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  1. Red Sea Max C130

    Very nice about the Peppermint. God Bless your Brother for Service.
  2. Master Scoly

    Very pretty piece
  3. Red Sea Max C130

    people pretty much covered it Peppermint shrimp heard success and failure stories Aiptasia-X works just need to keep up with it and the problem is it can be hard to get to the Aiptasia. Berghia Nudi work but thy are not cheap. I personally used these. Personally I would nuke the rocks if they have no coral
  4. jack o'lantern chalice coral

    Also have a nice piece of Jack o lantern available In Port Charlotte. 813-600-9401
  5. Wtb: coral

    A little further of a drive than others but have these LPS available
  6. Reefapalooza Orlando.2017

    oh man Dave you have some will power.
  7. Reefapalooza Orlando.2017

    Was wondering if anyone was going to make a post I went couple years ago. So much to see but packed. Coral deals not bad but there are still the high priced vendors when I went. You see a lot of stuff in person that you usually only see on the Web. It is an enjoyable event but you must like crowds because they are packed. Thought for sure you would have went Brad. Bet there was some nice Clowns.
  8. Eshopps IV-200 Master Doser purchased used from another member. They used for couple months before taking down tank. I used for couple months before swapping out for a 3 pump unit. Works fine no issues. Does not include manual, I never had it. You will need to purchase additional tubing. The ALK and MAG stickers were used so not included. Only asking $100.00
  9. Favia's and Brain

    Taking my Red Sea 130D down so willing to split the lps up if anyone interested. Below are the prices if bought individually. $125.00 for the Dragon Soul $75.00 for the pineapple $ 35.00 for the other 1 Thanks Chris
  10. Favia's and Brain

    Last price Drop. $200.00 for the three Thanks Chris
  11. Acan Echinata small colony

    How about $50.00 on this. Lowest it will go
  12. Favia's and Brain

    How about $225.00 for all three
  13. Uknown Mille

    Really is a beauty. I kept a frag just in case I decide to keep things going. There are a few people in the club with it now and Ron got this. So ya your original frag did well for me thanks
  14. Large Orange Cap Colony

    ... Ron was just trying to describe this to me yesterday. Now I can see why he was so excited talking about it. Amazing price on that