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  1. Charlie, you need to go to this one!!!
  2. I'm in for the snorkel trip and dinner. Most likely drag Frank and possible Mei out to dinner on Saturday.
  3. Always. Got two water changes left to do as well. Going to the grocery store now and will do that when I get back. Nothing like a little procrastination to start your weekend!
  4. If anyone that is bringing food wants to stop by my house prior to the start of the tour to drop off refrigerated items or hot food, I will be home after 11 am.
  5. If anybody has any fold up tables and chairs, bring them. I am a little limited on table space.
  6. I'm in. Will be making side trips to the FTFFA store and then to Sue and Wayne's new shop in Tampa. Will be an all day trip for me. So, for those that plan on riding with me (Charlie!), consider yourself warned.
  7. I see you got your internet/power fixed!
  8. Deadline to RSVP for the BBQ is tomorrow
  9. I'm in. Bat clean up as usual. Maybe I'll bring extra Sprite
  10. I call this "SUCCESS"!
  11. Ditto to this. However, the 300 being "registered sellers". I like the donations as fundraisers. Could probably tweek the Frank's donations and lose a few blue legs and zoanthids. Maybe add a few turbos. I would say 7-8 on the single variety.
  12. Seems to be missing a page. Items 265 to 299 are not there.
  13. Two weeks ago a box of Hikari product samples showed up at my doorstep. This was an unsolicited donation and items will be available to the bidders on a first come first served basis. There was also a full pack of fry food mix for any breeders out there! This will go in the raffle.
  14. No you're not! Lounge posts don't count!