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  1. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Thanks Bob !
  2. Hurricane Irma disaster

    My tank parameters are the normal and the survivors (fish and corals) doing pretty good so far What about your's Bob ?
  3. Hurricane Irma disaster

    No worries Bob ! Thanks
  4. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Thanks Wiszmaster I have a noisy one but wasn't home for four days
  5. Local Fish Stores

    Boardroom is open every day but running on generators
  6. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Without power for so long was the key for disaster ALW Thanks Bob
  7. Hurricane Irma disaster

    A total disaster in almost 10 months with my saltwater tank ...... Fish lost 7 survive 6 Corals lost 3 colonies the rest have 40 to 80 % bleaching/tissue damage Invertebrates lost all The tank is ready now, will start checking water parameters and fish health for couple days before made any decision
  8. Fishinbob's 90 Reef Journey

    Awesome aquarium ! Congratz
  9. MMoore0324's Custom 50g Build

    Dream to built a 500 gals aquarium
  10. Playing with my camera - Rock Nems and Reef Flats

    Good looking pictures ! Thanks
  11. MMoore0324's Custom 50g Build

    Looking very good ! You made me think about to build one too Thanks
  12. New Apex testing option

    Sounds very good Thanks
  13. August Meeting - Snorkel Trip

    Very nice pictures ! Thanks for sharing
  14. aquarium miracle?

    Awesome ! Thanks for sharing
  15. Cheap Frags for Sale

    I text you Thanks