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  2. Brad, congratulations on getting the skimmer sold again. Frank, if you bought it, I think you got a very good deal. Now I can offer up my Aqua Medic Turbo Floater 5000 Shorty skimmer!
  3. Luis1662

    Leather Toadstools

    Corals sold. Please close thanks
  4. Last week
  5. Inside sump. If I remember correctly it requires like 11x14 area, 25 for clearance. I can get dimensions tonight
  6. Is the protein skimmer inside the body or outside? If inside, I will take it.
  7. Metal halides, fowleri tang and shrimp are sold. Swc back for sale. Rocks and Hanna testers pending.
  8. jtspeedy21

    2018 Keys Trip/meeting June 15, 16 &17, 2018

    I would like to say thank you to everyone who had a part in organizing this event. My wife and I had a great time and it was nice to meet the people we didn't know. As we leave the keys, we are already thinking about next time! Thanks Rick, Lisa, Charlie and wife and sister. Thanks John Reynolds
  9. Brad, thanks for taking back the skimmer. It was 24" tall and the inside of my stand is only 23"... oops! And the shrimp is already happy in the new tank. Thanks! BTW, to any potential buyer, the cup is easily glued back in place and the skimmer looks to be in good condition.
  10. ronreefman


    I like Fishy Business on US41, but more because the owner is a nice young guy and willing to work with you. Boardroom Aquatics and the Reef and Aquarium Center are just a mile don US41 from there (Boardroom is off on Beacon Manor east off US41 about 1/4 mile). Give me a ballpark time when you get going on Thursday. Ron
  11. I am planning a trip south from North Port to the Cape and Fort Myers on Thursday, I am already getting with a couple of you for some equipment and some corals, seeing what more there may be out there. Let me know, thanks in advance, Cole
  12. drcole

    LFS Recommendations

    BUMP, heading south on Thursday, looking for other LFS recommendations.
  13. ronreefman

    5g vase reef

    Where did you get the round tank? It looks like it's glass, right?
  14. wiszmaster

    Can't attach pictures

    Some details would be helpful... are you using a browser, or tapatalk? if browser, on mobile device, PC, Mac ... which browser... what kind of file... can you email it to me: marco@swfmas.com
  15. Adolfo

    Can't attach pictures

    error processing the file -200 AGAIN
  16. Stock update from Santa Monica Filtration 0 - RAIN4 - Backordered 0 - RAIN2 with 4 GEM5 lights - Backordered 0 - RAIN2 with 2 GEM5 lights - Backordered 0 - RAIN2 with 1 GEM5 light - Backordered 3 - Pole Mount for RAIN2 2 - SURF8 2 - SURF8x 2 - SURF4 0 - SURF4x 1 - SURF2 1 - SURF2x 0 - SURF2xx 9 - HOG3 1 - HOG3x 0 - HOG3xx 4 - HOG2 2 - HOG1.3 4 - HOG1 7 - HOG1x 7 - HOG.5 1 - DROP1.4 1 - DROP1.4x 4 - DROP1.2 3 - DROP1.2x 3 - DROP.6 3 - DROP.6x 3 - DROP.2 3 - Fusion 700 air pumps 0 - GEM5 set of four grow lights - Backordered 0 - GEM5 set of four grow lights - Backordered 16 - 4x6 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 2 -- 4x6 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 7 - 5x7 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 7 -- 5x7 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 9 -- 7x7 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 3 -- 7x7 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) Purchase at: www.Santa-Monica.cc Selection chart: http://algaescrubber.net/WhichOne.jpg
  17. goodreefer

    5g vase reef

    Refugium behind jbj in tank filter. Just have a cheap 6500k led.
  18. goodreefer

    5g vase reef

    Full tank shot with AI prime hd.
  19. goodreefer

    5g vase reef

  20. bill boy

    Job Posting

    Local aquarium service company is looking to hire a senior-level aquarium service technician for the installation and care taking of commercial and residential aquarium exhibits. The aquarium technician is responsible for the design, installation, and routine care of both freshwater and saltwater systems; primarily saltwater. The service aquarist will work a flexible weekday schedule, which involves driving a company vehicle throughout Lee, Charlotte, and Collier Counties. Excellent customer service as well as aquatic animal husbandry and aquarium plumbing skills are imperative. Qualifications: Thorough knowledge of aquatic systems (husbandry, life support systems, and plumbing) Thorough knowledge of aquatic livestock (saltwater; fish, corals, and invertebrates) Willingness to work in a fast-paced and unpredictable environments Customer service experience Valid driver's license Ability to lift/ move up to 60 lbs. 2-3 years of related experience Pay Rate: $14.00/ hour +; based on experience
  21. nottarts23

    Leather Toadstools

    Luis is having problems with messaging and emails Please text or call or text him at 239-322-9727
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  24. ronreefman

    2018 Keys Trip/meeting June 15, 16 &17, 2018

    We arrived Thurs afternoon. The water is calm and clear but the skies are overcast, so lighting is very flat. We drove around to various sites and Irma has sure changed the look of things. Especially Little Bahia Honda Key, Little Money Key, Money Key and Molasses Key! Even the Horseshoe is a bit beat up, and the other side of Spanish Harbor Key has been seriously eroded away. But from what we can see from shore, the underwater environment looks OK. We even saw a 2' to3' nurse shark eating the remains of a big fish while we were standing on the ramp wall at the boat ramp at the SW end of Spanish Harbor Key. Winds for Fri thru Sun are predicted to be about 5mph. Boating and snorkeling visibility should be pretty good. See you when you get here. Ron and Elaine are in romm 37 at Blackfin.
  25. Packing and getting ready to head for the Keys Trip @ 4:30 AM. What did I forget to bring along? It does not matter as we have to go to Divers Direct to get new booties (old ones wore out) and if Divers Direct does not have what you forgot, you don't need it. Snorkel Boat is Saturday morning 8:00 AM check in. RickO Cell: 239-849-655four RickO & LisaO
  26. BBouch

    Basic Corals

    I have paly's, zoa's, mushrooms, leathers, star polyps, clove polyps and gorgonians some made into frags or can make the size you want. What size is your aquarium and what are you looking to have in it? Brian
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