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  1. dbl

    Need help with tank lift

    No worries Matt. I would have been happy to help, but you probably saved this old farts back for the holidays...lol.
  2. dbl

    HOB filtration

    Ron....I sent you a PM.
  3. dbl

    Need help with tank lift

    Matt...I'm late to the game, but if you still need some help, let me know.
  4. Well did they stop and what did they bring?
  5. Well John, you may only update every couple of years, but it's a nice looking update. Things are looking great.
  6. dbl

    New tank & sump

    That looks great Ron.
  7. Wow...that is really looking great.
  8. dbl


    Take Wayne up on his offer....he's a lot closer than I am...lol.
  9. Bob...it just keeps getting better and better. Really looking nice.
  10. I happen to have an Apex temp probe laying around. I doubt seriously this will do you any good, but figured you could just ignore it if not. I have no idea of it is anywhere near similar to the RK but it was easy enough to grab a quick picture. Two wires, red and white - red on the outside with white right next to it. The tab is on the top in this picture for orientation.
  11. dbl

    New 120 Peninsula Build

    Those are some cool shots Ron. The eclipse was a cool event for sure.
  12. dbl

    New 120 Peninsula Build

    Unfortunately I can't make the meeting this weekend Ron. Family in town, one daughter moving, and I have to squeeze in some work at some point! I've had some success using an orange filter, when I use my cell phone camera, knocking out some of the blue. I've never tried a yellow filter. I don't use any filters on the DSLR. As I said, I shoot in RAW and play in Lightroom. The nice thing about Lightroom is, if you take a group of shots under the same conditions, you can usually work for a while on one picture, and then save the settings and apply them to the other pictures. The other pictures may take a little tweaking but it sure speeds things up. To be honest, I'm still not very good at taking tank pictures. The ones I just posted are by far the best yet. it takes time, practice and patience, none of which I've really given to perfecting it. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about in Lightroom, here are a few other "close-ups" I took that same night. These required very little work in Lightroom after I spent a lot of time doing the first few. Obviously a different lens and a little closer than 10' away...lol.
  13. dbl

    New 120 Peninsula Build

    Thanks Ron. You're correct, there are many different styles of tanks and tank inhabitants so not all will appeal to all. And that is perfectly okay in my opinion. As to the photos, these were actually taken with four of six T5's fired and the RB LED's on full throttle. The house and tank were completely dark when I turned the tank lights on for the pictures. That's why you dont really see any fish...they were all wondering what the heck was going on. 😀😀 Using a tripod and remote shutter release, along with a custom white balance, the camera was about 10' from the tank. I'd have to look up the aperature and speed settings - I don't remember what I used. I shoot in RAW and do minor tweaks in Lightroom, mainly just white balance adjustments.
  14. dbl

    New 120 Peninsula Build

    As a follow up and an update for what it's worth, I really am loving the new lighting and things seem to be progressing nicely. I actually broke out the DSLR a while ago so I thought I'd share a trip around the peninsula.