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  1. drcole

    PAR meter??

    I'm in North Port, tank isnt set up quite yet but I was just curious as I plan to try out the Noopsyche K7 pro II lights that have been a hit on the R2R blackbox study.
  2. drcole

    PAR meter??

    Does the club have a PAR meter to rent out or any LFS in the area that you guys know of?
  3. I combated this issue by sending the application and a check to the listed address. Hope this all works!!
  4. I'm able to add it to my cart and everything, when I select confirm and pay it pops up as a red alert that reads"There was an error processing the payment. Please try a differnt method or contact us for assistance." I never have a chance to add a payment method, am I missing something??
  5. I dont even reach a page to input paypal info, I printed out the sheet to fill in and it offers a method of sending in a check so I may just go that route, I just dont carry a checkbook with me lol
  6. I am trying to pay online but it never prompts payment info and doesn't allow me to continue. Trying to become a paying member.
  7. What is the 50$ LFS membership??
  8. Any Tonga branch available out there??
  9. How do I become a paying member??
  10. Let me know what you have, I am very interested
  11. Are you with a LFS? Also, more interested in the cooepod cultivation due to wanting a mandarin badly.
  12. Does anyone culture these guys locally??
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