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    Couple more corals for sale

    Prism, Reverse favia and digi pending sale
  2. Full tank shot so you can gauge some of the coral size. 30gl innovative. If you want true coral size I can get some pictures. Just need to wait for daughter to assist. I have had all these corals at least a year and some probably 10+ (Prism Favia and Pineapple/Brain) PM me or text 813-600-9401 If you buy multiple of the more expensive pieces I would be willing to listen to offer but please do not low ball me. Reasonable offer accepted I live in Port Charlotte Large Prism Favia $150.00. This is a real pic no doctored at all. Pineapple Coral also referred to as Brain Coral. $75.00. I am pretty sure this is a reverse Favia. Sold to me as something different couple years back. A steal at $50.00. This thing is going to be beautiful as it gets larger. Pictures are the same coral I do not have 2 Green & Orange Echinata. A bit more green at this time but the orange starting to come through. Another steal at $50.00. Pictures are the same coral I do not have 2 Orange Digitata $30.00. The Digitata is on a fully encrusted plug which I can remove. It is just encrusted onto the bottom and front of my glass. I am not scrapping that off Forgot to add the Armor of God Paly. 6 or 7 poly piece. $20.00
  3. chris adams

    looking for LPS and critters

    I put some LPS up for sale. Favia, Brain.. Check for sale thread under Chris Adams
  4. chris adams

    Corals for sale

    Couple items to sell. PM me or text me 813-600-9401 thanks Chris ORA Mint Pavano with Purlple Gorgonian $30.00 Blue Ridge not so much a frag $25.00 ORA Purple Stylophora also known as Cat's Paw Frag which is encrusting so healthy. $25.00 Jason Fox Jack O Lantern Leptoseris encrusting on rock. $40.00 Need to take the rock it is on. I just can't take it off the rock. You can try after you buy it
  5. Has anyone in the club gone through the process of removing scratches from glass. Yes I watched a couple videos but nothing is better than getting feedback from members who have done it themselves. So I hope someone or a couple people have done it. I have a Red Sea 130D that I am in final stages of cleanup. After months of back and forth on sell or not I have decided to sell it. After this last round of cleaning I noticed the scratches more than ever. To clean If I want to get any value back when I sell it, I need to deal with the scratches. Range from just annoying to slightly felt with fingernail. I know it takes more work removing scratches from glass then it does with Acrylic which I have done in the past So do any of you have experience doing this yourself? Is it worth doing yourself or think I should check prices with a glass company? If you have done it and it is worth it any suggestions? Thanks Chris
  6. chris adams

    Couple corals for sale

    Yuma mushroom rock is sold
  7. Have a couple items for sale. Iphone pics a little blue can get better pics on request. Jason Fox Lepto $45.00 for the frag. Will get better pic if interested. Nice piece of Blue Ridge I just do not have room for. $30.00 Garf Bonsai Qty 2 fully encrusted $45.00 a piece Unknown Stag fully encrusted $35.00 Yuma mushroom rock. Multiple mushrooms on a rock about 2" across or so. Couple of the shrooms are a little bit larger that half dollar. $60.00 Pineapple Brain that could really use an established larger tank. This thing is beautiful in my opinion and I have had it for years. I would say it is tangerine size ha ha. 100.00 Neon Trumpets I will frag for $5.00 a head I need to clean some items out. Down to 1 running tank and need space. From tank pic you can see I am a bit over packed.
  8. chris adams

    Couple corals for sale

    slight price drop I do want this stuff gone Jason Fox Lepto was $45.00 lowest I will go on this is $40.00. This I do not mind keeping Nice piece of Blue Ridge I just do not have room for. was $30.00 I will let it go for $20.00 Garf Bonsai Qty 2 fully encrusted was $45.00 a piece I will go down as low as $35.00 a piece Unknown Stag fully encrusted was $35.00 I would take $30.00 Yuma mushroom rock. Multiple mushrooms on a rock about 2" across or so. Couple of the shrooms are a little bit larger that half dollar. was $60.00 I will take $50.00 Pineapple Brain I would say it is tangerine size 100.00 no price change Neon Trumpets was $5.00 a head will do 2 heads for 5, or 4 for $10.00. Even #s only If interested my # is 813-600-9401 Text or call Thanks Chris
  9. chris adams

