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    Punta Gorda
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    Designer zoanthids, chalaces, blasto's, and acans

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  1. U would wat to use 2 hd 52's AI, parralel to the tank length wise
  2. I have some australian gsp on a 4 pound caribe sea rock , txt me 941-979-0162 for a pic i cant load it
  3. Looking for the jack o'lantern chalice, the lic is just general for what it looks like. Thanks
  4. 6 by 5 ish inches of australian long pylyp stars on a 4 pound cahabe sea rock, asking 40$ obo
  5. Well i wouldnt be asking if i didnt have $$$
  6. Looking to increas my zoanthid collection. I have rastas, utterchaos, suductions, electric umpa lumpas, eagle eyes, radioactive dragon eues, jokers, purple death,and bambams , i have had sunny d's, armor of god, red hornets. So let me know what ya got thats cool
  7. Wouod u be interested in selling any designer zoahs?
  8. if anyone is looking for rarer corals I have a war paint scoly that would blow your ming, but it would be a very high reserve. pmfor pic if interested or txt 941-979-0167
  9. Thanks wain no prob Update, I have the whit Prime HD left. The black one is no longer available
  10. My number is 59590 can I ask what I got? And I have 59589
  11. My cell is 941-979-0162 Or u can contact me at dchomyszak@yahoo.com I have 2 brand new AI Prime HD led lights retail right now is 225 per light and may go up, I'm asking 200 apiece one is black and one is white, u can also txt me for picks at the same cell number. Thanks Dannyboy( Dan Chomyszak)