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  1. New SCA- Rimless 150 tank build

    Nice looking can't wait to see it up and running Welcome to our club. What's your name and where are you located? Matt S.
  2. Additives and dosing

    Mainly looking to keep correct levels in the tank.
  3. Additives and dosing

    I would like to know what what you are using for your additives for tour reef tank and your experiences. We are thinking about making a switch and want to get some opinions. We are currently using ME Corals: KH, PH, Calcium and Magnesium- we are looking at trying to set up some doses thru apex. Thanks Matt
  4. Great Auction!

    Looking good in their new neighborhood..... Thanks to the all the volunteers, new and old members, the sellers and of course the buyers..... this was another great event for our club.
  5. What is this worth?

    That's great Ron. I can't wait to see what you buy at the auction....
  6. We have some more frag's donated to our auction from Stylo328 1) Miyagi tort 2) Tyree cyphastrea japonica 3) Red Plating Montipora 4) Red Plating Montipora 5) Blue trumpet 6) Blue trumpet 7) World Wide Coral Space Monster 8] WWC Space Monster 9) WWC Space Monster 10) WWC Space Monster 11) Rocky Mountain Frags Red Diablo Millie 12) RMF Red Diablo Millie
  7. Frank's Marine Donations

    Hi Jeff, Thanks for getting these auction items. Can you provide some information on Franks Marine? There maybe some (I am one) who are unfamiliar with them.
  8. Looking for any jellyfish addicts

    What type of problems are you having? I'm sure you have already checked out their website: http://www.cubicaquarium.com/aquarium-questions
  9. BBQ Lunch Reservations for the Auction

    Reminder to order food for auction if you would like food to eat there. Food is from Mission BBQ
  10. Preferred LFS's?

    Saltwater solutions in bonita springs near dog track. Joefish in south ft myers if you want to drive a little further.