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  1. From what the news said - total loss… I suspect if Rich has left the scene - probably too late to save anything in the store. If someone does find out that he needs/wants help it might be a good time to use the emergency system in place here to put a call out. I will certainly help out if I can!
  2. What a sad day - Rich has always treated me (and everyone I know) well… He has helped so many in this hobby, the kind words tell the story - speechless… Best thing we can all do is offer help, and stay supportive!
  3. I did that for the last few years of my tank - unprecedented growth and stability
  4. You could save a lot of time and go to a lumber yard and get some #1 wood - might cost a few more bucks, but save you a bunch of time - just sayin'
  5. Oh how I miss the smell of burnt ATF - not... Please tell me your not bitching about a clutch that is 11yrs old and has 175k on it!!! really?
  6. DUDE! what a buzz kill ... you sound like a nurse geek or something. Just sayin'
  7. Matt, Do the plants actually use the fish waste as a food source, or just as a nitrogen source? most land plants only use the soil as attachment/stability and for very little (way less than 1%) of the nutrients. They convert Co2 and H20 to C6H12O6 (sugar) using sunlight as the catalyst. I always wondered how much waste is actually "consumed" by the macro algae in our systems. I would think feeding the fish some excess macro would have very little impact on the system, because it was produced by the system (waste converted back into glucose and cellulose) and no other food source was added to the system in general (except light for photosynthesis) right? So I would think that would be an excellent way of recycling!!
  8. Just like any other sps - just break a piece off and glue to a plug with some superglue (I use to use the BRS super thick gel, worked great). make yourself a frag rack out of some egg crate and the plugs fit perfectly in it! If you cant get your hands in there (the colony) you can use a pair of strong tweezers or a pair of side cutters - or invest in a pair of bone cutters. Some revive dip will help in a separate container to dip after you cut them...
  9. On a small system with a little bit of coral - frequent water changes are ok, once you start growing larger amounts of coral you will have to supplement Ca to keep up with the growing animals in the tank
  10. I just found a store credit I have with Board Room for $65 - Anyone need some stuff there, would be nice to get some money back!
  11. FWIW - I used Kalk in a large stirrer for top off for years, always had great growth and stable pH with it as well - used a Ca Rx with it as well... My Stirrer was 5gal and used about a cup to cup and half of brightwell Kalk+ for best results.
  12. Looks great Mike! I see some familiar faces in there - happy they are doing great, and sad at the same time.........
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