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  1. Hurricane Tank Survival

    I actually started my generator today since it hadn't been fired up in quite a while. There are other short term options, but if power is out for days on end, not sure if there is another reasonable solution. Battery powered air pumps are an option but wouldn't want to trust them for an extended period of time. Power inverter to run off your car is another solution, but again, long term it's limiting.
  2. I'm happy to give you some but I'm in Naples and I don't deliver...lol.
  3. Hello Fellow Marine Aquarist

    That's a great picture!
  4. Hello Fellow Marine Aquarist

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your journey.
  5. Looks like spam to me!!!
  6. Happy 4th of July!

    And you as well...Happy 4th to all.
  7. New 220 peninsula build

    Looking good.
  8. New 120 Peninsula Build

    Thanks. I always had a refugium, it's now just a little larger. No changes really in the system. In fact, I've been so busy lately it's pretty well been ignored...lol. But once I do get time to tinker, it will be much easier to work on the underbelly with the new sump set up.
  9. Red Sea Max C130

    Congrats on jumping back in and welcome back to forum. I wasn't around when you were here last, but figured I would say hello.
  10. At the moment, the sump is spoken for, and has one back-up. So it looks like someone might be able to use it! The reactor is still available if anyone is interested in that.
  11. No one needs a free 55g sump/tank? Let me know as it needs to go. Hitting the dumpster this Wednesday if no body can use it.
  12. I replaced my sump last weekend and have the old one if anyone is interested. It's a standard 55g with the following sections in this order: Drain/skimmer, return, fuge, ato reservoir. You could remove the baffles and end up with a clean slate. Would rather see someone use it than me simply get rid of it. Free or a frag if you're feeling generous. Other item is a 3 year old BRS dual reactor. Does not come with a pump because I fed it off my manifold. In good shape and was working perfectly when removed last week. I think $25 is more than a fair price, but I guess time will tell. Pictures below...let me know if you have any interest. I'm in Naples.
  13. New 120 Peninsula Build

    Thank you both. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  14. New 120 Peninsula Build

    I haven't touched this thread in a really long time. Thought I'd throw up a few pictures of this weekends project. Swapped out the sump...finally rid of the old converted 55g. Just have to clean up the cabling.
  15. Reefapalooza Orlando.2017

    One benefit of only spending 20 minutes there...my wallet never left my pocket...lol.