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  2. Welcome !
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  4. The view is just killer when the flow slows down,the pulsing seems to increase tenfolds.Thanks it's good to know since I'm always seeking out more knowledge.I do have a Pygmy Angel,Blue Chromis,Scooter Blenny, and 3 Pj Cardinals.they kinda get lost in the Xenia Garden ever so often. It's good to be here and looking forward to sharing more of it.
  5. We jumped back into the hobby at the same time, nice Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  6. Last week
  7. Am I asking too much? Really don't want to ship these!
  8. Not yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. did you ever get one?
  10. Jpfaubel, have you found a chiller yet?
  11. Lowering price to $1750 Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  12. I also have a eshops skimmer thats only been run a few months, that Im selling. Just send a PM if interested.
  13. I have a couple of spare skimmers sitting around that I would be willing to part with for a reasonable price, PM me your number and I'll call you to discuss further.
  14. Can you just replace the pump feeding the skimmer?
  15. I am looking for a protein skimmer. Mine suddenly died. This is for a 125 gallon tank with a 55 gallon sump refuge. Any help would be appreciated
  16. Thats awesome Joe!!! Thanks for the support!!
  17. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your journey.
  18. Wow! Thank you Joefish Aquatics for such an amazing Grand Prize for the 10th Annual Reef Conference. I am excited.
  19. Wow now that is some Xenia. Welcome to SWFMAS and the forum! There is a ton of information here. If you need anything post it here. You will get a ton of information. Do you have any fish in there?
  20. I'll post a couple more pics later.Hope to hear back from you guys.
  21. Here's a shoot of my 20L Xenia Garden
  22. Hello, Just joined this forum about 10 minutes ago and wanted to introduce myself.So here's a little background history, I've been keeping Freshwater aquariums since early 2010 I was still Middle School back then and didn't have much of a budget so what mostly kept were guppies,tetras, and other common freshwater fish. Fast forward a couple years to a day that I'm with one of my cousins getting saltwater for his 150G reef at a LFS, you know how it goes from there I was completely blown away by the diversity of life living within the display tanks and from that moment it progressively took hold.So as any normal High Schooler would do I spent a couple dozen hours a week in the computer lab reading through the forums and tank of the articles.Finally after doing this until spring of 2014 I bite the bullet and set up my first Marine Aquarium,a BioCube 29.Since then I've modified it and extent that would be considered above average.Along the way I've set up two older tank and recently a Mr.Aqua 3g.
  23. So I have had a lot of time to think about how I could top last years donation to the reef conference. We did the whole tank stand canopy and sump last year, but I didn't feel like it had that real WOW factor. So this year the sump is the Eshopps AZU-100 refugium, with the matching 5gallon ATO reservoir a $450 retail value. Last year we did a 65 gallon tank, so had to step it up and this year its a 75 gallon. Now to just figure out a cool cabinet and canopy design, Hmmm..... Come on by the shop, we'll let you touch it.
  24. Looking for a 44" long sump, kind of set on a Synergy Reef CL44, but if you have anything like that I might be interested in a trade.
  25. Get yourself a Carbondoser from aquarium plants. IMO the apex shouldn't have to controller the CO2 regulator. If the reactor is setup properly the pH within the reactor shouldn't fluctuate more than .5 Apex should be used as a failsafe for when the regulator fails. I say when because eventually everything fails. If you have the apex or any other controller constantly turning the regulator on/off then your effluent rate is too fast or slow for the amount of CO2 going into the reactor.
  26. Watched this last night. Some of the photography is absolutely stunning. But grab a tissue before hand. Was sad to see the mass death.
  27. Earlier
  28. Hey SWFMAS, I just moved back to the area and had to sell my tank before the move. I'm planning on setting up a much smaller tank here, so I do not need these 3' lights. Used DIY hybrid reef light, made of a 6 bulb Tek T5ho fixture, and replaced two bulbs with a current orbit marine LED light (~36w). The bulbs are 39w, 2 x ATI blue plus, an aquablue special, and giesemann super actinic. This is a really great blend of color with the LEDs and has produced awesome coral growth and colors. The LED is controlled with the current ramp pro timer, can mimic sunrise and sunset. The T5 can be put on timers to come on in pairs of two in between. Really great feature for only $225! The bulbs still have 6 months of life left in them, I just moved and downsized tanks. The light was mounted about 14" above my fish tank, no splash guard, has a little surface rust, but it is a sound fixture. Please email above or call/text 850-570-1423. Images are of MY coral grown under this light, including SPS, crocea clam, anemone. All flourished! Two used 36" LED light strips. One unknown brand actinic only, quality reflector, so might be ecoexotic or reef tech. The other is a dimmable BML (Build my LED) full spectrum light with splash guard/diffuser. Both come with power supplies. I bought them used a year ago but never got around to using them, now i moved and downsized my aquarium. These would be great supplementation to a T5 fish tank light, or can grow coral in a shallow enough tank (<20"). Selling BOTH for only $100. Please email above or call/text 850-570-1423. Thank you.
  29. If you have Netflix take the time to watch Chasing Coral, it's pretty good documentary about what is going on with great barrier reef.
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