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  1. Adolfo

    Can't attach pictures

    error processing the file -200 AGAIN
  2. Adolfo

    Can't attach pictures

    Can't attach any error 200 or so Thanks
  3. Adolfo


    Have problems attaching files sorry
  4. Adolfo


    Have some corals but working out town can send you pictures and price next Friday
  5. Adolfo

    Aaron's Reefer 350 Build

    Welcome to the forum and area
  6. Adolfo

    Dragon's Breath and Cheato

    I have chaeto if you want some
  7. Adolfo

    Favorite coral Foods?

    Coral frenzy and Tiger pods
  8. Adolfo

    flickr test

    Nice !!!
  9. Adolfo

    Palys questions

    I buy a single paly frag like months ago was really tiny but really nice never prosper in the plug and vanish, after new light configuration today she appear like magic full grow about 3' from the original placement How can be possible ? Also discover like 10 really green tiny palys in a rock kind months ago and still the same size Micro palys ?
  10. Adolfo

    Eagle Eye zoas for sale

    can't see it
  11. Adolfo

    Aquascape Help!

    What about to made three "mountains" a big in the right medium in the middle and small in the left with small space from glass to rocks ? Could work for you ?
  12. Adolfo

    Acan retracting

    Happens to me too 2 times a week probably
  13. Adolfo

    Acan retracting

    Hey Czim How are you corals ?
  14. Adolfo

    FMAS frag swap?

    That's awesome !!! I'm start thinking to change my 125 for a 300 probably need to build my own too
  15. Adolfo

    FMAS frag swap?

    Looks like a big job Bob you adding a new tank ?