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  1. I have a 48" AI Classic Light Rail system that I used to use with my AI Vegas. I believe it will work with other AI lights as well. Or it might be able to be used by someone creating a DIY lighting system. I intended to sell it with the Vega light package but shipping was going to be an issue. So I'd like to offer it here for someone that may be able to use it. The price is what ever it costs you in gas to pick it up. I just don't want to store it nor do I want to simply throw it away if someone can use it. I would prefer to give it to someone that will use it and not just turn around and try to sell it. If that was my goal, I would sell it myself! Let me know. Cell is 239-two85-five2three0 David
  2. Mods...please close thread. Thanks.
  3. Wow...this one is shaping up to be an incredible build.
  4. I have an AI Vega LED lighting package that I thought I'd see if any one local was interested in. I'd like to see if I can first sell the whole package prior to breaking it up. This was just taken down from my 120g system and all was working when removed and has for years. Here is what is included in the package: Four (4) AI Vega Color LED lights with the black housing All diodes work in all pucks. Four (4) spare, brand new replacement fans Two (2) additional, brand new power supplies Apex AVM (AI Wireless) module (there is a Velcro strip on back from mounting) I do not have an indepedent controller as I used them with my Apex 48" AI Mounting Bracket Original boxes I'm asking $600 for the package with I think is very fair considering the extra parts included. As I said, looking to sell locally as a package. If no interest I will list elsewhere before breaking it up. Thanks for looking and PM with questions. Pictures are below. Light pictures are the first, middle and highest setting. Just trying to show they are operational.
  5. Skimmer is sold. This one can be closed.
  6. New 120 Peninsula Build

    Well it's been nearly a year since I've looked at this thread, let alone updated it. Now I see all the old pictures are gone since the Photobucket debacle. Well, since Irma, I really haven't done much except clean up and fighting a little Cyrano, which is a first for me. Well I spent some time in the tank this weekend so I figured I'd give an update. Biggest change is in lighting. I picked up an eight bulb Geisemann Matrix II T5 fixture several months ago. It had been retro'd by removing the inner two bulbs and replaced with Reef Brite XHO strips. So down came the AI Vegas I've had from the start and up went the Geisemann. It's a beautiful fixture and it's too bad it's installed in a canopy. Wow is all I will say...what a difference. I'm already seeing SPS polyp extension like never before after only 24 hours. I'm excited to see how this thimg does. Some pictures below. Ignore the glares from windows...you'll at least get the idea. It's coming back nicely and I really like the look of the T5's. I'll break out the DSLR one evening for better pictures. Side #1 Side #2 End Panel The New Light
  7. Fishinbob's 90 Reef Journey

    I'm not one to offer opinions on design because you're the one that gets to enjoy it every day so it should be to your taste. But since you asked, leave the trim off. That stand is a piece of art and I just think it would distract from it. My $.02.
  8. Fishinbob's 90 Reef Journey

    Looking good.
  9. New SCA- Rimless 150 tank build

    This is shaping up to be a beauty.
  10. How about $350 since there is no shipping involved if sold locally....duh.
  11. I have a BK Mini-180 skimmer for sale. It includes an Avast Marine Swabbie head cleaner. I believe the skimmer is a gen 1 version, so it has a few years on it. The swabbie is only a year or two old with a relatively new wiping arm. It all works well and cleaned up nicely. The prior owner (or someone) did a sloppy job on what appears to be a repair job on the lid. See pictures below. Although it looks bad, you dont see it with the lid on and it does not hurt the performance. It looks dirty but I assure you it's not! Same goes for the small chip in the collection cup you'll see in a picture. It doesn't effect performance and doesn't leak. Figured I would see if anyone locally needs a nice skimmer package. If not, I'll list it elsewhere. I'm asking $400 for the package. Can't separate the swabbie as I tapped the original lid to install it - so they come together. Since I'm one of the few, I'll just say I'm in Naples! PM with questions.
  12. Great Auction!

    I will add my thanks to all that make this happen. It's a lot of work and it always goes off without a hitch. Great job everyone.
  13. Carol and my absence...

    Definitely sorry to hear about the string of bad luck for mom. Hopefully she's on the road to recovery now and I'll pray for a speedy recovery.