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  1. jdhuyvetter

    January Meeting - Field Trip to Mote Aquarium

    Bring cash or check to pay for your ticket. As a group, they are going to do a head count and we will pay with the club credit card. We will be heading in before the doors open to the general public
  2. jdhuyvetter

    black clownfish

    I'm sure we could figure out something. My issue is I am in Miami all week for a training class.
  3. jdhuyvetter

    black clownfish

    Does nonaquarium trades mean fossils?
  4. jdhuyvetter

    DEC Holiday Meeting

  5. jdhuyvetter

    DEC Holiday Meeting

    A meeting of the minds. We should all be worried.
  6. You got water in it before Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. jdhuyvetter

    DEC Holiday Meeting

    I'm in.
  8. jdhuyvetter

    Can you ID those ?

    Feather dusters (small ones, won't get big)
  9. jdhuyvetter

    Beach time part 2?

    I got there around 10 pm. Algiers. Walked west past the first group of condos then the shells started to thin out like your middle pic above. Then turned around and went east and back to about a hundred yards past the eastern end of the park and the shells started to thin out again.
  10. jdhuyvetter

    Beach time part 2?

    Just got back. Went about an hour after high tide and walked the high tide line. Was there for about an hour and a half. Found one big sponge with a stone crab and no other sponges. Paper figs were as plentiful as the sand dollars a few weeks ago. Stopped picking them up after about 10 minutes. Didn't even bother with the fighting conchs. Surprised at the quantity of the other shells. Almost all snails or cockles. Very few scallops. I just couldn't stop with the whelks. A bit frustrated though. Was going for peppermint shrimp and not one in all of those shells!
  11. jdhuyvetter

    Brian Green Event

    Picked up a few corals at the auction yesterday. Tricolor favia, pinwheel zoas, blasto merlette, red robin stag and a rainbow lobo. No clue where I am going to put them, but I got more corals!
  12. jdhuyvetter

    Brian Green Event

    From the TBRC forum: It's that time of year again. Time to go down to Nokomis and enjoy an afternoon of BBQ and mingling. This annual event is a multi-club event that has folks from all over FL coming.For those who do not know, Brian Green is the original founder of the Tampa Bay Reef Club. There is always a huge number of people who visit each year and you do not need to be a member of any club to attend. If you need frags, this is your event. The event is large and in addition to some great food (Brian provides the entrees which are ribs and burgers) you get a tour of Brian's operation and at the close of the evening, there is a Frag Auction so bring cash(and it would be great for folks to bring smaller bills too! The limit to sell, for frag items, is no more than 15 per person and no more than 3 of the same item. This is a big event so there are tons of folks who bring stuff.Take good pics and copy them to a USB thumb drive and bring them with you. We will have a projector on hand to use if needed. In addition to your family, please bring a side item or dessert item to share with everyone. There is a ton of food so just one dish is fine. The TBRC will be bringing our cooler with sodas, juice and water. Any other beverages of choice are your own.ADDRESS: 201 SUNSET DR, NOKOMIS, FL 34275-3116START TIME: 4PM