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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Thanks Bob !
  3. Seeing if anyone knew where to get some clams locally? Looking for a maxima or corecea clam looking between sarasota and naples area! If you see any at any lfs also let me know!
  4. Stock update from Santa Monica Filtration

    Stock update for Friday, September 22, 2017: 2 - RAIN2 with 4 lights 2 - RAIN2 with 2 lights 1 - RAIN2 with 1 light (1 week time to ship) 2 - SURF8 2 - SURF8x 6 - SURF4 2 - SURF4x 11 - SURF2 7 - SURF2x 2 - SURF2xx 0 - HOG3 4 - HOG3x 2 - HOG3xx 9 - HOG2 5 - HOG1.3 26 - HOG1 1 - HOG1x 21 - HOG.5 2 - DROP1.4 5 - DROP1.4x 1 - DROP1.2 11 - DROP1.2x 16 - DROP.6 7 - DROP.6x 0 - DROP.2 12 - Fusion 700 air pumps 1 - GEM5 set of four grow lights - black 1 - GEM5 set of four grow lights - white 8 - 4x6 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 2 -- 4x6 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 12 - 5x7 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 3 -- 5x7 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 4 -- 7x7 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 4 -- 7x7 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 0 - WAVY (2 week time to ship) Purchase at: www.Santa-Monica.cc Selection chart: http://algaescrubber.net/WhichOne.jpg
  5. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Glad things are looking up! Corals can recover quite quickly!
  6. Hurricane Irma disaster

    I am extremely lucky, I didn't loose power at all the entire time. Seems like my block was spared. It's definitely made me reconsider my tank survival ideas in case of any emergency. Going to further test my battery backup and permenently hook it up.
  7. Hurricane Irma disaster

    My tank parameters are the normal and the survivors (fish and corals) doing pretty good so far What about your's Bob ?
  8. Last week
  9. Reef Conference Oct 21, 2017

    Reef Conference is only a few weeks away. This years speaker list looks great. I cant wait to attend. http://reefconference.com/
  10. MMoore0324's Custom 50g Build

    Any updates Mmoore? How's the sump comming along? Have you decided on a lighting type/fixture yet?
  11. Hurricane Irma disaster

    How's the tank doing adolfo? Have you been able to do any water changes yet?
  12. AS many of you know the club as called The Blackfin Resort home for several of our Keys trips. We had reservations there in October. I received a call from them letting us know they will have to cancel the reservation due to Irma damage. They were hit very hard by Irma as well as most of the Keys. Hopefully they will recover by next years Keys trip. It would be nice to see them back up and running again.
  13. Hurricane Irma disaster

    No worries Bob ! Thanks
  14. Getting out sale

    All of the above really. I think the main problem was the dramatic ph/alk swing brought on by the loss of power and AC which had us with our windows open. That and the fact that the tank was without any flow for 24-36 hrs. Just too many parameters changing too quickly.
  15. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Well SEARCHED For DIY Vortech Battery Backup To See What Other People Have Came Up with. Seems some other have opened them up and all they consist of is a 12v sealed gel cell battery (35 amp hour) and a fused wire lead. I have 3 deep cycle 110 amp hour batteries(for my boat). And all I needed was a 1.3mm barrel connector(connects to the vortechs controller) digging through the electronics box I found one... wires were around 20ga where the ecotech wite is 18ga. The internal pin on the barrel connector is positive and outside is negative(on the ecotech atleast) which I tested with a multi meter. Hooked up a 1 amp inline fuse to the positive lead and disconnected power from the ecotech controller and the mp40 turns green and runs at 20%. Didn't test long term but ran for about an hour no problems. for around 75-100 you can Build your own backup with 2-3 times the backup power than an ecotech backup... not nearly as pretty but very effective. I'm sure with a little research one could find a thread on Neary any other dc powered pump. Ecotech are pricey but the ability to run on 12v and and the gyres they create can move quiet a bit of water on very little power. Hope this helped it's an easy diy project and sorry for the thread hijack Adolfo
  16. Hurricane Irma disaster

    I'm interested to hear more about your home built battery backup, especially the cell phone charger. do you have any docs, or a howto thread your went off of?
  17. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Just before the storm I made a vortech battery backup from a deep cycle battery and a 1.3mm cell phone charger, Calculations show it should run one pump for about 72-96 hours, maybe more. Alot of the newer dc powerheads... vortechs, gyres, and tunze will run off these 12v battery backups if so it could save you when out of town untill you can return atleasr. Marco I can attest to those small inverter generators, extremely quiet and fuel efficient worth the investment for sure. I used the northern tool equivalent, the powerhorse 2000 and doesn't break the bank like the hondas!
  18. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Thanks Wiszmaster I have a noisy one but wasn't home for four days
  19. Local Fish Stores

    Joefish is back open with power according to his facebook page today. https://www.facebook.com/Joefish-Aquatics-883366638349476/
  20. Hurricane Irma disaster

    Gents - with the thousands of $ invested in lifestock - do yourself a favor and have a small inverter generator on stand by. These guys are awesome, quiet, fuel efficient and will power your tank for 1/2 a day on a gallon of fuel. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B071VNCWGL/ref=smi_www_rco2_go_smi_g2609328962?_encoding=UTF8&creative=394997&creativeASIN=B071VNCWGL&hvadid=198099503275&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9012210&hvnetw=g&hvpone=&hvpos=1o1&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvrand=9526181263214322127&hvtargid=pla-350179603589&ie=UTF8&linkCode=df0&tag=hyprod-20 I personally have the Honda equivalent of that, the Honda EU2000i - have had it since Hurricane Charley in 2004 - life saver. The Honda is about 2x the price, not sure if it's any better or not... it's run for hundreds if not 1,000+ hours, so it's lasted a long time. Cannot speak to the quality of this generac but the price point is good.
  21. Hurricane tank update

    Take the man up on his chiller loaner - I know I did Thanks @zyphen/Matt! Truth be told, my tank was doing ok, running at 84.7 during the afternoon/evening and back down to about 82.5 by morning hours. Have not lost anything, though my tank is low maintenance and a mixed reef with a low SPS count, predominantly leathers/softies and LPS. Hope everyone fares well. We're still out of power, 8 days..
  22. Getting out sale

    Sorry for the loss, just wondering, what do you attribute to the loss of your SPS? Temp? oxygenation? nitrates?
  23. Getting out sale

    Lost about 80% of acros and all my tangs. Lps made it through with minimal damage
  24. Getting out sale

    Damn that's an awful picture. So sorry for the loss. I know the feeling. Did you lose everything?
  25. Local Fish Stores

    Boardroom is open every day but running on generators
  26. Hurricane Tank Survival

    Yay great to hear.
  27. Getting out sale

    Once in a lifetime deal..... $3000 worth of Acros Price: $20. 😭
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