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  1. New SCA- Rimless 150 tank build

    Looking very good Welcome !!!
  2. New Corals

    Use to buy with WWC JF RH with no problems
  3. New Corals

    I receive today 8 new corals from cornbread
  4. My first SW aquarium

    Yes the two chalices are comeback really good will post some pictures later
  5. My first SW aquarium

    Hello Bob The tank is doing great thanks to you for the advice on the lights schedule everything is growing really good
  6. Have some for free and some corals really cheap but I'm located in NFM
  7. Additives and dosing

    Using for about 3 months with good results so far Seachem reef plus Seachem reef fusion 1 and 2
  8. 2018 Florida Frag Swap

    Was in Panama City working and back today Any buys ?
  9. Preferred LFS's?

    Boardroom aquariums
  10. Sanibel Shrimp Rescue Club

    Nice gorgonian jd Thanks for the info Ron
  11. How far is too far to and try to solve low PH

    Try a air pump like Bob say and use the silicon tubing
  12. Frost Sciene Museum behind the scenes tour!

    Nice pictures !
  13. Coral or else ?

    Also have a MH who grow a green eye (almost like this size - o -) ...
  14. Coral or else ?

    They grow bigger and looks better, is the same coral show in the picture with orange ring I buy that one like HS but not sure what really is
  15. Sanibel Shrimp Rescue Club

    Nice pictures Ron !