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  1. wiszmaster

    August Meeting

    Ouch. $6 toll.
  2. wiszmaster

    Amazon Smile Program

    Time for an update... who's still supporting through Smile? My total is $193.04
  3. Is the work done yet, let me know when the grill is started
  4. wiszmaster

    Can't attach pictures

    Some details would be helpful... are you using a browser, or tapatalk? if browser, on mobile device, PC, Mac ... which browser... what kind of file... can you email it to me: marco@swfmas.com
  5. wiszmaster

    Can't attach pictures

  6. wiszmaster

    ReefSavvy Aquarium & Stand (Used)

    Times are tough; kids got to eat...
  7. wiszmaster

    Can't sell, says I need permission

    Some of these paypal payments may be legacy subscriptions that are not captured by the current integrated system. It may be worth the trouble to cancel all legacy subscriptions to make sure members re-sign up via the new payment process, to capture all payments. However there will be some toll, of course.
  8. wiszmaster

    Can't sell, says I need permission

    Luis is set as a member, not SWFMAS member. someone needs to view the member list/paid transactions and verify.
  9. Do you still have this fixture?
  10. As subject states, im looking for a T5 fixture in 48”. The more bulbs the better, if ballasts are dead or malfunctioning - perfect! this is a project and ballasts will be replaced.
  11. wiszmaster

    Sharks Custom Rimless SCA-150 build

    Looking good!
  12. wiszmaster

    WTB Skimmer for 300g capacity

    I have a ATI PowerCone 250i http://www.swfmas.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13049-wanted-protein-skimmer/&do=findComment&comment=114951
  13. wiszmaster


    Let's try a larger image.
  14. wiszmaster


    let's try attaching an image.