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  1. If the Finnex 500w Hester is still available I’ll take it. I can pick up on Monday or Tuesday.
  2. Skip:I'll be glad to sell you one of my 90g acrylic setups at a very reasonable price.Murray
  3. Alan:Sent you a PM, but thought I'd post as well. If you need a stand for your tank, I have a very nice oak stand and light fixture (oak) which would be suitable. Send me your email address and I'll send you a photo: [email protected]
  4. Some of you folks may know that I've had alot of equipment and tanks for sale for some time now. I now have alot of miscellaneous supplies (additives, dry flake food, krill, nori, carbon media, phosban, etc. + some neat devices (trap, acrylic holding box and coral shelf) which I no longer need. I am planning to bring this stuff to the meeting so that it does not just go to waste. There are also plumbing stuff (valves, unions, tubing (rigid and flexible) scraps which I will bring as well. I know that these things alway come in handy and my loss can be your gain. I'll try to get there a little early so as not to disrupt the agenda..........see you thereMurray Leety
  5. An update: All of the items referenced in the original posting are still available and I'm now very anxious to clear my garage of all this stuff that, unfortunately, I'll never use again. Next week, I will do a complete inventory and post the equipment with prices.....but the tanks, stands and hood/canopy are as previously described.
  6. To MWilliams:I'm not sure what your comment means!?Murray
  7. To Tlytell:The tank is 48" long X 18" wide and 24" deep (standard 90g dimensions) The stand is 33" tall and the canopy (which should be mounted to the back wall) is another 25" tall. If you wish, I'd be glad to show it to you sometime next week. Murray
  8. Sorry for the delay in responding; I've been very busy and have not checked back to the site until this evening. I have not unpacked the accessories which are still wrapped in boxes. When I get to it (hopefully soon) I will let you know what brand and size of CAO2 reactor I have.
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