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  1. 5’ ATI light (6 bulb) for sale with bulbs. $150 obo text Derek at 239-896-0662
  2. Hey all looking to sell my black tang if anyone is interested. Great health and eats like a pig. About 2 1/2” - 3” or so long. Asking $700 obo. Going for $1400 on Live Aquaria currently. text Derek at 239-896-0662
  3. Any idea why I cant post a tank and fish that I want to sell?
  4. Still looking for more SPS corals. 239-896-0662
  5. Still looking for more SPS coral if anyone wants to send me pics. Text me at 239-896-0662
  6. Just got back into the hobby and looking to buy SPS frags for the new tank. Please text me (Derek) at 239-896-0662
  7. For clarification it is only the Tank, Stand, and sump. The lights, fish, rock, corals, etc are not available.
  8. 210gal Tank, Stand, and Sump. $600 OBO Text Derek at 239-896-0662
  9. Update. Ok need this stuff out of here.... 1) $400 for the fish and will include the following for free: Two Cleaner Shrimp Coral Bandit Shrimp Harlequin shrimp 2) $1 a pound for the live rock 3) $750 OBO for tank, stand, and sump
  10. Live rock comes with many leftover corals on it!!! See pics. $1.50 lbs OBO. Also selling fish for $450. Tank, Stand, and Sump selling for $750 OBO
  11. Corals are all sold! Need to sell fish and live rock. Trigger fish is not available but will sell all other fish as a package for $450. Live rock for $1.50/lbs.
  12. Hello everyone, I am selling my house and building a new one. This process will take 7-8 months, which leaves me with no choice but to sell my fish tank. I will rebuild once the new house is completed, but for now will have to sell my baby. I would like to get $4,900 for everything, OBO. I am willing to part out the corals, live rock, and livestock if must, but would rather sell it all at once. 210 gal (72"x24"x30") tank with the following: Stand Custom Sump ATI 80w 6 bulb Fixture WITH ALL new bulbs AquaEuro USA 1/4 Chiller CoraLife 3x twist UV Sterilizer EShopps LED Refugium Light Reef Octopus in sump protein skimmer Bubble Magus Doser (3 Head) Mag-Drive In Sump Return Pump New 300w Eheim Jager Thermostat Heater Max Spec Gyre XF150 Livestock: Over 200lbs-300lbs of live rock Over 60-70 different types of corals. Mostly SPS. Also LPS and Soffites 5" Blue Hippo Tang 5" Purple Tang 5" Naso Tang 5"Sailfin Tang 5" Melinurus Wrasse 4" Yellow Tang 4" False Red Leopard Wrasse 3 1/2" Yellow Long Nose Butterfly Trigger Fish 1 Striped Clownfish FAT and colorful Mandarin Fish Lawnmower Blenny Purple Dottyback Cardinalfish Yellow Watchman Goby Diamond Goby Pair of Blue/Green Reef Chromis Two Cleaner Shrimp Coral Bandit Shrimp Harlequin shrimp Loaded with the clean up crew (crabs and snails with sand sifting stars in the sump)! ALSO including tons of supplies from a Red Sea refractometer, salt, test kits, fish food, TDS meter, RODI system, Fusion 1 & 2, and much more! Text Derek at 239-896-0662 (Only Real offers please)
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