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  1. Many online auctions ( Facebook)but have to get past all the photoshopped pics. WWC has an EBay page.
  2. Not just weekends either would love to attend some some night time meetings
  3. Is the protein skimmer inside the body or outside? If inside, I will take it.
  4. Ron the new corals are doing great already. Thank you for great deals .
  5. $250 for members $300 for everyone else. Return pump and wave maker included. Used but in good shape. Pics on request .
  6. Myself and family usually in someway help but this year we have a family trip planned that weekend. Catch y’all on the next one
  7. On the fence about going. Got a couple things going on that day. Had a blast last year and really want to go again
  8. That piece is huge. I wanted to break a piece and my kids said don’t do it. Some additives and fish food. Did I throw some money at the raffle 120 dry goods and 40 coral raffle
  9. Mine died couple nights ago. Was looking to upgrade anyway. Might wait till reef conference since no fish currently in tank( Irma). Raffle at conference, vendor , etc
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