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  1. November Meeting - Frag Demo

    You are OK. I grabbed a couple extra.
  2. November Meeting - Frag Demo

    Yes. grab some chips
  3. Looking for the following: Garf Purple Bonsai Red Dragon Blue Tort (the one I used to have and sold pieces to all of you!)
  4. November Meeting - Frag Demo

    I'm in...as usual, I'll bring whatever is missing when I hit the grocery store Friday night.
  5. November Meeting - Frag Demo

    Our November meeting will be Saturday, November 18 at 2:30 pm at the Estero Community Park (9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd. Estero, FL 33928) under the North Pavilion next to the Community Center. Our meeting will be a frag demo followed by a BBQ/cookout. We will be demonstrating fragging techniques using bone cutters, scissors, band saw, dremel tool, razor blades and rubber bands (yes, you can frag with a rubber band). We will also discuss several frag mounting techniques. Corals to be fragged are: Leather Favia/Favites Acropora Scroll Star Polyps Palythoas Gorgonians Trumpets Anything you bring and need help with. Note that if you bring a coral for fragging, please bring a separate container of clean saltwater to transport your coral back home. Not good to take it back in the water it was fragged in. Our semi annual Board of Directors Meeting will precede the November monthly meeting and will begin at 1:00 pm in the Recreation Center at the Estero Community Park. All are welcome to attend. As with all our BBQ's, club will provide meats, buns and drinks. The rest is bring a side. Free for paid club members and $5 for everyone else. Please RSVP in this thread by 5 pm on Friday November 17th and post up what side dish you will be bringing. RSVP's (8) Chemstar & zyphen - caprese salad. Jeff Charlie0101 Wayne & ckeiling - dessert TeachReef & Bob - pasta salad
  6. So I went to buy a branching hammer, Miami Vice zoas and Duncans. Ended up with: 2 Clownfish Branching Hammer Duncans Miami Vice zoas Palythoa grandis - 7 polyps of green variety Lime in the Sky acro Purple and yellow palys Eagle Eye zoas Two other zoas that I already forgot their names And a refugium full of corals to cut for the frag demo next weekend....
  7. Brian Green Event

    In case anybody is reading this (Dave!!) I am looking to buy at the auction today: Branching Euphyllia (torch or hammer) Duncans Miami Vice zoas
  8. I'm going. Not taking frags, but looking for a few zoas now that my zoa eaters are gone.
  9. Positives from Hurricane Irma

    Not this weekend. Slammed. If you go, let me know if you found anything.
  10. Positives from Hurricane Irma

    So, there are a few positives from Hurricane Irma My zoanthid eaters did not survive (got some new zoas at the conference and they are still here!!!) My shrimp eaters did not survive (getting close to holding the first seasonal meeting of the Sanibel Shrimp Rescue Club)
  11. Brian Green Event

    Second Saturday in November
  12. Unclaimed Raffle Prizes

  13. What did you win at the Reef Conference?

    The turtle!