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  2. Yea I just received a doser and BRS 2part system. I’m learning as going through this tank lol. Thank you all for the advice and hopefully when I get it running everything will be in balance and stable
  3. Invest in 2 part dosers. It will make your reefkeeping life so much easier!!
  4. Last week
  5. Same problem kind of. My light was working great turning it on and off manually. Last night I decided to set the timer to turn on and off on its own. Turned off just fine, this morning it never came on and won't turn on. The display show the letter P and the button does nothing and the remote won't do anything either.... Is someone able to help me?
  6. Sorry for the late response but my calcium is at 490 and mag is 1500 and DKH is 8.2 today. They seem like they are out of balance and not sure why calcium would go up lol.
  7. I'm building a new 90g tank and will need some additional rock for my rockscape. I'm open to just about anything but rocks that are roughly baseball size or more flat shaped would be perfect. I'm using them on an egg crate and pvc pipe structure (see photo). Any help would be appreciated. I'd rather by from a member than from an LFS or an online retailer.
  8. Most people will see the three drop, you will notice it will change depending on your bio load. Most people dose 2 or 3 part and it usually means you are growing well. Where are your other tests reading?
  9. My tank has been running for about a month and a half and we have a few fish, bubble tip anemone and corals in there. We have zoas, and just added frogspawn and acans. They are all pretty small but my DKH keeps going down seems pretty fast to me for what is in the tank but not sure. I wanted to get someones opinion. I did a water change Saturday afternoon and the DKH that night was 9.1 and Tuesday afternoon the DKH is 8.3? Saturday night my calcium was 480 and mag was 1500. Is there something I should look at or is this ok?
  10. Thank you all. We like it here and we can start putting our home together now that the tank is running lol.
  11. dbl

    Just Joined!!

    Welcome to the club.
  12. That is a very cool and unique stand, good luck with the sale!
  13. Welcome to the forums, looking forward to seeing your build!
  14. Anyone can txt me at 2393046229 for address. It’s in Naples, zip code 34116
  15. Hi, I just got into reefing and I’d like to get some of your still offering. Call me at(239) 778-6119. Shane
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  17. Welcome to the club, I'm just west of Lehigh
  18. Welcome to the club. Lots of Lehigh Acres folks here.
  19. Lol ok yes I love it down here.
  20. dbl

    Hello all reefers

    No, I'm down in Naples. It we all call SW Florida home!
  21. Thank you dbl. Do you live in Lehigh Acres as well.
  22. 180 gallon acrylic black-back aquarium with black lacquer full coverage strand. Tru-Flo Model 300 wet/dry filter (Tru-Vu), previously used for fish only but new equipment (unused) is included for conversion to reef setup. New equipment includes: · Mak 4 A4DLX 1200 gph main pump · Protein skimmer with new submersible pump · Custom Sealife, Inc. 6-foot lighting system with 6 x 96-watt mixed spectrum compact fluorescent lights · ProHeat II heater with external thermostat and digital temperature monitor · Milwaukee digital pH monitoring system Aquarium has dual corner overflow prefilters with new socks feeding the sump and is plumbed with a separate bottom to top circulation loop. Additionally, includes four Quiet One pumps, bioballs, Chemipure, crushed coral substrate {~100 lbs.), decorative coral rock, colored coral, shells, etc. Freshwater replacement vessel, 60 gpd reverse osmosis water filtration system with additional prefilter and final deionization modules. New RO membrane, particulate, carbon, and DI filter cartridges (sealed). Lots of extra equipment for backup or isolation tank (e.g., thermometers, heater, skimmer) and routine maintenance (diatom filter, test kits). Three 50 gal. bags of instant ocean. Lots of PVC fittings, ball valves and numerous bulkheads. Do not want to part out. See attached PDF for photos. Asking $1475. Call Carl at (650) 888-4713. Located in South Fort Myers. Only for pickup, buyer to arrange and handle transportation. Aquarium Ad Photos SWFLMAS.pdf
  23. Free frags and large colonies of green birdsnest and Hollywood stunner chalice. Great beginner corals. 34116
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