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  1. dbl

    Self Cleaning Head For Skimmer

    I do and a skimmate collector as well. Float switch in the collector to let me know when it's full.
  2. dbl

    Early start on cleaning and light upgrades

    Ah...got it. Thanks Marco.
  3. dbl

    Early start on cleaning and light upgrades

    Jeff...just curious. Are the sun tubes still active or did you cap those off?
  4. dbl

    Time to Trim

    For now, no additional coral available. It appears I may have some treatment to do for monti bugs. Didn't even know I had them. For obvious reasons, I'm not interested in offering them up if they are diseased. Funny thing is I've never noticed them and have never seen any signs of distress on the montis. Mods...feel free to close this one. Once I clear up the issue, and I still have any left, I'll try to give them away again.
  5. dbl

    Time to Trim

    Ron...funny thing is I originally got the stunner from you, many moons ago.
  6. dbl

    Time to Trim

    True my friend...and I've basically been ignoring the tank for months...lol.
  7. I have a huge colony of Hollywood Stunner and a huge colony of Idaho Grape Monti. It needs to be thinned out and I'm too lazy/busy to bother setting up my frag tank. So I figured I would offer some up here. I can frag/break just about any size piece you may want, within reason of course. To follow the rules of the marketplace, frags will start at $5 for good size chunk and go up from there. I can assure you, you won't walk away broke!!! I'm in Naples, available most evenings, and this will be a first come, first served. I'm essentially giving it away so please don't ask me to hold it. This is a local pick up only deal. PM if you have any interest. Cell is 2three9-28five-five2three0.
  8. dbl

    WTB overflow box

    I have this one I used to use on a 20 long. And I happen to be in Naples too.
  9. Rick...if either of these will work, they're yours.
  10. dbl

    Need help with tank lift

    No worries Matt. I would have been happy to help, but you probably saved this old farts back for the holidays...lol.
  11. dbl

    HOB filtration

    Ron....I sent you a PM.
  12. dbl

    Need help with tank lift

    Matt...I'm late to the game, but if you still need some help, let me know.