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  1. Adolfo

    WTB SPS Coral

    I will have some high end acro and monti frags in January Are you local ?
  2. Adolfo

    WTB SPS Coral

    What kind of lights you have ?
  3. Adolfo

    WTB SPS Coral

    Any names on the corals ?
  4. Adolfo

    Photon v2 led 42"

    The difference between models 48 and 50 is just 5" thinking about keep using mine Thanks Bob
  5. Adolfo

    72 gal bow front back to life

    Good looking tank congratz
  6. Adolfo

    RH Tangerine Dreams Bubble Yuma

    Thanks !
  7. Adolfo

    Photon v2 led 42"

    I check my light dimensions with the Reef Breeders site and you're right my model is the photon v2 48 and the dimensions are 42.5″ x 8.5″ x 1″ tall. Thanks Ron
  8. Adolfo

    Can you ID those ?

    Thanks !
  9. Adolfo

    Can you ID those ?

    What's these ? worms ? polyps? are located only in one rock about 10
  10. For sale photon v2 42" led light (like to upgrade for photon v2+ 50" model) Lights are installed in my display tank and perfect working condition for like $79 you can upgrade from v2 to v2+ (reef breeders web site) Purchase date 11/4/17 Include control, charger and my light schedule (if you want it) $350 $
  11. My RH Tangerine dreams bubble yuma have a baby How can move the little one to other rock ? Picture of my yuma from seller
  12. Adolfo

    HOB filtration

    You're welcome Ron
  13. Adolfo

    CB Forest Fire Digi

    Sorry frag is gone Thanks
  14. Adolfo

    HOB filtration

    Have a Rena xp canister filter if you like
  15. CB Forest Fire Digi for trade (acro, chalice or acan) the one in the middle picture take with all colors on (photon v2 led) the picture of the frag from CB