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  1. I have purple now. The red hasn't even got here yet. It will be months before I have frags of that. Maybe for the frag auction this fall. You know me, I don't do micro frags. I wait until the parent has grown to the point of being a nuisance before I frag.
  2. I really need to stop buying corals and fish. Saw a red photosynthetic sponge on one of the facebook forums. Therefore, I had to have one. Found one on LiveAquaria. Didn't want to pay shipping, so ended up with some Bangai Cardinals and some Pekoltia's for the discus tank to have enough to qualify for free shipping. I don't have room for the frags I have now. I damn sure don't need anymore photosynthetic sponge.....but I can't help it. Last weekend, I was delivering posters for the March meeting to some LFS in Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Actually traded away most of the purple photosynthetic sponge frags I had. Still ended up buying a few pieces (and Chemiclean….getting ready to do another discus spawn....cuz I need more). Ended up with one saltwater fish, ten freshwater fish, a couple frags, live brine shrimp and a feather duster. Plus, after seeing the refugium set ups at Reef Motion in the Cape, now I want to redo my refugium!
  3. Now that the glass is clean and I can see in the tank, there are some definite coral fights going on in the tank. Based on the pics, I definitely need to attend the March meeting too! First pic is an Acan vs. Zoas - pretty sure the Acan will win this fight. Second pic is a Favia vs. Palythoas. That one seems to be a stalemate. Third pic is a branching Cyphastrea vs. Purple Photosynthetic sponge. Sponge has a different tactic. It just grows over the Cyphastrea without actually killing it. Every couple weeks I have to go in and rip some off (ditto with an Acro in a different part of the tank)
  4. I'm interested. Want to trade for some purple photosynthetic sponge?
  5. Five water changes in six weeks. Another razor blade bites the dust. Another fixture upgrades. Even put out a few frags. Corals are freaked. At this rate, I may be ready for the November meeting
  6. Missed a water change last weekend and didn't finish cleaning the tank. Hope to get to it this weekend. Also got the next set of light and reflector upgrades. Second fixture from the right is next.
  7. updated. Riverside for October is confirmed. Note that this is a Sunday meeting
  8. John, I have a two head frag of frogspawn. Marco, purple sponge for a purple stylo??
  9. Four weeks in a row with a water change and clean skimmer. Everyone is freaked out. Wore out another razor blade. This late, you can really see the change in the colors of the new LED's on the right side. Once I get them all upgraded, I will probably make some adjustments to the white and blue channels.
  10. Please RSVP for this meeting as the tour will start promptly at 10 am and we want to have a head count in advance. RSVP here with your name and who will be with you.
  11. Since February is a short month, and we had some scheduling issues, our February and March meetings will both be in March. March 2 and March 30....so, still four weeks apart! Our March 2 meeting will be a field trip to the Florida Aquarium aquaculture facility at Apollo Beach. Our tour will begin at 10 am. They request that we be there by 9:50 am. Address is: 577 Estuary Shore Lane Apollo Beach FL 33572 More info about this location can be found on their website at: https://www.flaquarium.org/apollobeach RSVP's jdhuyvetter +1 john46 + 1 RickO + 1 Zyphen
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