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  1. Coral or else ?

    Does it look something like this Fire lamellosa
  2. Happy Tanksgiving

    We just wanted to wish anyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a safe and happy holiday. happy tanksgiving out our awesome hobby as well.
  3. black friday sales

    I know locally Joe Fish will be having a huge sale. The line will probably start at about 4am if you're interested in deals. Have you seen any other good deals or know anyone have really good sales? Thanks, Matt
  4. We will be there. We look forward to it. 2 kids 2 adults. We will bring a cake
  5. How far is too far to and try to solve low PH

    Setup is not finalized yet. Just a rough setup to try it out and see if it will work. If I see a difference I will clean it up and make it look better. I ended up finding a reducer elbow so I go down from 1" pvc to 1/2" thread to 5/16 hose bib and then into the venturi of the skimmer.
  6. I am checking to see if there is any interest in fish for bigger tank. We are looking at changing our tanks around and want to get rid of some of the bigger fish. 2 of the 3 fish been in our systems for 3+ years. the other has been in our tank for 1 month or so. 1 hippo blue tang 3-4 inches, $20 1 yellow tang, 3-4 inches $20 1 file fish, 3-4 inches $20. Located 33908 PM me or text/call 239-281-138 three
  7. Great food great friends great weather came home with two flags wanted more
  8. So we have figured how we have low PH problem in our house. We have tried dosing. We have tried CO2 scrubber. Nothing really seems to work cost effectively and consistently This is my last attempt. Drilled hole thru side of the garage and running pvc pipe to provide more air to sump area. I'm thinking of either running seperate tubing thru the pvc pipe to hook to the skimmer or reduce pvc down to hook skimmer directly to pvc. If this doesn't work, I think we will just have to stick to LPS and mushrooms...
  9. triton method

    Hi charlie Also take a look at the new apex test kit out next year. Here is video of the last update.
  10. New location this year in Lakeland
  11. Brian Green Event

    To make things easier for those bringing frags, what is the best way to bring photos of the frags?
  12. Wtb Picasso clowns

    Check out clownfish depot. I think they only have Facebook page now
  13. Thanks Matt. I'm interested in that seat. No worries about time just need ride back. Thanks