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  2. Coral or else ?

    Does it look something like this Fire lamellosa
  3. Coral or else ?

    After Irma my Hollywood Stunner lost like 80% tissue now he's comeback now but 3 days ago with the moon lights notice 2 orange circles close to the right edge of the coral bleach area tonight can see it now 3 small circles Any idea of what is coral or else ?
  4. Happy Tanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!! Thanks
  5. Yesterday
  6. Corals and RBTA's for sale

    I'll start a Cyber Monday Sale on Sunday at noon through Monday at sunset. Everything listed in the above post at half price!
  7. Happy Tanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving. Do corals and fish like turkey? Well maybe I will just feed them a little extra frozen today.
  8. Happy Tanksgiving

    same to you Matt
  9. Happy Tanksgiving

    We just wanted to wish anyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a safe and happy holiday. happy tanksgiving out our awesome hobby as well.
  10. Last week
  11. Couple corals for sale

    I do respond to the PMs pretty quick so if interested send me a message.
  12. Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

    Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers, part 2 By Santa Monica Filtration Now for some basic differences; more detailed differences will be in subsequent posts. The first and maybe most important difference is that chaeto reactors grow only in saltwater (fish only, or fish with live rock, or reef) whereas algae scrubbers grow (filter) in both saltwater and freshwater. Growing = filtering. But even if you are exclusively freshwater, understanding the differences between reactors and scrubbers enables you to optimize a system for your tank. There have not been any experiments of chaeto in brackish water however. A second difference is size; a chaeto reactor needs to be much larger than an algae scrubber. Many saltwater tanks have large sumps, and even dedicated fish rooms, so this may not be an issue. Through experiential results of individual aquarists running chaeto reactors over the last few years, and through many thousands of aquarists running algae scrubbers over the last ten years, it has been observed that a chaeto reactor needs to be 4 to 8 times the physical size of an algae scrubber to provide the same rate of filtering capacity (rate of nutrient removal). A third difference is seeding; a chaeto reactor needs to be seeded with a small amount of chaeto, either from another aquarium, reactor, or from your last harvest (i.e., you don’t harvest all of it), whereas an algae scrubber will self-seed from invisible algal cells in the water. When self-seeding, algae scrubbers usually start out with a slime type of growth, and this sometimes progresses on to a green hair algae growth, depending on the nutrients in the water. A fourth difference is in how you clean (harvest). For a chaeto reactor, you disassemble the reactor usually by unscrewing several screws on the top of the container, and then by pulling out a tube or frame from the container; the chaeto growth is then removed from the frame and the frame is replaced back into the container, and the lid and screws are put back into place. Since chaeto does not attach to a surface, you often get broken chaeto pieces that flow into your tank or sump when you harvest; a filter screen in the reactor can reduce this. For an algae scrubber, cleaning (harvesting) varies on what design it is; freshwater versions will usually be taken to a sink for the cleaning because of the thin and slimy growth (saltwater versions can also be cleaned in a sink, but are sometimes harvested in-place). A horizontal river design will have a light that you lift up off of the container, and a screen that you remove from the container. A waterfall design will have a screen that you remove from a pipe; sometimes the whole pipe is removed, and sometimes the pipe is in a container that you need to open first. A bubble upflow design has at least part of the container under water, which you lift out of the water. And for all algae scrubbers, since the growth is attached to a surface, broken floating algae pieces are not common when you harvest on a proper schedule. Bubble upflow scrubbers almost never detach because the growth is supported by the water. A fifth difference is fish feeding; by feeding your fish from the growth, the fish eat naturally and you don’t have to buy and add food to the water (which creates nutrients). Very few if any aquarium animals eat chaeto, so the only option is to remove the chaeto and either throw it away or give it to a friend. For algae scrubbers, it depends on the growth: Slime (although full of absorbed nutrients from the water) is usually not eaten by aquarium fish and thus is scraped off and thrown away or used as garden fertilizer. Green hair algae however is eaten by almost all herbivore fish and many snails (it’s their nature food), and thus some of the growth can be fed back to the fish, especially in freshwater where algae scrubbers almost always grow this type of growth. A sixth difference is overgrowth of algae on the lights. Chaeto reactors usually have a large surface area light (such as a long coiled light strip), and the illumination from these is not enough to “burn” off algae growth on the surface of the clear wall (this growth reduces illumination output). So you will need to clean these glass surfaces in order to keep the illumination at full output. Most algae scrubbers however use discrete (separate) high power LEDs which produce enough illumination in a small space to burn off algal growth on glass surfaces; for these you do not need to wipe the growth off because it does not grow there. A last difference is overgrowth of algae on the algae itself. Chaeto is a slow growing species of algae because of it’s thick cellular structure, and if conditions favor faster growing algae you will get green hair algae which attaches on top of the chaeto, causing the chaeto to be blocked from light and flow, and eventually causing the chaeto to die and rot. There is no easy way to wipe green hair algae from chaeto; the chaeto must just be harvested earlier instead. For algae scrubbers, green hair algal growth on top of more green hair growth is how scrubbers operate in the first place, so earlier harvesting is not needed.
  13. shes going to make sure that jeff makes to the party hes got work on sat charlie
  14. Bob and I will be there and we will bring mac and cheese.
  15. We are working on the prizes for the ugly Christmas sweater competition. RickO's sweater will be tough to beat, so bring your A-games!
  16. black friday sales

