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  1. You sold the Ecotech Battery Backup unit?
  2. wiszmaster

    Fishinbob's Reef Journey Elos 160xl

    Bad choice really! You'll always need algebra in your life.
  3. wiszmaster

    Need help with tank lift

    I hear there is a video of some old dudes with achy breaky backs complaining ?!
  4. wiszmaster

    November Meeting Tank tour

    Thank You for hosting and showing your great looking system Bobby & Canaduh! The system has come together nicely, can't wait to see how it grows in over time.
  5. wiszmaster

    One step closer

    Well... we're 1 step closer to something. Thanks for the help to all that helped.
  6. wiszmaster

    I am still the king of coralline

    Or that... Who knows anymore. ;-p Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  7. wiszmaster

    I am still the king of coralline

    Jason is a little busy coaching little league these days. Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  8. wiszmaster

    I am still the king of coralline

    I think k they make fishes for that aiptasia growth Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  9. Need to clean out some space, and just haven't had the time to do much with it. 115gal shallow frag tank. Sump & skimmer included. Skimmer is an ATI PowerCone 250is. Tank is plumbed with dual return off single pump... All drain and return plumbing included, however return pump is not. Currently the tank has eggcrate and rock in it. No additional charge. $500 as it sits. Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  10. wiszmaster

    Fishinbob's Reef Journey Elos 160xl

    Nice. You have the pressure version. The flow version actually flows more, but doesn’t handle pressure as well... drops off quicker for scenarios with higher head pressure requirements.
  11. wiszmaster

    Fishinbob's Reef Journey Elos 160xl

    nice... looking good! How do you like the 100w vs the 80w ?
  12. wiszmaster

    Future Meeting ideas

    I'd recommend BBQ's. And fish tanks. Those always brought people together. More meetings at folks homes, showing off the tank, discussing the trials and tribulations of running a tank, setting up, maintaining, surviving a hurricane etc.
  13. Charlie - how's the tank rebuild coming along?
  14. wiszmaster

    SWFMAS; The Next Generation

    I think we need to have a SWFMAS; The Next Generation club .... Michael (Mike) Sipos; Bachelors of science zoology with a minor in fisheries and aquatic sciences and anthropology, masters of science, thesis in fisheries in aquatic sciences. https://tal.ifas.ufl.edu/people/students/michael-sipos/
  15. wiszmaster

    Gates; A Future Marine Biologist @NOVA

    Wow - look at that! You're right, where has the time gone! I'm so incredibly happy to hear that Gates found something he loves, and is continuing on with it, and that the club played a small part in that. This club was built for the community and it's members, and these kind of event made it all worth it, I really hope that everyone that served on the BOD, and volunteered at the events, helped out a little or a lot, and all of the members will feel something out of this. This wasn't an accomplishment by one, but took a group. --------------------------- Gates; both Cristina and I remember the first time we met, you were a little wee one, and you(and Mike) came over to the house in the 'Park' - to pickup some coral. You stood there, and gawked and awed at the large ocean in the wall, and seemed fascinated and captivated. We both hope you never loose that sparkle or the passion, continue to love the ocean and maybe help solve some of the pressing issues that are endangering the very thing we all have a passion for! Way to go! Mike; Good Job! The club was a resource available to you, but you and your family did the hard work, and did a Great Job! -Marco & Cristina.