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  1. Welcome !
  2. You too !!! Thanks
  3. Looks delicious !
  4. I buy the photon v2 48" lights Need help please with the lights schedule for a mix reef tank Thanks
  5. The flame angel is reef safe ?
  6. I have problems with my led lights and need to buy a new ones, will let you know when ready Thanks
  7. This gives great control of the exact color in the aquarium, if that’s important to you? Just to be clear, your corals are happy with lots of blue, half as much white and maybe a dash of red. Have the color control and intensity will be great Thanks
  8. Good morning Ron I really appreciate you help thanks my aquarium is 23" plus the light legs height and 72" long do you know anything about the current usa orbit ic led ? Thanks in advance
  9. Do the aquatic life edge led with two channels and moon light can use for grow corals ? What led light you recommend me to grow corals ? Thanks
  10. If you don't sell the hawk let me know Thanks
  11. I only can dream with one .....
  12. Just read you post today, thanks for sharing Awesome !!!
  13. I'm also new in SW and learning from the experienced members too Thanks