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  1. Hurricane Irma disaster

    I'm interested to hear more about your home built battery backup, especially the cell phone charger. do you have any docs, or a howto thread your went off of?
  2. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Gents - with the thousands of $ invested in lifestock - do yourself a favor and have a small inverter generator on stand by. These guys are awesome, quiet, fuel efficient and will power your tank for 1/2 a day on a gallon of fuel. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B071VNCWGL/ref=smi_www_rco2_go_smi_g2609328962?_encoding=UTF8&creative=394997&creativeASIN=B071VNCWGL&hvadid=198099503275&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9012210&hvnetw=g&hvpone=&hvpos=1o1&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvrand=9526181263214322127&hvtargid=pla-350179603589&ie=UTF8&linkCode=df0&tag=hyprod-20 I personally have the Honda equivalent of that, the Honda EU2000i - have had it since Hurricane Charley in 2004 - life saver. The Honda is about 2x the price, not sure if it's any better or not... it's run for hundreds if not 1,000+ hours, so it's lasted a long time. Cannot speak to the quality of this generac but the price point is good.
  3. Hurricane tank update

    Take the man up on his chiller loaner - I know I did Thanks @zyphen/Matt! Truth be told, my tank was doing ok, running at 84.7 during the afternoon/evening and back down to about 82.5 by morning hours. Have not lost anything, though my tank is low maintenance and a mixed reef with a low SPS count, predominantly leathers/softies and LPS. Hope everyone fares well. We're still out of power, 8 days..
  4. Getting out sale

    Sorry for the loss, just wondering, what do you attribute to the loss of your SPS? Temp? oxygenation? nitrates?

    I wasn't being sarcastic - I was honestly wondering, and interested in finding out. I'm not involved in the Reef Conference planning anymore, or the BOD, so I really can't comment to the price difference, or lack there of. There has been lots of discussions about some of the items you've brought up, such as 'cliques' within the club, and I think you'll find that in any social setting, but it's usually fairly simple to break through if you try. While im not intimately familiar and on a personal friendship level with every club member, I think most all are willing to share their experience and learn from others.

    I'm just wondering; 1. How many monthly meetings have you attended in the past year? 2. How many Reef Conferences have you attended? 3. What aspect of the Reef Conference is interesting to you, and making you want to attend?

    Yes, you are to understand that.
  8. New Apex testing option

    Will be interesting to watch this, I've had some good chats with Kurt, Terrance and Jim this past weekend. Regardless which side you're on, these are exciting times in the development cycle, and watching some of these techs come to release, for the benefit and greater good of the hobby is just awesome. Now go checkout the GHL KH Director https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/kh-director/
  9. Diy: Externally Controlled Auto Feeder

    Yes, still using it. Still running on the same set of batteries as well. No changes made, I'd love to have an EE review the design for safety in the circuitry, but have not done this yet.
  10. Amazon Smile Program

    Amazon runs the program - I'm not sure how they make items eligible for smile.. I've had to open a second AMZ Prime account, purchases are spread across the two now..
  11. Skimmers

    What foot print do you have available, and what's your budget? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Helllllooo :)

    Wowsers - what's up Scott! Glad to see you back, knew you'd be back... haha See ya around Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. July Meeting - Saturday July 15, 2017

    I'm confused; Tech Talk? What sorts of tech discussion will there be? Can I bring my laptop? It has pop-ups ... Will someone program my aquarium controller for me ? Can you test my water, or plumb my system ? Will someone show me how to properly reply to PM's ?
  14. HVAC Plasma

    Actually it is for IAQ. Depending on what climate you're at, it can be for either, in the south it's for IAQ. As you know, our goal in the southern tropical state is to build houses as tight as possible, no leaks. However the 1 thing most architects and AC companies omit or forget about is that the tighter you build the house, the worse IAQ gets. I really wish they wouldn't be called ERV's - the name is misleading for the use in the south. While it may not be what you're looking for, and may not work for what you are attempting to accomplish, I just wanted to correct that little misconception about ERV's and IAQ. Source: we used to build EPA rated EnergyStar rated homes built from SIPs. All of our houses far surpassed EPA ratings and we're some of the tightest, non-leaking structures the environmental testing firms had ever tested and rated. We installed ERVs into each of the houses we built for IAQ. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. HVAC Plasma

    I have no experience with said units, however for another route of indoor air quality, look into an ERV - Energy Recovery Ventilator.