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  1. Our July meeting will be a speaker in the Estero Park Recreation Center on July 20th at 2:30pm. We will be hosting Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies who will be discussing water chemistry. Julian Sprung is a marine biologist who grew up on island on Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, Florida, where he spent many days collecting and observing all kinds of aquatic life. Today, he is president of Two Little Fishies, the company that he co-founded in 1991. Julian has been keeping marine aquariums for more than 40 years, and currently maintains seven marine systems plus a few planted freshwater displays as well. He is also maintains a marine pond at home that utilizes natural sunlight. As a writer, Julian became known to the aquarium hobby through his monthly column Reef Notes in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (FAMA) Magazine, and many years of traveling the lecture circuit at aquarium club meetings and exhibitions around the world. His books include The Reef Aquarium, Volumes One, Two and Three, which he co-authored with J. Charles Delbeek, Corals: A Quick Reference Guide, Invertebrates: A Quick Reference Guide, and Algae: A Problem Solver Guide. July 20th, 2019 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Estero Community Park Recreation Center Room 103A9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd. Estero, FL ‎ 33928 Entry fee: $5 for General Public; Free for SWFMAS club members
  2. KP Aquatics will be open on Sunday at 10 am to stop by on your way out of the Keys. They are diver/collector's of Caribbean marine live and always have a good selection of inverts, fish and aquacultured live rock. Order in advance and pick up or do what I do....just show up and shop. Get with me on Saturday and we will figure out a meeting place and go as a group. https://www.kpaquatics.com/
  3. Sold a couple boxes of rocks. Used the money to buy the upgrades for the last two light fixtures. Within a couple weeks should have all the lights upgrades from the old 10k with 90 degree reflectors to new 15k led's with 120 degree reflectors.
  4. On Sunday, May 26, I will be fossil hunting at Brownville Park (north of Arcadia on the Peace River). This is not an official club event, but was pretty popular the last time we did it. So, save the dates (May 25 SWFMAS meeting with Marc Levenson and May 26 play date in the river!) Address: 1885 NE Brownville St, Arcadia, Florida Itenerary is very simple 9:00 (ish) - meet at Brownville Park. Park at the south end of the parking lot and walk down the trail, cross a small creek and jump in the water to start hunting sharks teeth 11:30(ish) - head back to parking lot for a hamburger/hot dog cookout (you bring side dish, desserts and a couple bucks to cover meat, bread, drinks - not a formal SWFMAS event, so club is not picking up food and drink costs - Jeff will be shopping) 12:30 (ish) - head up the north trail out of the parking area to the north gravel beds and do some more hunting Sometime before the sun sets - head home Very simple itinerary!! Join/leave at your own leisure. If you do plan on attending, I would appreciate and RSVP below to make sure we have enough food. Include and +1's. Also, post what you plan to bring as a side; RSVP's: Jeff (jdhuyvetter) - buns, hamburger meat, cheese, tomato's, ketchup, mustard, drinks Jonathan +5 (wife and 4 munchkins - drinks and chips Rick and Lisa - veggie tray Matt and Heather - ?? Adolfo - ?? Charlie - cookies Bryan and Shauna - chips
  5. For the May meeting we will be hosting guest speaker Marc Levenson (aka melev) who will be presenting the topic of "Aquarium Plumbing: What to do & what not to do". May 25th, 2019 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Estero Community Park Recreation Center Room 103A9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd. Estero, FL ‎ 33928 Entry fee: $5 for General Public; Free for SWFMAS club members Annual memberships available on-site. Marc "melev" Levenson has been in the hobby since 1998, blogging his experiences about his own reef on his website, melevsreef.com to help others learn husbandry skills. Most recently he's become an online personality with tens of thousands of followers on his YouTube channel (melevsreef) also geared at helping other reefers through his personal experiences. His website's articles, blogs and Critter ID cover topics like pest control, feeding techniques, working with acrylics, reef photography and water chemistry to name a few. His online store carries many products like his RODI systems, custom sumps and even includes some items that he himself has invented as clever solutions to make reefkeeping easier. Marc is a nationally recognized speaker, who frequently recommends supporting local club events, shopping local fish stores and interacting with others via socal media. His other hobby is diving, exploring natural reefs. His current tanks are a 400-gallon reef and a 60-gallon anemone cube, filled with captive bred fish and aquacultured corals.
  6. Gonna be a little busy tonight. Ten bags of corals and fish.e
  7. High hand prize from Saltwater Solutions is a 2-inch aquacultured Tridacna maxima clam. Actual clam is pictured below:
  8. Agree that the Red Slime will take care of it. However, if you don't fix the root cause, it will come back sooner or later. How often do you do water changes? How much? What kind of skimmer? How often do you feed (and what do you feed)? As for the decorations, is that wood? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me.
  9. We have confirmation from MASNA! High hand at the BBQ will receive two (2), full conference tickets to MACNA in Orlando this fall
  10. Save your cards after the last LFS. We will have some drawings at the BBQ. Prizes are TBD at this time, but I know we will have some ChemiPure and some powerheads.
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