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  1. nottarts23

    Brs dosers

  2. Older reef octopus diablo i believe 200 size 24 high 9 inch base 16 inch wide pump sits in the base new prop for pump $160 text/call matt 23nine-281-138three
  3. Great skimmer had it on main system sump and extra tank. Total 175 gallon worked great $175 https://www.marinedepot.com/AquaMaxx_EcoMaxx_EM200_In_Sump_Protein_Skimmer_In_Sump_Venturi_Needle_Wheel_Protein_Skimmers-AquaMaxx-UJ00161-FIPSISNW-vi.html have a few photos I couldn’t upload call/text matt 23nine-2eight1-1383
  4. 40 gallon breeder drilled and used as frag tank on main system 1inch hole $60 text/call matt 23nine-28one-1383
  5. nottarts23

    Mushroom rock

    Beatiuful piece
  6. nottarts23

    Ultra rock anemone

    60 or best offer
  7. nottarts23

    AI Hydra 26 HDs

  8. nottarts23

    ISO 120 gallon 48x24x24 reef tank

    I have 125 set up but it is 6 ft long vs 4ft
  9. nottarts23

    5 gallon hospital tank

  10. nottarts23

    Water bin

  11. nottarts23

    Ultra rock anemone

  12. nottarts23

    JF jackolantern

    $25 or best offer
  13. nottarts23

    Brs dosers