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  1. Smalltimereefers custom biocube

    That is a good looking cube!
  2. Apex coding

    My tank has always run a little warmer in general, so for stability purposes, here is my settings. As Wayne said, if your heater has a temperature setting, make sure it's set just slightly higher than your desired max in Apex.
  3. I ended up winning the 40 lbs. of CaribSea LifeRock in the raffle. Timing was great as we were setting up a tank at my daughters house!
  4. Reef Conference Acquisitions

    Nice Jeff...and thanks for all the hard work in making yesterday happening.
  5. MMoore0324's Custom 50g Build

    Wow...this is looking super. Nice job.
  6. Reef Conference Oct 21, 2017

    I posted an announcement on R2R. Maybe we'll grab a few visitors. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/southwest-florida-reef-conference.330046/
  7. I have an older AquaC EV-180 I used to use on my 120g. You would need a pump though as I fed it off a manifold. PM if interested.
  8. I can do the pictures again if you'd like, or don't already have someone? Let me know. David
  9. Warning! System Failure - Reboot

    So sad Eric...sorry about this. Take a break and my guess is the bug will hit you before too long.
  10. Hurricane Tank Survival

    I actually started my generator today since it hadn't been fired up in quite a while. There are other short term options, but if power is out for days on end, not sure if there is another reasonable solution. Battery powered air pumps are an option but wouldn't want to trust them for an extended period of time. Power inverter to run off your car is another solution, but again, long term it's limiting.
  11. I'm happy to give you some but I'm in Naples and I don't deliver...lol.
  12. Hello Fellow Marine Aquarist

    That's a great picture!
  13. Hello Fellow Marine Aquarist

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your journey.
  14. Looks like spam to me!!!