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  1. Welcome to the club. Lots of Lehigh Acres folks here.
  2. Red Dragon. but they are very small (1/4 inch or so). I'm going to hold them for a while. I will have 3 at the auction that are about 1-inch plus.
  3. Why is it I go to cut three frags for the auction and end up with six? Always seems to happen
  4. If you bought tickets, post up here so we have a head count.
  5. Our September Meeting will be a visit to the Clearwater Aquarium. The club has never been there, so this will be something new for some of us. This month they are having a special for Florida residents if you buy your tickets online. Tickets are actually cheaper this way than the discounted group rate. So, buy you tickets at the link below. They do have a behind the scenes tour. I spoke with the aquarium today and they will increase the maximum group size from 10 to 12 for us. Also, buy these tickets online. Sign up for the 11 am behind scenes tour. This is limited to the first 12 for our club. they are holding these spots until September 4. After that, it is open to all. Note that this is not a typical aquarium. They specialize in rescue and the behind the scenes tour will be a more in depth look at those operations. We will see the food prep area and rehab, but we will not get a tour of the filtration operation. Aquarium opens at 10 am, so we will meet there at that time. That gives us time to go through the aquarium as a group. Those that sign up for the behind the scenes tour can do so at 11 am. Clearwater Aquarium 249 Windward Passage Clearwater, FL 33767 Ticket info is below. When purchasing, make sure you select September 21. If doing the admission and behind the scenes combo ticket, select September 21 at 11 am. Admission Tickets only at: https://www.seewinter.com/event/florida-resident-special-2019/ Admission and Behind the Scenes tickets at: https://visit.seewinter.com/?&_ga=2.84054937.1819550734.1567551022-785284391.1565652126#/AdmissionCombo/Combos Bought tickets for general admission and behind the scenes: Jeff Matt and Heather
  6. Our Annual Frag Auction will be Sunday, October 20th. This auction is open to all (members and non members alike). There will be a live raffle at this event and you must be present to win. Tickets are $1 each. Location: Riverside Community Center 3061 East Riverside Drive Fort Myers, FL 33916 Click here for a map Door Fee: SWFMAS club Members - $3 per person Other Florida MAS Members - $4 per person No Club Affiliation - $5 per person (children under 17 get in free) Drinks (water & soda) $1 each Schedule: 12:50 pm - 1:00 pm: Club announcements and auction rules (please be seated by this time) 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm: Live Auction 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm: Auction Break and Live RAFFLE (you must be present to win) 3:30 pm - Close: Live Auction **Bidders will need to bring a box or cooler which we will number with your bidder number and placed on stage to hold the items you win! You will need at least one box/cooler for each bidder; you may not share a box/cooler with someone. **
  7. Official Coral Registration Rules And Instructions The following rules and instructions apply to those selling corals in the SWFMAS Auction. You must be a paid SWFMAS member to sell corals at the auction. You do not need to be a paid member to buy corals at the auction. Registration to bid is the day of the auction and is open to all. Dates and Deadlines Item Registration will open on Sunday, September 22nd at 12:00 PM EDT (noon). Registrations submitted before then will not be valid and will be deleted. All corals must be registered by Sunday, October 6th at 5:00 PM EDT (10/06/19). Item Registration consists of listing the corals for sale in your own thread in this forum, posting pics is optional but highly recommended. (Note, if you choose not to post pictures, we will not post a sample picture for you. When your coral is auctioned, there will be a generic/non item related photo on the slideshow.) Deadline for posting pictures is Sunday, October 6th at 5:00 PM EDT. If you choose not to post pictures in this forum, they may be emailed to [email protected]; Picture format instructions are below and, whether posted or emailed, are still due by Sunday, October 6th (10/06/2019) What Items Can I Register? Auction split is 75/25 (75% to the seller, 25% to SWFMAS) If