    Dr foster and Smith has a 25% off code best I've seen so far. Btw has some decent doorbusters but are out of the freebies. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  17. Stock update from Santa Monica Filtration

    Stock update from Santa Monica Filtration 2 - RAIN2 with 4 lights 0 - RAIN2 with 2 lights 1 - RAIN2 with 1 light 0 - SURF8 (four week ship time) 0 - SURF8x (four week ship time) 5 - SURF4 2 - SURF4x 6 - SURF2 5 - SURF2x 0 - SURF2xx 5 - HOG3 3 - HOG3x 2 - HOG3xx 5 - HOG2 1 - HOG1.3 16 - HOG1 13 - HOG1x 19 - HOG.5 5 - DROP1.4 0 - DROP1.4x (two week ship time) 6 - DROP1.2 9 - DROP1.2x 5 - DROP.6 4 - DROP.6x 0 - DROP.2 (temporarily unavailable) 14 - Fusion 700 air pumps 1 - GEM5 set of four grow lights - black 1 - GEM5 set of four grow lights - white 7 - 4x6 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 2 -- 4x6 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 12 - 5x7 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 3 -- 5x7 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) 3 -- 7x7 Green Grabber Screen (1 mm thick) 2 -- 7x7 Green Grabber Screen (2 mm thick) Purchase at: www.Santa-Monica.cc Selection chart: http://algaescrubber.net/WhichOne.jpg
  18. black friday sales

    I know locally Joe Fish will be having a huge sale. The line will probably start at about 4am if you're interested in deals. Have you seen any other good deals or know anyone have really good sales? Thanks, Matt
  19. After Red Slime Remover

    I just wanted to give another big thanks to Nitrodude. I hooked up the top off to salt water and just let the skimmer drain. After dumping off about 7 gallons worth of bubbles it had slowed down drastically. I tightened down the skimmer enough to force another 3 gallons through it for good measure and all seems back to normal now.
  20. Matt and I will be there. Not sure what we are bringing yet.
  21. I thought Robin said no baked ziti for Jeff. Does that mean he does not get any?
  22. Charlie and I will be there. I am bringing baked ziti. Rick, I will touch base with you a little closer to the date to get an approximate count of attendees.
  23. RickO and Lisa will be there.. Children of all ages are welcome, even adults who act like children which will include me in my award winning Ugly Christmas Outfit. RickO
  24. We will be there. We look forward to it. 2 kids 2 adults. We will bring a cake
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