    Happy Tanksgiving

    same to you Matt
  10. chris adams

    Couple corals for sale

    I do respond to the PMs pretty quick so if interested send me a message.
  11. chris adams

    Sps Pack

    SPS pack for sale not looking for trades. Need to clear rack for some Acros I have coming in. $125.00 for the pack pickup Port Charlotte and will go to whoever can get here first. Again need it gone. Left to right ORA Mint Pavona about 1.75" tall possibly same across ORA Joe the Acro about 1.75" tall small plug encrusted Garf Bonsai did not really measure but about 1.5" fresh frag Hawkins totally encrusted about 1.75" beautiful piece. I payed $45.00 for .25" piece when I originally purchased Forest Fire digi completely encrusted same size range as others Unknown mii fresh frag Unknown mili from Aqua SD. Had it for ages and this was a frag. Colors finally starting to come out under T5. I will provide mother colony pics when requested and I know some of pics not best below but still getting used to iphone, Can have daughter some pics with canon if you would like.
  12. chris adams

    Red Sea Max C130

    Very nice about the Peppermint. God Bless your Brother for Service.
  13. chris adams

    Master Scoly

    Very pretty piece
  14. chris adams

    Red Sea Max C130

    people pretty much covered it Peppermint shrimp heard success and failure stories Aiptasia-X works just need to keep up with it and the problem is it can be hard to get to the Aiptasia. Berghia Nudi work but thy are not cheap. I personally used these. Personally I would nuke the rocks if they have no coral
  15. Eshopps IV-200 Master Doser purchased used from another member. They used for couple months before taking down tank. I used for couple months before swapping out for a 3 pump unit. Works fine no issues. Does not include manual, I never had it. You will need to purchase additional tubing. The ALK and MAG stickers were used so not included. Only asking $100.00
  16. chris adams

    jack o'lantern chalice coral

    Also have a nice piece of Jack o lantern available In Port Charlotte. 813-600-9401
  17. chris adams

    Wtb: coral

    A little further of a drive than others but have these LPS available
  18. chris adams

    Reefapalooza Orlando.2017

    oh man Dave you have some will power.
  19. chris adams

    Reefapalooza Orlando.2017

    Was wondering if anyone was going to make a post I went couple years ago. So much to see but packed. Coral deals not bad but there are still the high priced vendors when I went. You see a lot of stuff in person that you usually only see on the Web. It is an enjoyable event but you must like crowds because they are packed. Thought for sure you would have went Brad. Bet there was some nice Clowns.
  20. chris adams

    Favia's and Brain

    Taking my Red Sea 130D down so willing to split the lps up if anyone interested. Below are the prices if bought individually. $125.00 for the Dragon Soul $75.00 for the pineapple $ 35.00 for the other 1 Thanks Chris
  21. Putting these up as package asking $300.00 1 Pineapple Brain from WWC I do not know their name for it. 1 Dragon Soul Favia from WWC 1 Some other prism favia which is really nice colors (this is in my other tank so colors are bluer sorry. Still the coral colors are fairly close. I can get real measurement on stuff if people want. For those who have been to my house they are usually surprised by the size of the Dragon Soul. 4" + across I would say. skirted out a bit larger as you can see in pics Tried to get a few different angles
  22. chris adams

    Favia's and Brain

    Last price Drop. $200.00 for the three Thanks Chris
  23. chris adams

    Acan Echinata small colony

    How about $50.00 on this. Lowest it will go
  24. Acan Echinata Small colony about 2"x2" or so. $65.00 Acan Echinata like to have a little room around them. Other corals that get to close will feel the pain. It is Green with Orange. The blue is from my T5 and camera pic. Can get better shot with dsl if requested. Nice piece but I am cleaning some stuff out while I decide what I am going to do.