you wish to have a minimum bid, please post it in your registration thread (see instructions below). There is a maximum of 3 corals per type, per seller (in other words, you may bring 3 Hollywood Stunner, not 4. Also, you may bring 3 green digitata, 3 red digitata and 3 purple digitata. You may not bring 4 of each color) There is a maximum of 35 corals per seller. There is a maximum of 10 corals per type in the auction. Once we hit 10 of a given coral, no more will be accepted. This is first come, first served. The auction maximum is 350 items. Once we hit 350, registration will be closed. Every year, we have a few corals donated to the club. As always, these are welcome and will be auctioned at the end. We prefer that you preregister donation corals. But, this is not a requirement. Donated corals do not count towards the 350 maximum. We call this a frag auction. But, it is really a fundraiser for the club. Any marine livestock is acceptable. If you are raising clown fish, cardinals, etc., we would love to see them. In years past, we have auctioned macro algae, fish, inverts, and clean-up crews. (SWFMAS reserves the right to determine whether an item is appropriate for listing in the auction.) Preparing my Items **Auction Items must be in the SWFMAS provided bags if they fit. No zip lock bags, Tupperware, specimen cups, etc.; Only items that do not fit in the provided bags may be in a different type of container if necessary that the seller is responsible for providing.** Bags can be picked up from the following: Lehigh - Jeff (jdhuyvetter) Estero - Heather (ChemStar) Please PM one of the members above to schedule a time to pick up your bags. How do I Register? The following instructions apply to posting your item registration for the Frag Auction: NOTE: Auction Item Registration opens September 22nd at noon (12:00 PM EDT). Entries before this date and time will not be considered registered. Deadline for Auction Item Registration: October 6th at 5:00 PM EDT Deadline for Picture Registration: October 6th at 5:00 PM EDT To register your corals for the auction, please create a post in the 2019 Fall Frag Auction section titled "[your screen-name]'s Auction Coral Registration Thread" and add your corals as follows: Item #, Scientific name (if you know it), common name and details - minimum bid (if you have one) Please list every item separately, for example, if you have 3 Red Cap frags, please list them on 3 separate lines in your auction thread. DO NOT list them as 3 x 1" Red Cap as this makes it harder for us to count and ensure that each item is properly registered and accounted for. For example: 01. Montipora Capricornis sp., Red Cap (1" by 1" frag on plug) - no minimum 02. Montipora Capricornis sp., Red Cap (2" by 2" frag on plug) - $5 minimum 03. Montipora Capricornis sp., Green Cap colony (10" diameter on rock) - $30 minimum 04. Zoanthid sp., Red Hornet zoanthids (8 polyps on plug) - $10 minimum ... Item Pictures While pictures are not required for registration, they are extremely helpful in increasing bids on your corals (We highly recommend them!). Please use the following format to post pictures of your corals: file format: .jpg picture size: 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high (please size your pictures before sending. Request help if needed with re-sizing pictures. If you need a tool to re-size your pictures, you can try webresizer online) file name: [item number]-[screen-name].jpg (example: 02-zyphen.jpg) You can add writing on the picture to label and point to a specific coral if the shot contains multiple corals, but please do not add your item numbers (provided once registration is closed) to what you write (as these will be different to the randomized lot numbers presented during the auction. You can write "Frag 1", "Frag 2" on the pictures if multiple frags are in the photo. The top right hand corner will be where we number your picture for the slide projection to match the number of the coral once registration is complete and we have randomized the registered corals and provided sellers (you) with your lot numbers to write on your bags. Please do NOT write anything in the top right corner of your picture as it will be covered up by our item registration number. Here is an example of a picture:
  8. If anyone wants to grab lunch before the poker run, I will be at Nathan's Hot Dogs on US 41 (right around the corner from ARC) at 12:30.
