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  1. Acan retracting

    Happens to me too 2 times a week probably
  2. Acan retracting

    Hey Czim How are you corals ?
  3. FMAS frag swap?

    That's awesome !!! I'm start thinking to change my 125 for a 300 probably need to build my own too
  4. FMAS frag swap?

    Looks like a big job Bob you adding a new tank ?
  5. FMAS frag swap?

    Total missed !!! Do you go ?
  6. My first SW aquarium

    Some how made the mistake and change the "u" for "a" The correct name is : Cornbread Rainbow Crush Chalice Sure when some corals grow little bit more will let you know Thanks
  7. New Corals

  8. New Corals

    Post some pictures please
  9. New Corals

    Looking very good !
  10. My first SW aquarium

  11. My first SW aquarium

    Same coral in 11/24/17
  12. My first SW aquarium

    Cornbread Rainbow Crash Chalice Thanks Bob