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  1. jdhuyvetter

    Gates; A Future Marine Biologist @NOVA

    We're about due for another tour of NOVA.
  2. jdhuyvetter

    2018 Meeting Schedule

    Date is confirmed. Time will be 3 pm. I have not heard a confirmation on the location. Most likely Estero Community Center
  3. jdhuyvetter

    2018 Meeting Schedule

    Updated for September meeting
  4. jdhuyvetter

    Corals for sale

  5. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10217108242444690&set=gm.2161677963861359&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  6. jdhuyvetter

    2018 Meeting Schedule

    Any updates??
  7. jdhuyvetter

    ISO Star polyps

    Check with Charlie0101. He is in the middle of a tank rebuild and had some before he started. Might be willing to let some go.
  8. Are you done? Hope so, gotta go back to work tomorrow.
  9. jdhuyvetter

    Frank's Marine Donations

    Friend of mine that is a tropical fish/invert collector. Wholesale only, no website.
  10. jdhuyvetter

    BBQ Lunch Reservations for the Auction

    I talked to him last night. Robin is bringing her own
  11. jdhuyvetter

    BBQ Lunch Reservations for the Auction

    Please confirm that Charlie only bought 1 lunch. Not sure that is correct....or he goofed. Robin might be eating his lunch....literally!