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  1. Frank's Marine Donations

    Friend of mine that is a tropical fish/invert collector. Wholesale only, no website.
  2. BBQ Lunch Reservations for the Auction

    I talked to him last night. Robin is bringing her own
  3. BBQ Lunch Reservations for the Auction

    Please confirm that Charlie only bought 1 lunch. Not sure that is correct....or he goofed. Robin might be eating his lunch....literally!
  4. How I suffer for the club

    I just wanted everyone to know that I suffered terribly for the club. I got up at 4 am on Saturday to drive to Key West....all so I could pick up stuff for the club auction. Got up at 6:30 am on Sunday to pack out stuff for the club. Then left....got to Islamorada (from Lower Sugarloaf) only to get a phone call from Frank that I left my suitcase.....back to Lower Sugarloaf. Because of this, I did not get out of the Keys in time to spend money at the orchid places on Krome. Plus, I had to cross the 7-Mile bridge 4 times in 2 days. It was terrible! Mom hated it too. Every time we crossed the bridge, she put the windows down to air out the truck. Wind was blowing everywhere!
  5. Frank's Marine Donations

    Just got back from the Keys and put everything up. List updated based on what I grabbed. I texted Matt while down there, so the updated list above is the list that he included in the master auction list he posted earlier. I have pics, but am going to bed. Will post tomorrow.
  6. Club Auction Corals

  7. Jeff's Auction List

  8. Jeff's Auction List

  9. Jeff's Auction List