  9. I have some pink frogspawn that I will be fragging for the auction in October if you can wait that long.
  10. Prize update: Reef a Palooza - Orlando will be donating four (4) passes, good for either day, for the April 25 & 26, 2020 show. After the last store prizes are awarded, these will be given to the next two highest hands ( 1 pair of tickets per hand )
  11. Update. Fishy Business will be donating this ORA aquacultured T. gigas clam as the high hand raffle prize
  12. High hand prize for the stop at Seven Seas Aquatics
  13. Did this impact the emails? I can't access them.
  14. Our August meeting will be Saturday, August 17. This meeting will consist of a Poker Run with some of our LFS. This will consist of handing out cards at each stop and the high hand winning prizes. The schedule is below (with the rules below that) 1:45 pm - Meet in parking lot at Fishy Business to get first deal of cards 2:00 pm - Fishy Business - 4202 Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers 3:00 pm - High Hand prize drawn at Fishy Business - ORA Aquacultured T. gigas clam 3:15 pm - Aquarium & Reef Center - 1920 Boy Scout Road, Fort Myers 4:15 pm - High Hand prize drawn at Aquarium & Reef Center - prize is a $30 gift certificate 5:00 pm - Dinner in Cape Coral (El Tarasco Mexican Restaurant on Pine Island - note that there are over a dozen restaurants within a couple blocks of this one if you don't want Mexican) 6:00 pm - Seven Seas Aquatics - (new store and this is their grand opening date and time, serving drinks and snacks too) 2634 NE 9th Ave, Unit 4, Cape Coral 6:45 pm - High Hand prize drawn at Seven Seas Aquatics - Two prizes. High hand will be the coral shown below. Second highest hand will be a $50 coral gift certificate for the store. 7:00 pm - Remaining high hands (two) for a pair of Reef-a-Palooza tickets (Orlando, 2020 - one pair for each winning hand) 11:00 pm - Seven Seas Aquatics Grand Opening party is over Poker Run Rules You must be a paid member of SWFMAS* to participate in the poker run prizes (not paid, you are still welcome to tag along, or you can join in advance through the website or in person the morning of the run) *One hand/set of cards per membership. Seven cards will be given out at the first stop with three cards given out at each additional stop. If you make purchases at a given stop, you will be eligible to receive additional cards as outlined below. (If you miss the first stop, you can still get your three cards plus purchases at whatever stop you join the Poker Run) If you make a purchase at a given store, you will receive one extra card. For each additional $50 in value of your purchase(s), you will receive an additional card (Ex. $5 purchase = 1 extra card. $51 to $100 = 2 extra cards. $101 to $150 purchase = 3 extra cards...and so on). Obviously, purchases must be made prior to the drawing for the high hand at that given store. Pick your best five cards for your hand. Winner will turn in the winning hand (but can keep any extra cards for the next stop). Losers can keep their cards for the next stop. At each additional stop, you will be given three more cards plus extra cards for purchases as outlined in #3 above. Repeat items #4 and #5 until we run out of stops and prizes.
  15. Our July meeting will be a speaker in the Estero Park Recreation Center on July 20th at 2:30pm. We will be hosting Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies who will be discussing water chemistry. Julian Sprung is a marine biologist who grew up on island on Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, Florida, where he spent many days collecting and observing all kinds of aquatic life. Today, he is president of Two Little Fishies, the company that he co-founded in 1991. Julian has been keeping marine aquariums for more than 40 years, and currently maintains seven marine systems plus a few planted freshwater displays as well. He is also maintains a marine pond at home that utilizes natural sunlight. As a writer, Julian became known to the aquarium hobby through his monthly column Reef Notes in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (FAMA) Magazine, and many years of traveling the lecture circuit at aquarium club meetings and exhibitions around the world. His books include The Reef Aquarium, Volumes One, Two and Three, which he co-authored with J. Charles Delbeek, Corals: A Quick Reference Guide, Invertebrates: A Quick Reference Guide, and Algae: A Problem Solver Guide. July 20th, 2019 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Estero Community Park Recreation Center Room 103A9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd. Estero, FL ‎ 33928 Entry fee: $5 for General Public; Free for SWFMAS club members
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