I had this on my 400 gallon system and it did a fine job. This unit has been through a lot and has some ugly repairs… but it still works. The OcearRunner 3500 pump is only about 2 years old. They sell new for $685.00. see link: http://www.saltwatertogo.com/aqua-medic-turboflotor-5000-shorty-compact-protein-skimmer.html If you have a big system and want a backup skimmer, this could be just the ticket, cheap and functional! I only want $50 for it as I think the OceanRunner 3500 is worth that much to me as a spare pump. It cost over $130.00 new. It's FREE if you don't want the pump! The photo is from the internet. If you want to see real photos, contact me and I'll text them to you. It's very used and ugly, but it's only $50... or free if you don't want the pump! skimmer by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr
  11. I have an AquaEuroUSA 1hp chiller you can have for free. It’s 7 years old and it still cools water as well as it did when it was new. I used it on a 400g system and then a 210g system. Now that all I have is a 40g cube with led lighting, I don’t need it anymore. Being perfectly honest, it has issues. The bottom and sides are a bit rusty and the built-in thermostat has failed. But I have a new, in the box, Ranco thermostat controller that can run the chiller. The chiller was $1100 new and costs $1300 now, the new thermostat was $45 new and has not been used! Given its old, rusty and has a failed thermostat, I’m giving it away free! If you need a backup for your big chiller, this can do the job. The Ranco remote thermostat is new in box and I'll take $30 for it. Reply here, send me a PM or send a text to 239 699-6339. These photos are from ads on the internet. If you want actually photos, text me and I'll send whatever you want. Screenshot 2018-10-20 10.37.27 by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr
  12. ronreefman

    Free Kittens

    Tried to text ya but don't have area code so didn't go through Shoot me a text so I'll have right # Ha! I lost all the phone numbers from my phone about 2 weeks ago. I had the phone in a bag I was carrying on a beach walk and I think the bottle of water bumped the phone and deleted my photobook. I'll send you a PM with my number.
  13. ronreefman

    Free Kittens

    Hey Dave, Nice to see you back on the forum. I love the gray tabby, but Maia (our cat) and Elaine say I can't get a cat. Sorry! I'd be interested in stopping by to look at corals. Do you have many zoas?
  14. It all looks really well done Charlie, nice clean workmanship, congrats. I like the egg crate platform on top of the pipes running along the bottom of the tank. Did you have that kind of set up under the rocks in the original tank?
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