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  1. Coral or else ?

    After Irma my Hollywood Stunner lost like 80% tissue now he's comeback now but 3 days ago with the moon lights notice 2 orange circles close to the right edge of the coral bleach area tonight can see it now 3 small circles Any idea of what is coral or else ?
  2. Happy Tanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!! Thanks
  3. My son start feeling sick like 15 minutes we arrive and come back with empty hands ...
  4. Don't have any frags but ready for buy some lol
  5. That's perfect ! Thanks
  6. What's the event duration ? I planning to attend but probably take the road by 3:45 Thanks
  7. My first SW aquarium

    Still testing max 50 min 15 looks have a brown acro and looks like his happy and growing So far no problems with only one turbo Thanks Bob
  8. My first SW aquarium

    Picture update
  9. Where and when ? sorry I'm new to sw
  10. My first SW aquarium

    The tank is just fine and upgrade the lights to photon v2 48" will post a picture soon as possible Thanks
  11. What did you win at the Reef Conference?

    Looking very good !
  12. Livestock rebuild - Donation thread

    I have a small blue acan colony
  13. MMoore0324's Custom 50g Build

    Looks great !!!
  14. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Thanks Bob !